Cyborg 009 and 003 relationship problems

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cyborg 009 and 003 relationship problems

's relationships with the other cyborgs vary, but he has a strong bond with them all. Next to and Dr. Gilmore, is the closest person to Joe. Due to Joe's compassion for others, especially women in trouble, there was a brief bit of. x Songfic When finds and picture of with someone else, Disclaimer: I don't own Cyborg or Mario Winans' 'Never Really Was'. he had just done with his relationship with one of his roommates, "Hey, this one is going out to those couples who are havin' problems in their lives. The struggle to give Cyborg its finale took several decades- and the prey to the ever-relevant problem of “values dissonance”—particularly in was the only character given a clear-cut backstory, while could.

The sun was setting to the west, his cinnamon eyes catching the gleaming rays as the fiery orb sank behind the horizon. Kasumi's house stood behind him, the buttery lights from within filtering down onto the sands, casting dancing shadows thrown down by the occupants inside. Everyone was inside celebrating the final defeat of Black Ghost and his evil organization.

The years they spent, chasing one another around the globe, constantly trying to kill each other…his death was an enormous weight off of 's shoulders. Finally, he could relax and live a normal life away from the pain and suffering he'd grown to know.

Cyborg 009

Joe walked to the edge of the beach, down to where the waves lapped up onto the sands, pulling and giving, making love to the Earth. He sank to the ground, drawing his knees up to his chest and wrapping his arms around them as he titled his head forward. The waves seemed to feel his growing discomfort and began to push up around his bare feet, giving him the support that he sought.

Despite the fact that they were free from the evils of Black Ghost, they were not free from life. Gilmore had told them to go back to the life they knew.

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To settle down and live normally again. Most everyone was happy…but Joe…Joe's past life was filled with pain and misery already. How could he go back to a life he never had? To him, the entire thing was a cruel joke that Fate had pulled on him. Just make everything worse for the Japanese mutt without a family. Just send the boy back into that uncaring world to try and struggle off of the streets again…go back to stealing, plotting, fighting, hiding…a cruel endless cycle that seemed to keep playing over and over.

He was happy Black Ghost was dead…but still, he couldn't help but realize that while Black Ghost was alive, at least he had three square meals a day and a warm bed to sleep in.

With the team, he felt safe and secure. They were his family…a family he would soon lose. Jet was leaving back for America the very next morning. Back to that girl he'd met there, whatever the hell her name was. Back to hopefully start a family with her and settle down with a new job as a mechanic for an up and coming car company.

Even though Joe didn't think it fit his style very well, Jet seemed happy enough. Pyunma was going back to a changed Africa. His republic had finally earned their freedom and a new nation was born. He was going back home to help rebuild the villages there and continue to assist in ridding the populace of any wrong doers who still wanted civil war.

cyborg 009 and 003 relationship problems

He swore that war would never again tear his country apart. Albert was leaving for Germany next week. He said he had something important to do there…something he hadn't done for years. Joe had some idea of what that thing was…Albert had mentioned a woman named Hilda once or twice to him in the more private situations that they shared together.

Joe knew all about the death of his wife and the suffering he still endured because of it. Yet, he was returning home to face his past and let it die out for good. As for Geronimo, the giant had found himself manager of his own private construction company in Arizona.

It was small, hardly known at all, but at least Geronimo had more of a chance that he did. Great Britain and Chang? Well, the two had grown remarkably close over the years and had decided to remain in Japan, maintaining Chang's hip new restaurant that was attracting admirers from around the globe. Needless to say, they would be very well off in the years to come. Already, Chang was considering opening a chain of restaurants to keep up with demand.

No doubt out of pure pity, Change offered Joe a job at one of his restaurants, promising to pay him well. Lord knows he doesn't want the job, but being an orphan with a less than shitty upbringing, his education didn't lead him very far with the skills needed for anything other than a burger flipper.

At least in Chang's restaurant, he didn't have to worry about being fired. Tonight he would tell he'd accept his offer. The sooner he started, the better off he'd be in the long run. Maybe if he earned enough money, he could move out of Dr. Kasumi's place and own an apartment downtown. Joe groaned miserably and fell back in the sand, his arm falling over his eyes as he heaved a heavy sigh. His years as an orphan had taught him how to survive on the streets and not much else.

Suddenly, he found himself regretting ever dropping out of school to live on the edge. It seemed so appealing and adventurous back then when he was only fifteen. I didn't mean to bother you…" "No! It's alright if you want to talk, I was just thinking. As beautiful as the sunset was, Francoise only made it that much better. The rays caught her hair as it fluttered out behind her in the cold breeze. A shower of golden strands that caused Joe's heart to reign with desire.

How could such an innocent creature be so absolutely stunning and beautiful? It seemed to him the God poured all of Earth's beauty into this one girl…this one girl that now sat beside him, staring out over the smooth waters of Japan, her aqua eyes seeming to control the waves that lapped up around them.

Nervously, Joe slid his hand across the sand, seeking out the soft hands of the woman beside him. He took her hand in his own, giving it a gentle squeeze. He felt Francoise shift, fear rolling over his body that she might pull away. But no, Francoise only squeezed back, a small smile crossing her face as she turned towards Joe. He was renamed Dr.

Gamo Asimov in the Sony Pictures English dub. In the manga, he works with Dr. Uranus, another black Ghost scientist, and is far more interested in destroying the rebels and Gilmore. While Uranus tries to peacefully sort things out with Gilmore, hoping that he will simply give up his cyborgs or, later on, make peace with the Greek god cyborgs, Dr. Gaia planned to use sneaky maneuvers and tactics to attack Gilmore and the team when they weren't expecting it. In the anime, he's about the same, minus his rivalry with Uranus and seems to have a grudge against Gilmore, as they thought differently and contested over whether a cyborg's memory should be wiped of the human memories or not.

Later on, he killed Artemis for helping and is killed by Apollo when he finds out, shortly after going mad with the power of his overloading machine. Cyborg Men[ edit ] A group of mass-produced cyborg men who help try to spark a war in 's home country.

cyborg 009 and 003 relationship problems

They wear black suits, which also cover their face with red goggles and an air tube which they appear to need for survival. They usually ride in black tanks. Their leader is Number 1, who is 's old friend, Mamado.

He rides a black saucer with laser shooting tentacles which can detach as robotic snakes. He appears to have lost his good heart after the brainwashing he was put through, so he is defeated by a very reluctant after he fails to convince him. Mythos Cyborgs[ edit ] Cyborgs who claim to be the gods who have come to Earth to destroy it, so they may end war and rebuild the world. They are unaware of them being cyborgs due to their brainwashing. Most of them dress in white Greek clothes with capes and live on a far away island just off the coast of Greece.

They were created by Dr. Gaia who erased their memories and led them to believe they were gods so they would cause destruction and confusion instead of peace. He is the younger brother to Artemis and prefers destruction, but is often swayed to a different course of action by his more compassionate sister, whom he dearly loves. He has flaming red hair, his body glows in battle and he rides in a chariot led by two Pegasi.

He has the power to create powerful fire attacks, has the power of acceleration, can throw piercing sun-shaped discs from his belt that create blinding light and cause earthquakes and can fire lasers from his fingers. He is killed in the destruction of the island, after he shoots Gaia to death for killing Artemis. He is the god of the sun. He has a bull's head, blue eyes, a strange mark on his forehead and horns that can fire powerful lightning bolts.

He is killed in the destruction of the island. He is a humanoid panther with yellow eyes who carries a long sword and a shield capable of firing powerful energy blasts.

He also has an acceleration mode which is activated by the balancers on his shoes. He is defeated by with some help from Pan. He is always seen in water and resembles a massive merman with a white beard and fins behind his ears.

He appears to be able to stay underwater indefinitely and even control it. He is the god of the sea. She has long golden hair in an enormous bun, wears a black tiara, has purple skin, and her eyes glow when she uses her powers.

She is a psychic like She is killed in the early stages of the destruction, after a psychic duel with Technically, she is the goddess of women, though it isn't shown in the anime or the manga. She is often the voice of reason and dislikes unnecessary violence. Her two companions are Atlas and Pan. She has long, dark blue flowing hair of which a single large lock always covers one of her eyes, with a gold band around her head.

She carries a bow which can create powerful energy arrows. She is mortally wounded by Dr. Gaia for helping and being so compassionate, but lives long enough to stop Apollo from killing and dies in his arms after warning him about Gaia's treachery. She is the goddess of the hunt. He is always fighting with Pan over the affection of Artemis. Aside from his strength, he can fire missiles from his chest, shoulders and abdomen. After his mistress's death, he is killed in the destruction of the island.

He can not speak but often whimpers and moans. He later grows an affection for when she bandages him up, even helping save her from Achilles. He looks like a young satyr with orange hair and a single horn on his head. He has no special abilities. Technically, he is the god of goats, though it isn't shown in the anime or the manga.

He usually runs away and seems to contribute nothing to the team. It is wondered why he was built. Is there a romance between and ?

Kidnapped en route to the hospital by Black Ghost agents, his body was almost completely rebuilt. Even before he was cybernetcized, he had enormous strength and the strong spiritual nature typical of mass-media depictions of aboriginal peoples.

After the Black Ghost was through, G. His culinary skills remain, even though now he can blast super hot fire from his mouth that can be both a weapon and a tunneling mechanism allowing him to burrow through the earth.

In fact his name is Great Britain! As an English actor he was legendary on the stage, but alcohol was destroying both his career and his life. His abduction by Black Ghost probably saved him from decades of staggering his way through countless embarrassing cinematic turkeys.

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Early iterations of this character were astoundingly racist stereotypes, but subsequent character designs have, slowly, developed into something fans can proudly display to others without reservation or embarrassment. As the only cyborg with actual military experience, his tactical knowledge comes in handy. Our leader was the last cyborg built and as such is the most advanced.

Professor Issac Gilmore, their creator, worked willingly with Black Ghost until he learned their true intentions, and then he conspired with the Cyborgs to escape.