Big daddy and little sister relationship movies

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big daddy and little sister relationship movies

But why not just end the Big Daddy and Little sister process seeing as Big the Big Daddy/Little Sister relationship; just that when the original Little offing his villains and not having them anymore for future comics/movies. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Little Sister, Big Sister She was scared after what they did to her Daddy and didn't want. Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls is a American romantic comedy-drama film written and . Jennifer's gangster boyfriend and drug dealer who has the town in fear; Cassi Davis as Rita, Jennifer's aunt and sister of Jennifer's mom, Kat; Sierra Also, the song "Beautiful" by Meshell Ndegeocello is featured in the movie.

At the child custody hearing, Julia argues that it would be in the children's best interest for Monty to be awarded custody.

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While his daughters are asleep, Monty drives away and crashes into Jennifer and Joe's car, after which he physically assaults Joe and a crowd gathers. Joe's thugs arrive and begin to attack Monty. But the crowd, having had enough, defends Monty against them. Julia sees a report on the incident, in which Monty is identified as having been "falsely convicted" of rape.

Jennifer and Joe are facing drug charges in court, because cocaine and marijuana was found in Joe's car and house, while Monty is to be charged with assault. Julia represents Monty, apologizing for not hearing his side of the story. The witnesses testify against Joe but refuse to testify against Monty, so Jennifer and Joe, along with all of Joe's thugs, are jailed without bail while the case against Monty is dropped.

Monty tells Julia that he loves her. Monty's daughters greet him and Julia at the auto shop that now bears his name.

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Monty and Julia kiss, and the neighbors celebrate Monty's success. Cast[ edit ] Gabrielle Union as Julia Rossmore, Monty's lawyer and love interest, who struggles to find a decent boyfriend Idris Elba as Monty James, the main protagonist, a loving, hard-working mechanic with three daughters who dreams of owning his own garage Louis Gossett, Jr. He then picked up the little girl placed her on his shoulder. He then turned around and began to walk away from the man as if nothing happened while the little girl only laughed happily.

The man saw the figure walking away with his back turned and he thought of something. He then smiled and slowly took out his pistol and fired at his head but instead of going through his head it made a metallic sound of reflecting. The figure then stopped and turned at the man with his eye glowing the hellish red from before. He then placed the girl down from his shoulder and turned around facing the man that was ignorant to even to shoot him.

big daddy and little sister relationship movies

The man was scared and fired his pistol again but he didn't as the figure rushed him and stabbed him in the chest. The man coughed up blood and stared at the figure to see him perfectly now that he was under the light of the dark alleyway. The figure was the size of a teenaged male around seventeen. He wore a black colored circular shaped helmet that was strapped down on him with a boomerang shaped porthole with a Hellish red glow shining from it, the body had pieces of black metal and leather fused to create something like a black chainmail covering his entire body with pieces of leather strapped tightly around his arms and legs, the boots resembled scuba divers but were his size, the shoulders had some metal fused together to create silver shoulder pads, and his hands had black leather gloves.

What made it all unique was the blade that has been strapped with metal chains to his right arm. The Metallic Teenager then pulled his sword upwards slashing the body in half and watched it crumble to the floor with blood leaking out.

The teen looked down and chuckled as he heard the little girls comment. His visor turned back to a yellow glow and he then walked over to her and picked the little girl up and watched as she hugged his helmet.

No the Metal Teenager wasn't her real Big Brother or any of the other girls just like her. Basically his name isn't Big Brother but it is now his name since he was created. He is known as… The Elite Big Brother Big Brothers used to be little boys around the ages of ten or twelve whose bodies have been genetically altered and rewritten for the purpose of their existence.

He is the only Big Brother that stands before the Little Girl today because the rest of his kind have been terminated because they have been subjected as failures.

He on the other hand was a pure success but needed repairs and maintenance because of his way of thinking. Unlike the lesser Big Brothers who aren't black armored like him and have a blade on his wrist or the use of plasmids; he was able to have his own will and other emotions. His counterparts were all emotionless guardians whose only mission is to be temporary protectors for the little girl known as Little Sisters. Like them he follows these orders but also follows his own with his free will.

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Unlike the others he was the only successful Elite Big Brother because the other Elites had major defects. These defects were the cause of an additional but very small ADAM slug to be injected inside their brain just like the large one in their stomach.

big daddy and little sister relationship movies

The results were drastic though. An unusual film that treats sisterhood as seriously as brotherhood, In Her Shoes is not another chick-flick. But while it takes a total break in their relationship to inspire each to sort out her life, it also becomes clear that neither feels complete without the other.

Reillyactually get along very well once they realise how much they have in common. The real rivalry here is between Brennan and his over-achieving little brother Derek, who has married, produced two beautiful children and taught his brood to sing obnoxiously in close harmony.

Music really does make the people come together. Just like Madonna said. Back to the menu The siblings: But he really is the long-lost Fester Addams! It can also seriously mar family gatherings, when clinical forgetfulness leads you to believe you are in fact an outsider who hates your own clan and is out to get them. Amnesia could lead you to lock your family out of the family mansion and reduce them to penury — at least until you get struck by lightning and regain your memory.

The small matter of who will run the country after the death of their father, King George V. Bertie, the second son of King George V, never wanted to be the monarch, so you understand his frustration with playboy prince brother Edward, who enjoys the high life and causes a scandal by pulling the eject cord on the throne with the Wallis Simpson affair. The pair bicker about responsibility even as the newly crowned George VI struggles with his unkingly stammer and worries about the crushing weight of the royal gig.

Wes is the central news talent at Channel 9, stuck in second in the ratings. Even if you never knew of the secret connection between Wes and Ron, their burning rivalry is surely enough to hint at a family link. Wes hates Ron — hates him — but goddamn, does he respect him. Blame the father and the uncle — or perhaps the patriarchy. Firstly, they tried to set up Anne with the king in order to gain riches and positions of power for themselves. There was already tension between Jesse and Lewt before Pearl is brought to live with their family.

Soon Jesse is ostracised and Lewt is free to make a lecherous run at Pearl, who initially gives in to his advances until he refuses to marry her and goes on to kill the man she does decide to wed. Naturally, everything ends happil… Actually, spoiler alert!

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In this case, Wyatt and best pal Gary Wallace Anthony Michael Hall conjuring up a seemingly perfect woman Kelly LeBrock using a computer and a little supernatural assistance. Soon, the bubbling cauldron of family secrets and strain comes to a boil as the sisters spar. Who would ever trust that woman with anything said in confidence? Only family could be so blind and unaware. To help build that dysfunctional relationship, Kidman, Leigh and Black all shared a house.

Gwen is typical movie star material — blindly egotistical, self-obsessed and driven by passions — while Kiki, working as her assistant, has lost a lot of weight and suddenly looks like Julia Roberts.

big daddy and little sister relationship movies

Testosterone practically drips off the screen in this fairytale about big muscly men learning to forgive one another and express brotherly love via the medium of shoulder dislocation. Both fierce fighters, former Marine Tommy and teacher Brendan have had a tough break: The result is enough to reduce the manliest man to manly tears. In what could be called Cinderella: Origins, Danielle is a downtrodden orphan whose stepmother Anjelica Huston as the domineering Baroness Rodmilla de Ghent treats her like a servant until our heroine meets Prince Henry Dougray Scott.

Barrymore makes for a pleasingly proactive Cinders, more Merida than the Disney original, and she still deals with plenty of sisterly opposition, with Marguerite a scheming Mean Girl in this forced family. Jeanie is endlessly frustrated by this. John Hughes plays up the sibling tension perfectly here, using it as just one plot in a funny, linked story about Ferris deciding to spend the day in Chicago with best pal Cameron Alan Ruck and girlfriend Sloane Mia Sara.

Revok plans to take over the world with an army of Scanners; Vale is understandably pretty iffy about it all. A telepathic duel commences and the outcome, we suppose, sees the brothers united. In the circumstances, she should probably consider herself lucky that Jane only sabotages her wedding rehearsal dinner and stops short of actually punching her.

Boromir went off to help the Fellowship and ended up as an Uruk-hai arrow pincushion. Poor old Faramir, a proud warrior who just wants to prove himself and win acceptance from his dad.

Sadly, pop has been driven nuts as we learn in Return Of The King and the extended Two Towers and even before that, preferred his older brother Boromir. The Red Queen rules as a tyrant while the White Queen remains in her own castle, too afraid of her power to fight back.