Double indemnity neff and keyes relationship quizzes

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double indemnity neff and keyes relationship quizzes

Scenes Quiz · Greatest Scenes · 's More Great Scenes · Greatest Double Indemnity () is director Billy Wilder's classic film noir . 'Walter Neff to Barton Keyes, Claims Manager, Los Angeles, July 16, On the piano in a couple of fancy frames were Mr. Dietrichson and Lola, his daughter by his first wife. Billy Wilder's Double Indemnity is a film about a murder, a love affair, and a Both man male characters, Neff and Keyes, are single adult men. Start studying Film Noir and Western Quiz. 3 ways the themes in Double Indemnity differ from previous films. 1. Sets up relationship with Neff and Keyes .

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The story focussed on Keyes, but it failed to sell to either market so Cain tucked it away. Eventually, he dusted it off, reworked it eliminating all references to Keyes and Double Indemnityand sold it to Avon, who published it as a paperback original, re-titling it Jealous Woman. Black Lizard reprinted it in under that title, with Keyes once again, if not the central character, at least very much the dominant force in it, and re-insterting the jettisoned references to Double Indemnity.

Keyes is now head of the claims department of the General Pan-Pacific of California Life Insurance Company, with a rep for sniffing out any "twisted, cock-eyed, queer angle that could be found on a claimand about two dozen of his own that nobody else could find in it, but that he had to see just to show what a genius he was at it.

double indemnity neff and keyes relationship quizzes

It's an interesting remake for fans of the original, but it's hardly essential viewing, and was pretty much forgotten until it was brought back to life as a bonus feature on the long-awaited DVD release of the original classic.

Chandler is reading a paperback -- possibly one of his own.

The Complete Screenplay Buy this book Just what it says: Walter Neff and Phyllis Dietrichson. DI became a cinema classic almost in spite of itself, considering that its dark tone and scandalous subject matter freaked out Hollywood so much that it took 9 years to get DI from the printed page to the big screen!

Dick Powell, who was eager to change his then-crooner image, seemed to be the only leading man in Hollywood who was eager to tackle the role of antihero Walter Neff.

It was Fred MacMurray, then best known for his breezy light comedy roles, who finally had the guts to take the role of insurance salesman-turned-murderer Walter Neff — but even MacMurray needed convincing at first.

As a result, I was all the more disappointed that MacMurray was never even nominated for an Oscar for any of his stellar performances. MacMurray and Stanwyck are dynamite in this, one of the most gleefully, unapologetically black-hearted noirs ever made. To paraphrase a line from one of Donald J. If you ask me, the biggest crime in DI was the failure to nominate either of the male leads for an Oscar, especially scene-stealing Robinson, though at least the Academy was smart enough not to overlook the mesmerizing Stanwyck.

He reasons that the only way out is to make the police think Phyllis and Nino did the murder, which is what the tenacious Keyes now believes anyway.

Neff and Phyllis meet at her house and she tells him she has been seeing Nino only to provoke Nino into killing the suspicious Lola in a jealous rage. Neff is now wholly disgusted and is about to kill Phyllis when she shoots him first. Badly wounded but still standing, he advances on her, taunting her to shoot again.

double indemnity neff and keyes relationship quizzes

She does not shoot and he takes the gun from her. She says she never loved him "until a minute ago, when I couldn't fire that second shot.

Tales of the Easily Distracted: DOUBLE INDEMNITY: The Secret Life of Walter Neff

Neff says "Goodbye, baby," then shoots twice and kills her. Outside, Neff hides in the bushes and intercepts Nino as he approaches, presumably to visit his lover, Phyllis.

Neff advises him not to enter the house, but to leave and contact "the woman who truly loves you" — Lola. Nino agrees and heads out, avoiding what would have been damning evidence against him if he'd entered the murder house.

Neff, gravely injured, drives to his office, seats himself at the Dictaphone, and starts explaining.

Keyes arrives in mid-confession and hears enough to understand everything. Neff tells Keyes he is going to Mexico rather than face a death sentence — but sags to the floor before he can reach the elevator.

Keyes comforts him and sadly says, "Walter, you're all washed up. Keyes tells Neff he was "closer than that. Neff is unable to light the match with his thumb, as he has done throughout the film, so Keyes lights it with his.