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A refined version of the analysis of Araragi Koyomi from Monogatari Series. In this episode, he also received some relationship advice from. There will be a lot of spoilers from both the anime series and the Kizumonogatari novel, so if you want to read this answer you have been warned. Shinobu, or. I love their relationship though, everything about it is heart tugging outside of the identify what kind of love is between them, you have to look at it on both ways. . That's why Shinobu is ok with Koyomi dating Senjougahara.

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Araragi would act childish whenever he was around her. The anime provides a direct connection supporting the interpretation in this arc. Something she hoped to have, was rejected of and gave up on. Such a thing happened because of his failure to live up to her expectations and his lack of appreciation for his relationship with Senjougahara. And after the case was resolved, Araragi Koyomi decided to be an ideal senior to her and live up to her expectations.

And we see him trying his best to do so in several cases later on. He outright says that he decided on his own to live up to her expectations in Hanamonogatari, when he was lecturing her about how she should live as she herself wants. While his appreciation for Senjougahara increased because of the traumatic attack he faced from the Devil-possessed Suruga, he still had plenty of it even before that.

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Realizing that, as Araragi was about to be defeated, he gave up trying and decided to end it with his death, which would result in Senjougahara killing Kanbaru. Seeing that Kanbaru still wanted him dead, he wanted to settle that score. Hitagi also ordered Araragi to be always nice to Kanbaru, so he tolerated that. He took her suggestions to heart, which we see when he brought it up in episode In this arc, he came across Sengoku Nadeko while she was suffering from a curse. Araragi said that it was weird that she had to hold it in and told her say that it hurt when it did.

At this point, Araragi noticed that she was very insincere, and the result of that observation materializes later on. When the process of lifting the curse called Jagirinawa failed halfway because there were two curses put on her, Araragi pulled the other supernatural snake away from her by force.

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One of the reasons why he feigned ignorance is to cover his recklessness, and this arc portrayed that thoughtless act. The snake was on its way to return to the boy who put the curse on her. It displayed how he was so miserably altruistic that he tried to save the person who made Nadeko suffer, and he regretted it.

During this arc, he himself addressed this aspect when Sengoku Nadeko asked how much he remembered about their childhood. Feeling that she judged him as a man when he did it, he stopped doing such with her. So he learned that he needed to be more mindful of his actions.

araragi and shinobu relationship tips

He previously briefly went through the events of Spring Break, and he was obligated to narrate the events of Golden Week as well. So he briefly described the events of Golden Week in the latter half of the episode. On their way to their first date, Senjougahara asked him how he did on the exam and Araragi answered what you saw in the first blog regarding the foreshadowing of his connection with math. When he thanked her using her last name, she teased Araragi by telling her father that Araragi thanked him, forcing Araragi to use her first name to thank her.

Then Senjougahara remarked that she would have prefer if he did it right after the exam, directly showing how Koyomi is always late to express gratitude. From then on, Araragi no longer saw Kanbaru as someone too kinky and joked about such topic with her. These nuances, the small changes in reactions to the same stimuli between before and after the changes in contexts and tones are one of the most beautiful things in this series and we see that again in this episode.

But then she offered him everything she could at the final moment, promising to offer the rest of what she had in due time, and he realized that he loves everything about her as the Senjougahara Tore Fascination finally hit the nail.

Soon after reaching school, he received a mail from Hanekawa to meet her while he was parking his bike.

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Even so, like Nadeko says, maybe there was a hint of truth in the lie. That is, after all, how the best lies are constructed. Koyomi Araragi So, here we are.

Ending with the boy who is truly central to this story. The Monogatari franchise may be a franchise that names its arcs after the female characters, but to even consider that anyone besides Araragi is the main character of this story is ludicrous.

Araragi and Shinobu relationship now

Every moment of this show, in some way, reflects on or influences Araragi. Where does Araragi stand at the end of Monogatari? This is the fascinating question, when Araragi is absent for fully half the show. Nothing illustrates this point better—that Araragi needs each and every one of them—than the moment in the Shinobu Time arc when Shinobu and Onoki ask him to choose between Shinobu, Senjougahara and Hanekawa, and Araragi desperately changes the subject.

Each of these girls represents a different part of Araragi, and to choose one of them is to choose one part of himself and reject the others.

Back in Bakemonogatari, during the Suruga Monkey arc, Araragi talked about how incredibly selfish Senjougahara can be, unwilling to let a single thing important to her go. But Senjougahara is only selfish about some things; Araragi wants it all. Does he fear his own identity—what he truly is: Does he fear relinquishing the world of apparitions to return to being human, as Hanekawa did? Whatever the case may be, as Mayoi leaves him, Araragi is left incredibly vulnerable.

The idea of letting go of even a single member of his harem is one he never considers, even if it means sitting for twenty years in the same unknown town. Araragi is altogether incapable of making a choice.

araragi and shinobu relationship tips

He has held on to his love for Senjougahara through all this, but he is able to do that because she fulfills a different role in his life than the others do. Why would Araragi try to change the past, to save Mayoi? To free her from being a ghost and thus enable her to stay by his side. I reached my hand out to touch Sengoku's bangs.

My hand swept through the air.

araragi and shinobu relationship tips

Sengoku quickly moved her head to the side, dodging my hand. So then, you know, I reached for her bangs again, but she took a step away from me, thus evading my follow-on. Her movements were surprisingly quick - nothing like what you'd expect from a quiet girl like her. You'd think that the bangs would interfere with her vision when they fell in front of her eyes, but she didn't seem to care.

araragi and shinobu relationship tips

I quickly extended my other hand and lightly lifted the hem of her dress. Given the way she reacted to me trying to touch her bangs, I was expecting her to respond like a little girl whose skirt had been flipped.