Aibileen and minny relationship

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aibileen and minny relationship

Reverend Johnson – The pastor of the church Aibileen, Minny and most of the .. is Yule May, when her figure is mentioned by Skeeter in relationship to Hilly's. Summary Minny is annoyed by Miss Celia's constant companionship. White woman are supposed to know their place, but Miss Celia seems ignorant about how. Character relationships have a big effect on the book The Help. Specifically, the relationship between Aibileen and Minny. If it wasn't for.

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But I am getting ahead of myself. Let me add a bit more background. I did not understand what it meant. However, as I knew that it was said about a young African-American boy named, Ocie, who was my best friend, I turned to someone who I figured would know what it meant: She was always very kind to me, so I felt just fine about approaching her.

Also, one of her daughters, who was about my age, and who was my friend, had died of a heart defect a little while before this happened. However, when she tried to explain to me that her daughter could not come out to play with me, I did not understand. I was always a sensitive boy, and precocious far beyond my years.

aibileen and minny relationship

However, since my earliest memories were from Taiwan, where I was raised without television or any entertainment other than what mischief my friends and I could get into outside, I had no concept about the rest of the world. She quickly hushed me, and told me not to say another word until we got home, whereupon she would explain everything to me, which she did.

Thereafter, I had nothing but African-American friends for many years. Her mom was so kind to me, and sort of surprised, I guess, that I brought flowers to her, that she cried when I showed up on her porch.

After all, her daughter was just sick, and I had even been sick myself. With this history, and knowing how kind she was to me—always taking the time to talk to me, even if she was busy or talking to the other neighborhood ladies—I never hesitated to go over to her house to ask what in the world did this or that mean? She pays Minny well and respects her authority in cooking and cleaning. She even likes to have lunch with Minny and ask about her day.

It seems that after years of being abused by white women Minny wouldn't mind the change, but she does not know how to react to Miss Celia's friendliness. Celia does not know the rules that Minny expects her to follow. She does not even realize she is breaking any rules. Celia grew up in poverty perhaps even more extreme than the one Minny endures.

She does not know how to properly clean a house because she didn't have much of a house, and she cannot cook because she was never taught.

This lack in Celia reveals even further how much she does not fit into the community in which she married. Miss Celia's desperation to have a child is revealed through these chapters.

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She has suffered a series of painful miscarriages and has been hiding them from her husband. Aibileen is wary of involving herself in a book on domestics in Jackson, Mississippi. So the manuscript gives Aibileen something to do besides running the Leefolt household.

aibileen and minny relationship

Minny is married with five children and a sixth on the way. Roomed with Skeeter at Ole Miss for two years, dropped out to get married. Hilly is a woman who enjoys controlling others and striking fear into those who dare oppose her.

She forms an unlikely bond with the sharp tongued Minny. Celia dresses provocatively, but is really a sweet person. Elizabeth Leefolt — employer of Aibileen, best friends with Hilly and Skeeter. Elizabeth is easily lead by Hilly. Their relationship is a tenuous one.

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Charlotte is concerned with Skeeter being the proper lady, while Skeeter longs to be anything but.