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Laleh Khorramian aims for just such a balance in her first solo exhibition. Her videos are based in the monoprint process, manipulating paint on a smooth surface to generate textured backgrounds, which are then reworked by hand, and painstakingly transformed into short video animations.

The tales are simple ones, like the one about Sophie, a woman walking a solitary path through theaters, crowds and wild painted forests.

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A detail in the surface becomes a figure, an arena or a landscape, and zooms back out again to project another scenario. The fragmented narratives build a personal universe: With the spectacle kept off just beyond the frame, emotions take center stage and the forms are suddenly very human. The story is further elaborated in a series of large-scale oil prints on paper, revealing how printmaking, drawing and collage inform the video pieces. By basing the work in the essentially unpredictable medium of monoprint, Khorramian constructs a brave challenge to impersonal accounts of history, spotlighting a hidden element of randomness in the smooth flow of events, and attempting to visualize time and space as it is lived and felt.

Various cities Various venues November—December Over the last couple of years, the autumn-bound Arab film festivals have battled it out for premieres and star guests, relying variously on chic Francophonie MarrakechArabian reality Damascuspast glories Cairo and glitz and hard cash Dubai.

Newcomer Ramallah Septemberis set to repeat the bold formula established in its inaugural outing: From the region of Takht-i Kuwad, Tajikistan. The World of Ancient Persia British Museum September 8, —January 8, After twenty-six years of living in London and feeling like the poster girl for successful integration, I recently shuddered to hear an old British friend declare that she had no idea that there was such a thing as pre-Islamic Iran.

As well as drawing on the prolific collections of the Louvre and the British Museum itself, the exhibition features treasures that have never left Iran before, signifying a deepening of cultural ties despite this age of nuclear paranoia. Istanbul Various venues September 16—October 30, Following a run of portentous themes in previous years, the 9th International Istanbul Biennial narrows its focus, turning in on the city itself.

Since Octoberartists, academics, writers and curators have been involved in a series of public talks, a kind of exchange program with the public in Istanbul. Given the difficulties the biennial behemoth traditionally has in engaging with its host, this move to wed the exhibition to its milieu seems wise — and given the list of mostly upcoming artists, it should make an innovative addition to the biennial canon.

In a further effort to deepen the biennial experience, curators Vasif Kortun and Charles Esche are showing multiple works by only fifty-four artists, and commissioning some to undertake long-term three week to three month residencies in the city.

Durational video, which at recent art meets has required headache-inducing hours of viewing time, is being deliberately scaled down. A hospitality zone at key venue Antrepo 5 will host guest exhibitions, including a show by young Turkish artists. Cairo Anders Als Immer: Somewhat Different Townhouse Gallery September 19—October 12, September will mark the arrival of one of the most ambitious design exhibitions ever to take place in Egypt.

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Importantly, the IFA has privileged the local component of the exhibition, planning in conjunction with the host Townhouse Gallery of contemporary art a series of workshops one of which is likely to be run by legendary German light designer Ingo Maurer and dialogues revolving around current debates in design. By all accounts, the IFA exhibition in its entirety is poised to contribute more to the local arts scene than the average visiting exhibition, particularly as few resources are devoted to design in Egypt.

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