Croatia and us relationship

How the US Benefits from Foreign Aid to Croatia

croatia and us relationship

Interestingly, it is also the sector where $ million of foreign aid to Croatia is spent. The U.S. further benefits from this relationship because it. Croatia is allied with every NATO member and every EU member (although it's Aside from allies, we admire Japan, China, Switzerland, the US (this is not unambiguous, however), Germany. Foreign relations of Croatia - Wikipedia. U.S.-Croatian Relations · Serbo-Croatian Relations NATO and EU membership have been strategic goals, as Croatia seeks to forge stronger.

Our Relationship

The constitution of the Kingdom of Croats, Serbs and Slovenes represented the implementation of President Wilson's principle of self determination. The Wilson plan for the Southern Slavs was a matter of great discussion at the Versailles Conference.

Despite its idealism, the plan ignored a very important political fact of Serb domination. Bywhen the kingdom took the name of Yugoslavia, many discerned that Serbian institutions, particularly the military, the political establishment and the civil service, dominated the new state.

One of America's best geo-strategic accomplishments during the height of the Cold War with the Soviet Union resulted when Yugoslavia pulled out of the Soviet communist sphere. The United States invested billions in assisting Yugoslavia to develop its own institutions separate from the Soviet dominated Eastern European structure.

croatia and us relationship

While the US goal of turning Yugoslavia into a western model of democracy did not materialize, Yugoslavia under Josip Broz "Tito" did successfully exit the Soviet dominated Warsaw Pact community. Yugoslavia thus pricked the Soviet's psyche. Many diplomats, including some from United States, served in Belgrade during the decades of the ss.

croatia and us relationship

Through their work, they became supporters of the US policy of keeping Yugoslavia united. When I reported for duty as the US Ambassador to the Holy See inthe administration instructed me to promote the US policy of helping the Yugoslav leadership to maintain the unity and independence of this multi-nation state.

Fromthe pro unified Yugoslav position of the Department of State establishment factored into the calculations that caused the United States to hesitate in facilitating the collapse of Yugoslavia and to recognize Croatia and neighboring Slovenia. Alliance in international organizations Opportunity for new markets for the U.

Croatia–United States relations - Wikipedia

Foreign aid to Croatia keeps the U. According to the U. Department of State, Croatia, as a part of these institutions, has taken part in peacekeeping missions in neighboring countries — a priority that aligns with the U.

croatia and us relationship

Economic Benefits The U. This is arguably the most prominent benefit to the U. One of the goals that the U.

croatia and us relationship

This support has so far held true and consistent. Additionally, the United States has been identified as a potential energy partner, which is particularly important given the current energy crisis in Europe.

croatia and us relationship

Nonprofit Organizations and Global Allies Foreign aid to Croatia comes not only through official government channels, but also through nonprofit organizations.