Houki and ichika relationship quizzes

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houki and ichika relationship quizzes

Houki and Rin are Ichika's childhood friends, Cecilia and Charlotte have their of the girls worry that Ichika and Chifuyu might have this kind of relationship (as if . Ichika came into the room and set your blazer on the desk. "Well, I'm You apologized, then the door burst open and Houki stepped in. "Ichika!. Seeing his sister sacrifice so much for his sake, Ichika vows to grow stronger and . The data from the tests would be forwarded to me and we would make My only reprieve is that my childhood friend Houki is also in this class. curious, but it seems that my new found relation to THE Orimura Chifuyu has.

This is proven when she is mad at Ichika for whatever reason, and Ichika's inner monologue has described her smile as more scary and demonic rather than the kind and angelic one it usually was. Laura comes to the IS Academy to punish Ichika as she blames him for his sister withdrawing from the IS International Fighting Tournament, Mondo Grosso in order to save him when he was kidnapped in the past and denying Chifuyu the right to win.

Ichika first had a fairly negative impression of Laura, as she had practically attempted to nearly kill Rin and Cecila in what was supposed to be a mock battle. However, after discovering that she looked up to Chifuyu greatly, and also had similar issues to any other normal person, he treated her with kindness and friendship regardless. He trusts her like he would trust any of the other girls at school anyway. Laura's first impression of Ichika was far more negative than the latter's.

Believing Ichika to be a hindrance for Chifuyu's image in Laura's eyes, Laura did not like him at all, However, after Ichika saved her from the mutated IS, they seemed to have shared a brief moment of conversation before she had fallen unconscious.

When Laura saw that Ichika's characteristics were also extremely similar to that of Chifuyu, it's safe to assume that she had decided to fall in love with him right then and there.

As time progressed, her feelings for him deepened to the point she started acting like a typical girl in love. Even becoming very shy from happiness when Ichika hold her or compliment her looks. They have a mutual respect between each other. Even if Ichika accidentally groped Maya's breast during an IS demonstration, the latter didn't seem to be too much bothered about it though she started daydreaming about the possibility of being Chifuyu's sister-in-law.

The two would often find themselves in similar situations when their training due Ichika being in positions where he ends up noticing her large bust through her IS suit. Ichika even recognizes her more out of all the other girls in the school outside of the girls he's usually with. She is his bodyguard, his third roommate and often creates mischief for him. He usually doesn't like her company because she always ends up teasing him.

But when it comes to important matters such as Phantom Task or familythey would talk to each other more seriously. Although she would usually break the atmosphere by teasing him or playing a prank. She appears in Volume 5 and Season 2 episode 1 While she doesn't mind teasing him or putting him in situation he doesn't want to be, she has compete trust in him. She even asked him to partner with her little sister when she was having trouble getting along with her.

This ended up with the two sisters finally making up with each other. Afterwards, she questions herself why she asked him in the first place and admitted to herself she wanted to flirt with him, blushing as a result.

In Volume 8, after Ichika saved Tatenashi from being being kidnapped by the American special forces, she reveals her true name, Katana, to him while they were in the Academy's infirmary.

She also exhibited a jealous reaction towards Ichika after mentioning the lewd exploits of the fake Ichika's and the other girls. This suggests that she does feel the same way the main harem does since she asked him to do similar things to her as well even the manner in which she asked him do it was also different from the ways she used to do it before; in a shy, nervous tone compare to her previous playful, straightforward one.

This change was notice by the other girls, who worried if the two were going out. Kanzashi Sarashiki - Tatenashi's younger sister. He asked her to be his partner during the tournament at the IS Academy Tatenashi asked him to do it. Since people usually are not nice to her, she took it as a bad joke and slapped him.

After that event, she started to fall for him, so she finally accepted his petition. She appears in Volume 7. Her feelings for him seem to be connect to love for heroes. These fins or 'bits' make up the Blue Tears weapon system. Each one of the bits is installed with a BT laser gun and a micro gravity-control engine, allowing the pilot to control each one independently.

houki and ichika relationship quizzes

While attached to the main IS body, the bits can provide extra manoeuvrability and thruster power. It's when it is detached though, that its true strength is revealed. Against multiple opponents, the bits can fire upon many targets, forcing them back and allowing the pilot to snipe them one by one with other supporting weaponry. Against a single opponent, the bits can surround and fire upon them from all sides, whittling down their defences bit by bit. Obviously, my current situation is the latter scenario.

Even if I can see degrees around me thanks to the hyper sensor, my brain can only focus on a section of it at a time. Due to this, I can only 'see' one or two of the bits at max, with a general sense of the location of the rest. My dodging strategy has affectively been destroyed. Something's odd though… With me focusing on the bits, Cecilia should have plenty of opportunities to fire at me with her rifle, yet not a single beam has come from her direction.

Is she toying with me? No… The same thing is partially happening to the bits as well… The bits only fire one at a time, unless they are somewhat close together… Has she not mastered directing multiple bits at once?

To test this theory, I focus my vision on the two bits which are closest together, while leaving a 'hole' in my defence towards the general direction of another bit.

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When my sensors picked up an energy build up, I quickly turn towards that bit and blocked the oncoming beam with my sword. Just as I thought! She can only focus on them one at a time! I can still fight! Accelerating Byakushiki towards Cecilia, I leave another opening for her to take notice of. If I can keep up the countering method, then I'll be able to close the distance between us!

He even took out one of the bits just now! This doesn't look like a beginner piloting at all! Behind her, Orimura Chifuyu stands with an expression of irritation. He's too overconfident right now. See how he's clenching it every few seconds? He's had the habit of doing that since he was young. He will make a mistake soon. To even notice a small detail like that…" Chifuyu looks shocked at the declaration.

The Orimura Chifuyu is embarrassed? My head is going to fall off! Avoiding another shot from behind, I spot one of the bits that has wandered in too close. Putting on a burst of speed, I swing my sword and cleave it in two. Using the resulting explosion as a boost, I accelerate towards Cecilia in a surprise attack. Not expecting my ploy, Cecilia reflexively blocks my swing with her rifle instead of dodging. My sword easily cuts halfway through before stopping, making her weapon unusable for the duration of this battle.

Isn't that an amateur mistake? Don't think you've won just yet!

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It seems the British has made some changes to my original design. Seeing the launchers fire, I immediately fly away at my maximum speed but the missiles easily catch up. Still I'm not worried. As the name suggests, the PIC removes almost all the negative effects of inertia on the pilot, allowing the IS to move in ways that normally exert too many G's to perform.

Completely stopping in an instant when moving at kilometers per hour is easy for an IS, and practically impossible for a missile. When the missiles were close enough, I quickly preformed a back flip, effectively stopping in mid-air and allowing the missiles to pass by me. Unfortunately, Cecilia anticipated this and detonated the missiles with a shot from one of her Blue Tears nearby.

Throughout the match, she had experienced an emotional rollercoaster, rapidly switching between worry, whenever Cecilia gains the upper hand and elation, whenever Ichika had developed a counter strategy. With her eyes glued to the screen, she whispers a small prayer for her friend's safety and victory. In the room next to her, the two teachers who were previously bickering had gone silent.

Observing the image of smoke on the holographic screen, both Maya and Chifuyu bore a serious expression. Watching the smoke disperse, Chifuyu releases a sigh of relief and relaxes her posture. Its true form has appeared. Please press the button to confirm. This message directly appears inside my mind and at the same time, a holographic button appears in front of me.

It took me a second before I realized what it meant. I had been so focused on the battle, I had completely forgotten that my IS was still in its pre-set form.

Without further hesitation, I press the button. Immediately, a rush of information engrains into my mind. Data such as thruster sensitivity, stabilization settings and hyper sensor calibration is known to me. At the same time, a bright glow emits from my IS before dispersing, revealing sleek undamaged armour underneath.

While the pre-set Byakushiki perfectly fitted my body, the armour design had a certain bulkiness to it. Now, the armour has a more elegant feel, with polished curves contoured to my body. I can truly say that Byakushiki is my personal IS now. The weapon list once more appears inside my mind; it seems it's not only the armour that has changed.

As someone who originally chose to be the pillar supporting Chifuyu-nee, I had memorized everything regarding the word Yukihira. It's natural to do so, as Yukihira was the name of the only recorded weapon Chifuyu-nee used in combat.

The sword named Yukihira… And now I too wield a sword with Yukihira in its name… "I really do have the best sister in the world…" "I-is that First Shift? You m-mean to tell me you were fighting all this time with the initial factory settings? Instead I activated the special function of the sword in my hand and watched in marvel as the blade opened up and a pure blue energy blade formed in its stead. You're not making any sense at all!

No matter, first shift or not, I'll finish you off now!

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It appears that Cecilia, having recognized the weakness in her earlier strategy, has instead opted for rapidly firing from a single source in order to hit me. Unfortunately for her, Byakushiki's appearance wasn't the only thing that has changed due to First Shift. The speed, response time, and clarity of the hyper sensor had all been upgraded. With my increased reflexes and speed, I easily weave past the barrage of laser fire, before slashing one of the bits with the Yukihira Nigata.

Seeing the other bit retreating out of my range, I materialize the only other weapon equipped on my IS. A rectangular hilt appears in my empty left had, and from the tip, a fifty centimeter long energy blade forms.

Without wasting another second, I throw the smaller blade towards the fleeing bit and watch the last laser drone explode. Receiving another locked-on warning from Byakushiki, I turn towards Cecilia's location and find the pair of missile launchers pointed at me. Seeing my remaining Shield Points, I hatch a plan. When the missiles once again approached me, I materialize two more energy blades and used them to intercept the explosives.

The resulting explosion creates a smokescreen and using my improved hyper sensor to 'see' Cecilia's location, I fling Yukihira Nigata towards her before accelerating after the blade. She had seen Ichika intercepting the missiles and knew that an attack was imminent.

houki and ichika relationship quizzes

Suddenly, the energy sword her opponent was wielding burst out from the smoke and in her surprise, she was not able to fully dodge it. Angling one of her 'wings' to deflect the hit, she was shocked when the sword easily sliced through the material before hitting her shoulder.

houki and ichika relationship quizzes

Critical damage on right shoulder armour. A look of horror dons on Cecilia's face. With one hit from that sword, her shields were reduced by thirty percent while also critically damaging part of her armour.

Several times throughout the series, Ichika seems to become more aware of Houki's feelings and appears to feel the same way towards her. Cecilia Alcott When Ichika and Cecila first met, Cecila took an immediate dislike to him, believing he was unfit to be an IS user and believed he was a commoner and treated him as if he was useless. While Ichika ignored her insults in the beginning, he eventually grew annoyed by Cecila's arrogance when he was selected to be the representative of their homeroom class.

Cecila was immediately against the decision and soon they both agreed to have a duel to decide. During their duel against each other while Cecila held the advantage against Ichika, he quickly learned how to control and operate his IS, greatly impressing her. By the end of the duel although Ichika lost to Cecila, she found herself unable to think of anything else other than Ichika, realizing she had developed romantic feelings for him. Since then, Cecila has become more kinder to Ichika, improving their relationship and officially she becomes the second person to have Ichika for herself.

Rin Fan Rin is Ichika's second childhood friend. Shortly after Houki moved away, Rin transferred to Ichika's school and they soon became close friends. However, unknown to Ichika Rin has secretly had romantic feelings for him ever since he protected her from four bullies. Ichika and Rin continue to have a close friendship, both well acquainted with each other's families as Ichika would regularly eat at Rin's family restaurant. However, prior to the series they were separated for a year until they were reunited when Rin surprised him upon transferring to the IS academy.

Ichika is delighted of meeting Rin again after their one year separation and Rin officially becomes the third person to win Ichika for herself after her feelings for him are revealed. Rin becomes mad with Ichika upon finding out he and Houki are roommates which leads the pair to have a duel with each other.

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Rin is an independent person as she doesn't like to be seen as a damsel in distress, proven during her match with Ichika, wanting to be seen as a powerful person, most likely to prove herself worthy of Ichika.

However, Rin can be seriously jealous and similar to the rest of the girls can have a serious fiery temper in regards to misunderstood situations with Ichika or who he really likes in return. Although despite Rin's temper, Ichika remains close with her and views her as a good friend as she was one of the few rare people Ichika could talk with since her transfer to the IS Academy. Charlotte Dunois Originally, Charlotte masqueraded as a boy when she first began attending the IS academy and became Ichika's new roommate.

Ichika and Charlotte began to develop a close friendship as she helps him to better understand the IS machines and how to properly work on them. Ichika soon became the first person to learn Charlotte's secret, but upon learning the reasons forcing her into the situation regarding her family, Ichika promises to keep her secret.

Soon, Charlotte begins to develop romantic feelings for him and is constantly nervous whenever they are together, especially when they are forced into embrassing situations. Eventually, when Charlotte revealed her true gender to everyone, Ichika created a special nickname for her, calling her Charl, much to her delight. Ichika strongly disliked Laura as she nearly killed Cecila and Rin during a practice match and was determined to beat her during the official matches competition.

He also became angered when her IS went out of control and took a new form, copying his sister's fighting skills, he was determined to stop her for good. Due to this, the relationship between them soon changed when he managed to save her and revealed how he was truly strong.