Cleo and lewis relationship

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cleo and lewis relationship

P.S. Lewis and Cleo will be calling each other mate only when they're There's also the possibility of one of them ending their relationship. Cleo Sertori and Lewis McCartney's relationship is one of the relationships in the H2O: Just Add Water series. Contents[show] Season 1 Pool Party Cleo wants. Cleo breaks up with Lewis because he gets too clingy and protective of her, and . Lewis tries to tell Cleo the truth but fed up with his relationship with Charlotte.

I'm home for good, now.

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Sertori's face fell slightly. Why don't we go have a chat in my office? I'd like to hear a little bit about what your plans are. I'll take you back to your apartment on my way home—15 hour time difference has me jet lagged. Lewis watched her go, before turning towards her father. Sertori jerked his head in the direction of his office and headed off. As soon as the door was shut, the silence between them shifted and became awkward.

Lewis could physically feel his pulse quicken. S, I'm going to be straight with you," Lewis started. How did you—" Lewis stopped his small ramble and sat down in an empty chair across from Don. It might not seem like it, but I know these things. Sertori, I love Cleo. I want everyone else to know how much I love her. I—" Lewis began to argue, his heart in his throat. He held up a hand. A day or two? Make sure this is what you both want. It wasn't a bad idea, but months? Could he really wait that long?

Then again, what would he do in a few months, in a year, that he couldn't do with her now? All he wanted to do was make it legally official that she was his. He wanted to prove to her just how serious he was. He didn't want what had happened to him happen to his daughter. But that would never happen. S, I'm sure I love Cleo. And I would never leave her. Lewis let out an angry breath. S," he started animatedly, standing and pacing the room.

Cleo told me to go. She said she couldn't hold me back. All I could think about was how much I wanted it. I did a lot of thinking about it. I might not have to start at the very bottom. I'll definitely get a better pay," Lewis explained. The pacing began again. I'd get five grand just to accept the offer. This was how it was supposed to be. Cleo standing next to him. Not on the other side of the ocean.

Not on the other side of the room, next to someone else. He would do anything—anything —to make sure it stayed that way. I've been away long enough. I think you're gonna rip my arm clean off," she laughed up at him, their proximity suddenly taking her breath away.

They stood on the side of the street as they studied each other's faces. Both wondered briefly how he had gotten such an amazing person to stay by his side, after everything—Lewis's studying abroad and Cleo's "other half. Lewis seemed to want to protest this, but changed his mind when she hugged her pillow to her chest and continued down the street.

XXX "And that brings up back to the kitchen," Cleo finished with a small flourishing wave towards the small, white, seemingly-unused kitchen. Lewis sat down on a barstool on the outside of the kitchen counter. He glanced over her shoulder at the clock on the stove. I'm sure you're jetlagged. It's all about marine life—everything from the shore to the abyss and back.

We can watch it in the bedroom that way if you fall asleep I can just leave you there. Lewis turned towards her and stared for a second, his lopsided grin returning once more. Cleo simply reached up, grabbed the collar of his shirt with both hands, and pulled him down with her. He kicked off his shoes and got comfortable against the abundance of pillows on the bed. Getting used to this wouldn't be so hard. He liked the thought of living with her, of being able to lie in bed and watch a DVD with her any time he wanted.

They were both adults. Their sudden freedom hit him like a brick house. He found himself dozing in and out of consciousness throughout the movie.

He was okay with this. They'd just have to watch it another night. The possibilities were now endless. No more eating dinner in front of the computer just waiting for her to get online so he could rant and rave about all he had learned that day. They could actually do other things—regular date-night things. With a shuddering breath, Lewis opened his eyes to a bright light shining in the window next to the bed.

In a moment of disorientation, he temporarily forgot where he was. He sat up straight and glanced around the room. His eyes fell onto a desk in the corner.

In a blue frame sat a photograph of Cleo and him. He had spent the night at Cleo's apartment. Lewis pushed himself further upright and off the bed.

His shirt was wrinkled from having slept in it. Venturing out the door and down the hall, he blinked in the vast amount of light streaming in from the several windows in the living room. There's not much in the fridge here. Where I was, it was around eighteen hours behind here.

XXX "So what do you usually do on a day like today? Then I usually hang around and work until I have to go to whatever class I have that day. He pulled the beads aside and motioned for her to enter first. Next to him, Cleo laughed at the surprised look on his face and gripped his hand tightly.

His eyes traveled around the room, instantly recognizing every single person in the room smiling brightly back at him. There was a huge banner hanging from the ceiling with "Welcome Home" painted in big blue blocks. He looked down at his girlfriend, who had undoubtedly planned all this over night. How else could she have done it?

When could she have done it? Okay, well, that was a stupid question. She'd had all day what with him sleeping off his jetlag. Lewis couldn't help but wonder what he had done to deserve such a person in his life. He was reminded of their somewhat public vicinity when everyone around then "aw"ed.

Cleo pulled away and grinned. And the night went on. Everyone asked about his journey and how it went. They asked what he was planning on doing now that he was home. Some wondered why he would come back, why not just stay with the institute. His whole life was here, he would tell them. He didn't regret leaving now, and he was pretty sure he never would. But he was glad he came back. He sure missed all of these people. After some time he found himself at the counter picking at some chicken, yawning.

He glanced at his watch. Why was he so tired? It was only about one in the afternoon Maybe he was slowly sliding into a regular schedule. He decided if he could hold off maybe three more hours and didn't sleep in too late the next morning, he could be on the correct sleep cycle by the end of the weekend. He glanced over his shoulder and stared at Cleo, who was at a corner table with Emma and Rikki watching their friend prance around the room with a mic in one hand and a colorful drink in the other.

The sun was setting in the window over Cleo's shoulder, making her look more tanned. It added an ambient gold aura and darkened her naturally auburn hair. He imagined what it would be like to propose to her. What would she say?

Cleo & Lewis - Another Now

As soon as he had the though, a floodgate of awaiting "what ifs" rushed at him. What if she didn't say yes? Easy, he'd keep asking. But how was he going to do it? With candles and lights reflecting off the moon pool's surface? He didn't want to remind her that she was part mermaid. He wanted to marry her for her. He didn't want her to worry about that portion of her life. But would he do it on the beach?

Or what about in a boat at sea? Surrounding her with water wasn't a good idea either. Lewis thought about surprising her, but figured that unless he dropped hints all month; it would be that ways anyways.

He knew he couldn't drop hints—he didn't want her to know beforehand. He had promised Mr. Sertori he wouldn't ask until the end of their month agreement. And he would stick to that if only to get on Cleo's dad's good side. Across the counter, Zane was staring at him curiously, eyebrows pulled together. The two had hated each other since an early age, but once their girlfriends connected them through their mermaid drama and their own friendship, some sort of twisted friendship had formed.

And it seemed like Zane had gone even softer while he was away.

cleo and lewis relationship

He jerked Lewis into the office and closed the door. He dropped his arms to his sides and plopped down on the couch. Given any other circumstances and Lewis was sure he would have laughed at Zane's odd behavior. This party is—" "No," Lewis interrupted. He wants to make sure that our being together is really what we want. If nothing has changed in three years a month is hardly going to matter.

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, he regretted it. Especially when Zane's eyebrows shot up to his hairline. We're taking it slow, not rushing. Lewis let out a breath. He was starting to see Rikki's frustration. She could be an alien for all I care.

cleo and lewis relationship

Figures he wouldn't understand. But Rikki didn't buy it. She jerked a thumb over her shoulder towards the party and said to Lewis, "Cleo's about ready to tear the building down.

As soon as he was gone, though, he heard the two whispering loudly in the office. Just what they needed. A repeat of what had happened when he learned he got the scholarship. A slow melody emanated from the stage. Bella smiled from her stool when she saw him, her eyes shifting stealthily to a figure sitting in the booth in a corner.

He put on his lopsided grin and stepped up to the table. Zane needed my help with something. She hesitated before even looking up at him, her big, beautiful eyes full of some clouded emotion. Her arms shifted up and rested around his neck, his hands sitting gently on her hips.

Together they swayed to the music encircling them. He didn't outwardly seem to mind. He trailed kisses down her jaw line. He pulled her closer, locking his wrists around her waist, but pulled back and rested his forehead on hers. I-studied-abroad-at-some-big-league-institute land a high paying job in America or something? She jerked back to look at him. It's 45 minutes up the coast. I can commute from here. His heart froze and screamed at him to stop her.

He didn't know what he'd do if he let her leave. It was a bad joke. Cleo couldn't keep the smile off her face. Lewis rubbed the stubble on his face, grinning. He reached over and picked her up, bridal-style, and carried her back to the party.

By ten o'clock, Lewis was willing to just lie across a table and sleep there. He could feel his mind fail to focus. It wandered helplessly and his eyes drooped unwillingly. He attempted to stay alert while the girls talked. Most of the guests had gone home. The band was quietly packing up their equipment. Zane froze, a smirk sliding over his face. Glances were exchanged, eyes diverted. Something was going on, there was no way to avoid Lewis's question without admitting something was up.

Cleo let out a loud breath, unable to lie to him. Lewis gave Cleo a quick look and she held up her hands in defense. I went to party, got a little tipsy—" "Three and a half vodka shots, seven jell-o shots, and a half of a bottle of Peach Schnapps is not 'a little tipsy,'" Rikki laughed outright. Lewis's eyebrows pulled together. No one had mentioned this to him before. You'd think Cleo would have mentioned it during one of their skype dates.

It didn't sound like something that "slipped your mind" very easily. Neither of us was affected. He pinched the bridge of his nose and tried to focus, but it wasn't happening. Maybe the alcohol had had and affect on her in some way. Maybe it was a different effect then seeing the full moon. What time is it in America right now? I need to do something to get myself on a normal sleep schedule. Lewis rolled his eyes. Rikki and the girls gave Zane a surprised, confused look. A comfortable silence befell the two as they walked hand-in-hand back to the apartment.

Cleo-Lewis Relationship

They were bound to find out—if they didn't know already. Which I'm sure they did. They were the ones who suggested I move in with you. Besides, we're both adults. She kicked it open with the heel of her shoe and let it hit the wall softly. She turned and bolted when he quickly shut the door and took off after her.

Lewis slammed to a stop in the doorway of the bedroom when he noticed Cleo was not there. Slowly, he kicked off his shoes and ditched them in the hallway as silently as he could. He crept into the room a little further and after a process of quick elimination, decided she was either behind the door or under the bed. He nudged the door gently, hitting something like he knew it would. But upon further inspection, he found that a pillow had been wedge there, not Cleo.

He dove across the bed, effectively scaring her and making her jump up from her crouch position behind the bed. Lewis gestured to himself. She stood up, pulled her shoes off and climbed into the bed with Lewis, who was making an effort not to look like he was yawning.

She smiled to herself as she turned out the light and pulled herself closer to Lewis. He responded with a half conscious guttural noise of agreement. His breathing soon evened out as he fell asleep and suddenly Cleo felt like she was no longer just in her apartment. She was finally, finally home. He could feel sleep just around the corner. All his mind would allow him to focus on was the ability to sleep. The bed shifted violently as Cleo bounced off. That was an empty threat.

Maybe if he faked being asleep she would leave him alone and he could actually fall back to sleep. Instead of leaving, suddenly Lewis found himself drenched in incredibly cold water. He shot upright and looked down at himself. A knowing smirk shot across her lips. She held her right hand out in front of her, fingers spread apart and parallel to the floor. In a single quick motion, she flipped her hand over and raised it above her head. The shit-eating-grin returned to her face and her eyes shifted to something above his head.

He followed her gaze and sprung off the bed like it was on fire once his eyes landed on the floating ball of water hanging in the air just above him. His back slammed against the wall, his glance moving from the water, to his dry clothes, to Cleo, and back again.

If I could create water from existing water, why can't I move existing water the way I move the water I created? After a year of practice, I learned how to do just that.

Sure, she could create new water from existing water as a result of this foreign mermaid magic, but even magic had its limits, right? He followed her and watched her drop it slowly into the tub, avoiding small droplets that bounced out of the basin. I think, really, that's my power. Gather molecules of bonded hydrogen and oxygen. I can't move juice or milk, just water. He pulled Cleo towards him spontaneously and kissed her hard. We need to get you moved in before the full moon rises," she called over her shoulder as she left him in the bathroom by himself.

He glanced over his shoulder and noted a stack of clean clothes sitting on the counter next to a clean towel. Lewis rushed through a shower and dried off as thoroughly as he could. He all but threw on his clothes. A hushed whisper caught his attention and he stopped moving. Straining his ears, he could hardly make out the words. As stealthily as he could, he slunk out into the hallway and tiptoed towards the kitchen praying the floorboards wouldn't give him away. And when he is, I just hope I'll be ready to tell him.

Cleo had to be talking to Emma, Lewis decided. She was the only one whom he had told about her. Lewis refrained from banging his head back into the wall.

He should have known Emma would tell her best friends everything about their trip. But he had to be honest with himself. Three years was a long time for kids their age. And from her tone, she hadn't been able to contain herself either. I think Lewis is done with his shower. He chanced a peek around the corner and nearly exhaled with relief when he saw her facing away from him, leaning around the kitchen counter.

Her back was hunched, her hands wiping at her face. Still trying to be stealthy, he snuck back towards the bathroom and pushed the bathroom door open so it hit the wall lightly. He flicked the lights loudly and then headed back down the hall. Cleo spun around and Lewis studied her slightly red eyes, her flushed face. He decided to let it drop. It was obvious she didn't want to talk to him about it, and he sure as hell wasn't ready to admit to her what had gone on between him and Carly while he was in America.

He fumbled around in his head as he pulled on his shoes for a change of topic. And they were off to retrieve his belongings. Besides, I'm paying for this place on my own, he really has no say. You're paying for that entire apartment yourself?

Why didn't you get a roommate to split the cost? Despite his thoughts and feelings about their situation when he left, he was beginning to feel like it could all come back to them very easily. Small boxes had littered the living room and kitchen, while the larger boxes filled with his clothes had occupied the small bedroom down the hall. It had taken them several hours to unpack most of his things. All that was left were a few heavy boxes of books on the table and counter.

I feel like we've been doing this for days. How many boxes did you use to move all your stuff in here? I'll wager it took you at least a week to unpack. I never claimed to not have a lot of belongings. He grabbed her around the waist and leaned down to kiss her, but she turned away unexpectedly. He sighed and followed her gaze over his shoulder and into an open box on the table.

She reached in a pulled out a book. The cover was a slick, bland paper, but the image was a beautiful water color painting of a shadowy fish-like figure surrounded by pastel corals and sea life. Cleo's fingers traced the edge of the creature in the center and then glanced up at Lewis.

Except there's one thing," Lewis murmured, taking the book from her. He flipped it open to a well-worn spot towards the back. He studied the picture inside for a second before flipping it around and tipping it towards her so she could see.

Her eyes widened and she nearly ripped the book from his hands to get a closer look. A large, full-page image filled her vision. No way had this picture been taken—not only without their knowledge—but no way had it been taken and not been a big deal. She paused and glared at him. Cleo groaned and dropped the book on the table. He held both her hands in his. It was just a little added crap at the end of the book. It was never part of the curriculum.

It's in the 'about the author' section. No one reads those. True, no one had taken it seriously. If they had, she would've known about it long before now. The girl's will be here in an hour or two. Lewis shoved one book after another onto the shelves slowly while Cleo got distracted every time she brought out a new book, taking a minute or two to flip through them. He couldn't help but feel like none of this was real. A thought popped into his head and he couldn't stop himself from dwelling on it, turning it over in his mind until he came to the conclusion that he didn't have a definitive answer.

Think back, back to before you left, before Charlotte. What did you learn? But it was obvious by the confused look on his face that he wasn't. For a genius, he really could be slow. He gave her a flat look.

And if I remember correctly, you're now a marine biologist. You can't just blame everything on magic. This was exactly what he feared would drift away. He just couldn't get over it. They were able to keep their tight relationship alive over three years and thousands of miles.

cleo and lewis relationship

If they could push through that and the trials brought on by magical mermaid events, what couldn't they get through? He knew how he felt about the current state of things, but he couldn't get a read on her.

A poke face clouded her expression and she dazed off into space. A slow, small smile appeared on Cleo's face and she shook her head vigorously. You're done with school, I'm in the home stretch, and neither of us is living at home anymore.

He mulled this over in his head for a bit before talking himself out of over-analyzing it. Cleo looked up to see him staring at her, certain softness in his eyes that warmed her heart. Though neither of them said it aloud, but their love for one another spoke volumes in the small apartment living room.

Shocker," a sarcastic voice droned. The front door slammed shut and the two jumped nearly a foot in the air. She peered into one and made a face. How long had they been sitting there?

That was nice of you. She sighed when both Emma and Bella averted their eyes and busied themselves with pulling black cloth and cardboard out of the hall closet.

Lewis glanced over his shoulder at Rikki, who was opening and closing food containers in the kitchen. Lewis calmed down and Cleo stopped fighting his hold. She sunk further back into his chest and craned her neck to see him over her shoulder.

Lewis's lips landed on hers for a moment. Lewis is visibly hurt by this and leaves, leaving Cleo full of regret.

In Hot Water Cleo gets fired from her job. Lewis' computer gets broken and unknowingly gets Cleo's job in need of money. Cleo gets angry at Lewis for "stealing" her job and this results in a war between them.

Cleo refuses to accept Lewis' apology despite explaining he did not know he was taking her job. He grows angry at Cleo's unreasonable attitude and argues that the situation cannot be changed because Cleo got fired, which only infuriates her even more.

Convinced that Cleo lost her job because of Lewis, Emma and Rikki make his job harder, but end up releasing Ronnie and putting Lewis the blame. Lewis bitterly informs Cleo that Emma and Rikki are the culprits responsible for releasing Ronnie, clearly angry at them for getting him into trouble. Cleo is equally angry at Emma and Rikki upon learning this. Cleo furiously confronts Emma and Rikki for their carelessness and yells at them for getting Lewis into trouble.

The girls return Ronnie and Lewis convinces Mrs. Geddes to return Cleo's job for her. Cleo also forces Emma and Riki to agree to help cover the costs for Lewis' computer repairs to make up for all the trouble they caused him though Rikki refuses to do this. Missed the Boat Cleo fails the biology exam because Lewis didn't help her in studying. After finding out that she can write the exam again, Cleo gets a new tutor, Charlotte, who gives Cleo a lot of homework. Charlotte is actually planning to get closer to Lewis who hoped to help Cleo.

Charlotte asks Lewis to take her to Mako Island, so she can sketch it. Cleo falls to the waterfall and Charlotte hears her. Lewis sees Cleo's tail and distracts Charlotte from seeing her by a kiss. After Cleo passes the exam, Lewis tries to tell Cleo that he just wanted to protect her secret, but she interrupts by telling him that there's nothing between them and he can do what he wants.

Get Off My Tail Cleo is upset because Lewis is spending too much time with Charlotte and seems to miss him, but gets an advice from Rikki about that they can still be friends.

After a failed attempt to ask Lewis for a juice, Cleo feels that he wants to be with just an ordinary girl until she gets a comfort from Rikki. Cleo takes Lewis for a swim in search for a new lure, resulting in him being 30 minutes late for his date with Charlotte. Near the end of the episode, Charlotte finds out that Lewis was with Cleo during his absence from the date and Lewis tells Charlotte that Cleo is just his best friend. Double Trouble Lewis has nightmares about Cleo being discovered as a mermaid.

While chaperoning Kim and Elliot on their first and only date, Cleo jumps to the pool to save the big orange bear that Kim got from Elliot, but she threw it to the pool. The people see Cleo's tail, but they don't know what is this. Fearing that his nightmare is coming true, Lewis rescues Cleo and tells everyone that it was just a bear.

Max, however, rejects Lewis after the ask about Mako Island. Max changes his mind after seeing the locket on Cleo's neck. Max tells Lewis that he will give him his research if he'll get the locket.

Cleo's locket gets broken and Lewis gives it to Max in order to fix it. Max convinces Lewis to take him to Mako Island. They arrive just as Cleo does it too. Max discovers Cleo's secret and tells her and Lewis that he created the lockets, knew the secret of Miss ChathamGracie and Juliamade research about the island, and that he was Gracie's boyfriend until she dumped him because of the research and the strain she felt from being caught in two worlds.

Cleo tries to offer Max comfort when he blames the breakup on himself. She tells Max that people can do things without understanding why at the time and then realize too late that it was a mistake, a direct reference to how she broke up with Lewis and then regretted doing so for a long time.

Max warns Lewis to stay close to Cleo and gives him the locket and research. Lewis later gives the locket to Cleo and tells her that they can see each other again soon.

Lewis gives the research back to Max, but Charlotte has followed him and Max tells her the truth. Charlotte gets angry at Lewis for lying to her and runs away from him Cleo attempts to comfort Lewis after his fight with Charlotte and insist he should not be so hard on himself. Before Charlotte turns into a mermaid, Lewis tells Cleo that he liked to talk with her and misses it, while Cleo feels the same.

The following day when Cleo asks Emma and Rikki how she should do her hair, Rikki is prompted to ask what took place between her and Lewis which suggests Cleo may have been interested in dating Lewis again if his relationship with Charlotte ended. Despite learning of Charlotte's venomous nature, Cleo considers giving her a second chance out of respect for Lewis, but Emma and Rikki refuse. She is even more upset when they say that Lewis is not their friend if he is with Charlotte, and refuse to listen to her.

Charlotte-Lewis Relationship

Cleo is unwilling to give up on Lewis and feels like she no longer has Emma and Rikki for support. Charlotte lies to Cleo that Lewis no longer wants to do anything for her and steals her locket, lying to Lewis that Cleo gave it to her on her own accord.

Cleo is convinced that Lewis cares more for Charlotte than her. Cleo leaves a heartbroken message for Lewis, but Charlotte steals his phone. Cleo runs away from home, feeling isolated, lonely, and abandoned. A heart-broken Cleo swims to the Mako Island's shark area. Emma and Rikki are unable to find her. Lewis finds his phone in Charlotte's bag, hears Cleo's message and finds out that she's missing.

Lewis gets a help from Max and is determined to find Cleo. After finding out that Charlotte was lying over the whole time, Lewis brutally breaks up with her. Lewis rescues Cleo and they get back together. Unfathomable Cleo and Lewis have got back together and are caught kissing by Emma and Rikki before the full moon. After Charlotte attacks the girls, Lewis warns her about the full moon. Charlotte gets affected by the full moon and attacks Emma's house while Ash is there in hopes of explanation about Emma's secrets.

Lewis asks Charlotte to go with him to Mako Island. Cleo follows them to find out along with Lewis that Charlotte is planning to make the girls lose their powers because in that night the planets will be in a line with the moon and a mermaid in the moon pool at the time will lose her powers forever. Emma and Rikki arrive and a 4-mermaid fight begins. Charlotte is defeated and loses her powers. Charlotte promises to keep the girls' secret and Lewis returns the locket to Cleo.

Valentine's Day It's Valentine's day, but Cleo is upset to know that Lewis wants to take her for a "fishing" date. Cleo gets fed up with this and leaves Lewis to help Kim get out of control love life. At the end of the episode, Lewis arrives in a tux and holds the rose in order to ask Cleo out and she accepts.

Big Ideas Cleo fears for the water tentacle's attack during the next full moon. Lewis is determined to find the tentacle, but Cleo wants to help him. Despite Lewis' protests, Cleo invites Will to her house to talk with him about the encounter with the tentacle.

Lewis gets angry at Cleo for not listening to him and tells her that he wants to protect her, as he is her boyfriend. After a conversation with Will, Cleo and Lewis check the waters from the Moon Pool and the waterfall and mix them, resulting in them to turn to a water floating in mid-air.