Falen and julie relationship quizzes

Julie And Falen Sitting In A Tree (BGC, Ep. ) |

falen and julie relationship quizzes

I'm so glad I haven't paid attention to this season and only started watchin 2 to 3 weeks ago. I hate every girl there especially that parrot lookin. Well no more worries, you can take the quiz, today! Are you a schemer like Julie? A strong person Or are you that more chill type of person like Falen? Find out. Bad Girl Falen talks about her East African background, prior job as a substitute teacher They loved my style, the spunk and my personality.

Do you have a limit when it comes to modeling? I try to keep as classy as I can. I could care less what people think. I try to throw in a little old and new school. A mix of the future with pin up. I love pin up. I like to mix and match my things and create my own style. What pushes you to the limit? It takes a lot for me to get angry and to get to that point. How did you hear about casting? They gave me the information and it was weird when they liked me. They loved my style, the spunk and my personality.

It will either make me or break me and I will make sure it makes me before it breaks me.

BGC 9 Sneak of the Week: Time to Go Loco!

What was the process like for you leading up to being an official cast mate of the show? They want to know about your whole life.

falen and julie relationship quizzes

Your past, present and future. What is your definition of a Bad Girl? It is such a typical question and girls will answer it thinking you have to be bad ass and fight.

falen and julie relationship quizzes

A bad girl is you, who you are, what you are and how you present yourself to other people. You have to have a strong backbone, which is what makes you a bad girl.

Which bad girl are you ?

What types of hardships did you face that makes you bad? Social Disruption click to play it. Question by author Ever Zee said if Stephanie had not entered when she did, she would have left as well. Tanisha Tanisha was furious with the girls because of their messy living. She woke the girls up while they were asleep, banging pots and pans singing, "I didn't get no sleep 'cause of y'all, y'all not gon get no sleep 'cause of me".

In a "BGC" special, she said it was Hanna's idea, but she wasn't serious about doing it.

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Alicia Alicia knew Lauren because they are both from Georgia. Lauren told the girls that Alicia was a promiscuous girl. Kristina Angela was asked to leave after throwing a glass at Hanan and cutting her face. Kristina was given the option to leave but she stayed.

Portia Flo and Portia remained cool after the show. They had no argument nor fights. She had a miscarriage Danni asked Camilla to come with her to a dinner with her parents so that she can tell them about her miscarriage.

Falen and julie dating jeff

Haha there was some tension between them, so I was happy to see it squashed. Obviously now, Erika's absence would make me happy instead of sad. When Erika accused me of telling her to talk about Rima's son, I had to roll my eyes. We all saw on the show that Mehgan was the one who did.

falen and julie relationship quizzes

Tanisha saying that I was the one to instigate most of the issues was just the truth. I absolutely manipulated situations in my favor. She had no idea prior to my stating it. At least I gave to charity: My friendship with Mehgan ended because she's a miserable two-faced unappreciative beast who is no fun to be around.

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I just went into attack mode.