Dronacharya and arjuna relationship

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dronacharya and arjuna relationship

At the same time, he values all relationships in his life. His obedience and dedication to his teacher Drona is indescribeable. His respect for the grandsire. Of all the Kaurava and Pandava brothers training under Drona, Arjuna emerged as the most dedicated, hard-working. Hearing this, Arjuna was furious. He went up to Dronacharya and said angrily, ' What is this? You have cheated us. What you have done is a crime. You were.

Drona is impressed with Abhimanyu and praises him endlessly, earning the ire of Duryodhana. With his army facing decimation, and spurred on by Duryodhana's criticisms, Drona asked the Kaurava maharathis to simultaneously attack Abhimanyu, to strike down his horses and his charioteer and to disable his chariot from different angles. Left without support, Abhimanyu began fighting from the ground. Exhausted after his long, prodigious feats, Abhimanyu was eventually killed.

After that, several who fought against Abhimanyu were criticized for their murder, such as BhurishravaDrona or Karna. Fourteenth Day[ edit ] The devious murder of his son enraged Arjuna, who swore to kill Jayadratha the next day or immolate himself.

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Drona constructed 3 combined vyuhas to protect Jayadratha, first was the Shakata vyuha then was Padma Vyuha and last was the Srigantaka vyuh and at its rear was Jayadratha and stood at the head of the box formation or shakata vyuh In the early part of the day, Arjuna and he duel, and Arjuna is unable to bypass his preceptor.

With Krishna's prodding, Arjuna circumvents Drona. When Duryodhana rages at Drona, Drona replies and that he intends to capture Yudhishthira while Arjuna is away and would only hasten their victory. Drona severely wounds his friend's son, disarming him and forcing him to retreat.

When he attempts to chase after Dhristadyumna, he is checked by Satyakiwho insults his teacher's teacher and issues a challenge. Their combat is described as fierce and despite being able to hold off Drona for several hours, Satyaki eventually tires and has to be rescued by the Upapandavas. When Satyaki comes upon Drona, he circumvents him, saying he must follow in his teacher's footsteps.

When Yudhishthira later sends BhimaDrona recounts what happened with Arjuna and Satyaki, and hence makes sure he doesn't allow Bhima also to circumvent him. Angrily rebuking him, Bhima shatters Drona's chariot with his mace. Drona takes up another chariot, only for Bhima to smash that one as well. In total, Bhima smashes eight of Drona's chariots and is able to bypass his guru.

Dronacharya's death[ edit ] Death of Dronacharya On the 15th day of the Mahabharata war, Drona is instigated by Duryodhana's remarks of being a traitor. Sensing his end is near, he used the Brahmastra against the common Pandava soldiers. Dronacharya obeyed, retracting the weapon. The rishis continue and berate Drona for violating the rules of war, criticizing him for using divine weapons so indiscriminately.

Drona reiterates that he is sworn to do all his can to protect Hastinapurand that, moreover, he wants to do so for all that Dhritarashtra has given him. Lamenting the deterioration of their friendship, Drona pays his respect to Drupada's corpse. Bhima kill elephant named asvatthama, By Artist Sadiq from Razmnama Knowing it would be impossible to defeat an armed Drona, Krishna suggested the Pandavas a plan to disarm their teacher.

His idea was that Bhima first kill an elephant named Ashwatthama, and then claim to Dronacharya that he has killed Dronacharya's son with the same name.

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After killing the elephant, Bhima loudly proclaimed that he had killed "Ashwatthama". Disbelieving him, Drona approached Yudhishthira, knowing of Yudhishthira's firm adherence to Dharma and honesty.

dronacharya and arjuna relationship

When Dronacharya asked for the truth, Yudhishthira responded with the cryptic 'Ashwatthama is dead. But the elephant and not your son'. Krishna also knew that it would be impossible for Yudhishthira to lie outright.

Under his instructions, the other warriors blew trumpets and conchs, raising a tumultuous noise in such a way that Dronacharya only heard that "Ashwatthama was dead", and could not hear the latter part of Yudhishthira's reply. In other versions of the story, it is told that: Drona, in grief, simply doesn't process the final part of Yudhishthira's statement, or Yudhishthira was simply not loud enough in purpose when he spoke the latter part of his words.

Then Drona descended from his chariot, laid down his arms and sat in meditation. Pandavas wanted to use this opportunity to arrest him, but enraged by the death of his father and several Panchala warriors, Dhrishtadyumna took this opportunity and beheaded the Drona's corpse, in a gross violation of the rules of war.

Analysis and Modern Assessment[ edit ] Drona is a figure for analysis in many academic texts. In particular, his partiality towards Arjuna is frequently examined. Drona's demand of guru dakshina from Ekalavyain the form of his right thumb, is also scrutinized. This treatment of Eklavya, as well as his rebuking of Karnais criticized as being biased against lower castes.

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In some folkloreSarasvati cursed Dronacharya with an unarmed and humiliating death for Drona's actions. Sarasvati said that knowledge belonged to all, and that it was an acharya's duty to spread that knowledge everywhere. Drona was somewhat parallel to Bhishma both in martial prowess, and, compelled by the refuge they had given him, in his unwavering commitment to fighting for Hastinapur irrespective of who the ruler was and whether or not the cause was just.

Like Bhishma, Drona is criticized for his pride and conceit, siding with adharma despite knowing of and acknowledging the righteousness of the Pandava cause.

dronacharya and arjuna relationship

Krishna criticized this reasoning as mere pride-Drona wanted to put his obligation to Hastinapur over dharma so that no one questioned his honor. Similarly, Dronacharya was criticized for many of his actions during the war: Dronacharya tried to use divine weapons against the Pandavas' common foot-soldiers.

As he does so, a voice from the heavens told him not to use divine weapons so carelessly. However, Drona argued that his first obligation was to defeating his enemy and defending his soldiers, by whatever means he possessed.

His responsibility for the devious and brutal murder of Abhimanyuas he was the Kaurava army chief at the time. Droncharya's overarching actions during the war are portrayed differently. When he became commander-in-chiefthe rules of war were averted.

Divine weapons were used against ordinary soldiers, war continued throughout the night, warriors no longer engaged each other one-on-one, etc.

Specifically, he was willing to try to end the war by capturing Yudhishthirawhile Karna was not, as he considered it lacking honor. In some versions of the Mahabharathathis evidence is used to justify the caste systemas the point is subtly made that the reason why Drona was willing to break the rules of war and engage in less honorable acts was because he was a brahminnot a kshatriya.

dronacharya and arjuna relationship

His love for this mother Kunti is a pinch more than that of his brothers. His friendship and devotion to Krishna is too selfless to describe. On the battlefield, he is a symbol of courage and strength, outside it, he's a man of emotions and relations. Even at the battlefield, when the hopes of the entire Pandava camp was resting on his shoulders, he was the most confused person.

He wass deeply disturbed by the fact that he's going to fight his own kith and kin. It needed Krishna's maturity to bring Arjuna back to reality. Though Arjuna seems tender when it comes to relationships, he also has an arrogant side to his nature. His belief on his own skills were somewhere close to the bounday of self-confidence and arrogance. Arjuna-Drona relationship stays even today as a symbol of a perfect Teacher-Strudent relationship.

Drona was so proud of his beloved student. Among the huge line of princes whom he taught, he hand-picked Arjuna becuase he saw the glimpse of brilliance in Arjuna - a rare mix of skills and dedication. In a way Drona invested more time in Arjuna than with any of his other students. Motivated by his desire to carve out a great warrior who could help him defeat Drupada, Drona promises to make Arjuna the greatest archer in the world. Arjuna on the other hand was too devoted to his teacher and never thought twice before obeying the orders.

Drona's test of illusion shows Arjuna's presence of mind. The initial test of focus shows how much in Sync Arjuna was, to his teacher's expectations. And even when facing each other in the war, the respect they gave for each other is huge. Drona considered Arjuna to be much superior to him, and it was evident when on the end of 12th day of the war he repeats to Duryodhana that he cannot capture Yudhistira if Arjuna is around, as Arjuna's speed and shooting range is much more than Drona's.

Arjuna on the other hand saw his guru as the hurdle that he might not be able to cross. When Drona was killed, Arjuna simply lost his cool and pounced on Drishtadyumna for the injustice done to his teacher. These are the kind of events that make Mahabharata the most complete and celebrated epic in the world. It's not for no reason that Arjuna-Drona is the most talked about teacher-student duo. Arjun's relationship with Bhima is mixed with love, respect and pride.

Among the Pandava brothers, Bhima-Arjuna relationship is the most complete one. They share a lot of common values as well as go through common struggles and had huge trust on the ability of each other.

They knew each other's strength and weakness, and they stood by each other whenever needed. They both were frustrated by the decisions of their elder brother, but still abode by the same.

They fought many of the tougher battles together. And they operated in unison during the Mahabharata war to aide each other's objectives. Bhima trusted Arjuna's skills more than his own might. And Arjuna on the other hand was too proud of Bhima's might. Almost all challenges that came Pandava's way were handled by Arjuna and Bhima together.

They were together to challenge Jarasandha, they fought together at Kampilya, they were together to battle Chitrasena 's army. Even at Virata, they led the armies at 2 different fronts. And throughout the great Kurukshetra war, they took the bigger challenges.

dronacharya and arjuna relationship

The bond between Arjuna and Bhima is a complex polynomial with a mix of love, pride, respect and trust. They together potray a much complex and complete painting of brotherhood. Who is a better warrior? This question pops up quite often in a lot of forums and discussions, and it is not a surprise to see that many people come up with Karna as the answer. And that answer is really an indication of whether someone has really read an authentic version of the epic or is just influenced by one of the various folklores, since anyone who has read an unbiased version of the epic will never think twice before picking Arjun.

For the most authentic version, one of the best sources is Kisari Mohan Ganguly's translation as mentioned in the referencesand one could find umpteen number of instances where Karna is unable to stand up to Arjun. While Karna's rivalry with Arjuna is most spoken about, it is indeed true that Karna was in fact one of the great warriors that Arjuna rivaled with.


The admirers of Karna cite 2 incidents to claim him superiority over Arjun; Arjun's failure to thwart the Nagastra on the 17th day and Krishna saving Arjunand Arjun killing Karna when he was unarmed, but all other instances of Arjun's supeiriority are ignored. In a war, no warrior goes unharmed even in victory, and even the mightiest warrior will have their moments of failure.

In fact Karna was not the only warrior who got Arjun off-guard. The valient Bhagadatta did it. And of course Karna also did it. But Arjun's superiority could be seen from his victory over the entire Kaurava army including Karna at the battle of Virata or from his victory over Karna and Duryodhana's army at the battle of Panchala, or even from the battle with the Gandharva's where Karna had retreated.

If Karna's failure to hit the target at Kampilya is debatable based on which version of Mahabharata you are referring to, Karna's failure to even locate the target during the swayamvara of Lakshmana Krishna's wife is not that talked about.

Arjuna too lost the contest which was ultimately won by Krishna, but he was a lot close to hitting the target which Karna couldn't even attempt.

Karna's character resonates a lot with the image of a modern day hero, and hence rose to the heart of millions of people who read Mahabharata. As the epic transitioned through different sections of the society, he became the hero of the oppressed, of all those who fight against an unjust society.

The fact that he rose to fame and power fighting the social discrimination meted out during his childhood, made him an icon of social reformation. To add to this, Karna's image as a generous donor made him even more admired. Many stories on Karna's valour got added to many local and tribal versions of the epic.

These include the story of Krishna praising Karna's might for thrusting Arjun's chariot with his arrows, Karna's heroics to defeat vasuki and save the pandavas, Krishna's test of generosity for Arjun to realize Karna's greatness, and on and on. But you would find none of these stories in an unabridged version of the epic.

Karna indeed is a great warrior, but a close examination of the epic crowns Arjuna as the greatest warrior of his time.

Relationship Between Arjun and Dronacharya

The relationship between Krishna and Arjuna is one of the most beautiful and selfless form of friendship that the epic presents us.

Krishna did care a lot about the welfare of his cousins, the Pandavas. And since Arjun was of the same age as Krishna, they bonded well as friends. The cousins were too fond of each other that they considered their relationship to be more dearer and important than almost all other relationships in their life. Their mutual trust was too deep to explain. Krishna is today revered as the incarnation of the supreme lord.

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He was probably revered so during his lifetime as well. But if you are willing to keep this belief aside and take a look at Krishna the prince, there are many instances that show how human Krishna was. His relationship with Arjuna was one of those.