Erin lindsay and jay halstead relationship

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erin lindsay and jay halstead relationship

Detective Jay Halstead is a member of Sergeant Hank Voight's CPD Intelligence Unit It is also determined that Lindsay prefers to keep their relationship purely business . Jay developed feelings for Erin after they started working together. Not only did Jay Halstead and Erin Lindsay take a break from their there are “ pretty big” developments in Halstead and Lindsay's relationship. When the Season 5 premiere picks up, Detective Erin Lindsay (exiting with Lindsay's ex-boyfriend Jay Halstead and her surrogate father Hank significance of their relationship, “maybe [Halstead doesn't] just deal with it in.

Always being accepting of each other. Always encouraging each other. Always managing to balance their personal and professional lives in the right way. That moment Jay wanted to know more about where Erin came from.

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Erin is someone with a complicated past. But the way he told her that he was interested in figuring out where she came from was enough to melt my heart. That moment Jay encouraged Erin to take a promotion.

They inspire and encourage each other to be better. That moment Jay was there for Erin when she lost a friend. The moment Nadia was murdered was the moment everything changed. This was an event that shook the show to its core, especially Erin. Jay was there to be the comfort she needed during this horrific time. That moment Erin was there for Jay after he lost a friend.

One of the beautiful things about their relationship is how they are able to lean on each other in times of need. This case — with losing a former military friend — shook him the entire episode.

And Erin was by his side to help ease the pain in any way she could. When Jay had a bounty of his head, he asked Erin if he could crash with her after his apartment had been broken into. She obliged but joked about Jay wanting to play Scrabble aka have sex with her.

erin lindsay and jay halstead relationship

Scrabble will forever hold a new meaning for me. That moment Erin volunteered to tase Jay. The fun, flirtatious way that Erin and Jay are at work is one of my favorite things. That moment Jay brought his girl some fast food a combo. Get yourself a man who will bring you your favorite fast food a combo no doubt! The domesticity was almost too much to bear. That moment they first lingered on each other.

OTPs are made of longing glances, sexual tension, and angst. This was the first moment. The one thing that was able to shake Erin from her spiral was hearing the news that Jay had been kidnapped. She immediately leaped into action and put herself in danger in order to save Jay. The man was going to hurt her. Jay was not going to let that happen. That moment Jay and Erin went undercover at a sex club. Can we just acknowledge how attractive these two are as individuals and as a couple?

This undercover mission allowed for a lot of innuendo and subtle flirting that boded us over until they officially hooked up several episodes later. That moment Jay and Erin got back together.

Someone give a reward to that damn couch because it was the object that brought these two dorks back together. The way Jay sits up straight after Erin kisses him and gets so serious he wants it so bad is something that continues to play on a loop in my head.

That moment Jay and Erin went public for the first time. Dodds are driving down a dark country road, and they come across an abandoned police car — the officer was shot to death and lying a few feet away from the car. While Erin and Dodds are investigating — Yates, laying in wait in the woods, starts shooting at them.

Dodds is shot and drops to the ground. He calls for back-up and orders Erin to stay down — but she ignores his orders and runs in to the dark woods. While running in the woods, she falls and sprains her ankle and drops her gun in the process.

She manages to pick it up and continue. There, she spots a cabin with door open. She checks the cabin and find a girl hiding, she hears a shot and tells her to not move and then goes outside.

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At that moment, Yates drove by in a pick-up truck. He almost hit Lindsay, who tried to fire at the fugitive as he passed by. Yates begins taunting her with notes left at the scenes, when she doesn't show to any of the crime scenes. At the station, when a homeless lady brings a box in the station. While everybody believes that it was a bomb inside, the precinct was evacuated.

When everybody in the unit grew suspicious that he knew their every move, Mouse checks her phone. It was revealed that her phone had a spyware that was installed by the prison guard when she and Dawson had to surrender their phones. She goes back into the video call between her and Yates and she notices that he is in her apartment with Nellie, she is able to figure this out because of a picture of Lindsay and Nadia in the background.

During the investigation, it was revealed that Nellie was short for Penelope Williams, she is Yates's sister, and that this was revenge specifically for her and his parents for giving him up for adoption in North Carolina.

When Nellie's phone rings, it was perceived as a call from her mom but she is in station. Yates found him at a truck stop where he had stopped for a break, he is a truck driver. He tells her to come alone.

Jay Halstead

They were located at Yates's childhood house and calls Voight on the way there, after he goes to the wrong address thinking that Yates would be there, and tells Lindsay not to go there alone.

Lindsay goes in, alone and finds Yates and he has Mr. Williams sitting in a chair with the back legs at the edge of a hole in the floor. Williams also has a noose around his neck and Yates threatens to let the chair go if Lindsay tries to call an ambulance for Mr.

erin lindsay and jay halstead relationship

She puts her phone in her pocket and holsters her gun and listens to him talk about all of his victims, why he chose them and how he killed them. Meanwhile, Voight pulls up and goes into the house and while Yates is talking, he starts talking about Nadia and how Yates and Lindsay are similar in their upbringing.

She asks why she is there and he tells her that every execution needs one thing, a witness and he throws his father through the hole in the floor and hangs him. He tells her to take him in, but he is walking towards her with an ice pick in his hand and when he yells at her to "Take me" she shoots him in the head.

She tells him that it will be ruled a clean kill and then she goes out for drinks with Benson. Benson tells her about William Lewis, a serial killer that kidnapped Benson and how he got into his victims heads. Lindsay asks her how she dealt with it, Benson tells her that she is still dealing with it.

She also tells Lindsay that her phone is always on if she needs someone to talk to. Lindsay also asked Benson if it was bad that she felt relieved that she was the one that shot and killed him.