Huey and jazmine relationship help

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huey and jazmine relationship help

Huey and Riley are growing up and crazy shit is still going on. Defiantly gonna be some pairings. Disclaimer: I do not own shit. Not only were they best friends, but their relationship has been What made matters worse for Huey Jazmine had blossomed into a very. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships.

Why can't my friends be friends with each other? She looked at me. He hated when I did that. I slammed my locker shut in front of him. I saw the startled look on his face.

huey and jazmine relationship help

He grabbed my hand and led her into the nearest storage closet. I giggled as he closed and locked the door. He turned back towards me and lifted me up on stacked boxes. The last time included one mad math teacher, two detentions, and a car makeup session in the parking lot.

I loved when he did that. He stopped and pulled away. I blushed and turned away. He wrapped his arms around my waist and brought me closer.

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He and I both knew that. I had to admit, even though I needed to go back to class, his intoxicating scent of his cologne only made me want him more. But I was already behind in class. That didn't come out the way I wanted it to.

He stopped and lifted an eyebrow. He looked so cute when he did that. He looked back at me and I could tell in his eyes that my statement instantly perked him up. He backed up and pulled out his hall pass booklet. The period before this one, the lunch period for me, Huey works in the front office, being a runner or whatever he explained to me. The secretary that he works for only stamps her name on the pass instead of actually signing it like she's supposed to.

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Huey says that she basically gives him the passes because she hates her job and she wouldn't care that she would get fired if he ever got caught. So, whenever we would meet up, he always gave me a pass back to class. He gave me a smirk before heading towards the door. Cindy has varsity basketball practice today. Caesar and Huey are best friends and when they're together, Huey turns into the Huey I don't like.

The Huey who still makes fun of me. The Huey that isn't the real Huey. You know I won't let you do that. Wait by my car after school," he said before leaving the room. He's still very protective of me. I jumped off of the boxes and smoothed down my shirt. I waited another thirty seconds before opening the door. Huey was already long gone. Probably went to his car. He had this period off, and he usually went to go get lunch at home.

I turned and went to my classroom, putting my fake pass on the teacher's desk. I walked down the row and sat behind Cindy, who was giving me an icy look. Overture is," I answered truthfully. I did leave my book in choir, although that wasn't where I was.

She wrote me a pass," I continued. Now, that wasn't true. She scoffed and turned back around. I don't think she believed me. It isn't like I don't want to tell her the truth, because I really do. Huey doesn't want me to tell anyone.

He says that he doesn't want his business to be everyone's business. He's my best friend. That's the only thing I'm truly sure of. Past that… it's complicated. I mean, I want to call him my boyfriend, but I'm not sure if that's accurate. What we do, when we're alone and no one else is around, it's what people who dating do.

A secret relationship isn't a real relationship. My mom told me that one day and I found it eerily ironic that it pertained to my situation. So why do I keep doing it? In public, we act the same as we've always done. He still acts like how he was when we first met.

That cruel, blunt, person that thinks it's funny to point out my shortcomings. That person is a dick. But he has to do it to keep with appearances. People would get suspicious if he all of a sudden had a change of heart. In private, he's the most wonderful person in the entire world. He's the most caring and sweet person. He makes me laugh instead of cry. He points out the things that make me beautiful instead of what's wrong with me.

That's the Huey I love. And I want other people to see that Huey like I do. Stop daydreamin and let's go!

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I gotta be in the gym by 3: I blinked and looked down at my blank worksheet. Great, I had work to do this weekend. I followed Cindy as she went down to the athletic hallway. They want one day with all of us together," I lied.

I hated when I lie to her, but now I do it so much, it's starting to come naturally for me. We went to our lockers first and I grabbed my books I needed for my homework. They both treat you like they ain't never talk to a girl before. I rolled my eyes and nodded.

I stood next to the driver's door and pulled my phone out. The sky was already beginning to darken and I didn't have anything to put over my hair. I didn't want it to get wet; it took me forever to smooth it down to look decent today. Is Caesar there yet? I texted no quickly, but as soon as I heard loud, obnoxious laughing I changed it to yes. He walked up next to me. He backed up slightly. Do I need to put you in your place?

I glared at him. He's not a total ass, for one. So you're more like a horrible nightmare. Caesar thinks it's so funny when he uses my background against me. What's worse is that sometimes Huey would go along with him. Now you both get in the car before I decide to drive off," Huey finished, turning on the engine. He turned to me. As Huey backed up the car, I shot a look at him on how mad I was. He shrugged slightly and faced the front again. I rolled my eyes. I can't believe you just asked that!

I'm not the one who changed because I got more friends on the soccer team. I'm not the one who acts like a douche towards girls.

I'm not the one that thinks every girl wants me. I don't even understand why Huey and Caesar were still friends. He changed too much. I stuck my tongue out and put in my earphones and put my music on low. She's acting like one of those bougie chickenheads that think that they better than everyone else… I'd still fuck her, though. He turned and looked at me. She can't hear nothing we saying. No need to back sass me, ma'am," he laughed, earning a small smirk from Huey.

huey and jazmine relationship help

I shook my head and put back in my earphones. Jazmine's alright, I guess. I don't see her like that," he answered. He wasn't saying that last week. Small waist, big tits, big ass? Come on Freeman, you can't tell me you don't notice her when she wears those shorts at your house. I bet she fucks like a pro," Caesar said.

He glanced at Huey. He turned around and knocked on my window. I rolled it down. Can I get a hug? Caesar flicked me off and walked towards his house. I climbed into the passenger seat. Huey left the neighborhood and he could see the scowl on my face. Why do you care what I think? Apparently I'm too uppity and whiny for you! And I'm just alright to Huey Freeman!

Huey Freeman

I know he was going to tell me that I shouldn't worry about what he said to Caesar because it was bullshit, but I still cared. You always blast your music.

What matters is what you said," I told him, staring at him as he pulled on our street. Although, the words 'Jazmine,' 'fuck' and 'baby' do come into play. Jazmine, you are better than alright," he answered. He looked back at me.

I enveloped him in a hug. He gave me a look, but it made me smile even bigger. You know you loooove me. He looked down at me and smirked. I flicked his nose and opened the door to get out, but I was pulled back into his lap, kissing my neck and shoulders. He stopped and raised an eyebrow. I walked up to the door and unlocked it. I sighed and went straight for my room to start to get ready. I honestly think I don't deserve her.

That girl is the sweetest person on the face of the earth, and she needs someone who's ten times better than me in every sense. Someone who isn't afraid to take her out and show her off to the world, something I can't do. But she chose me. She says she doesn't mind staying at my house, but I can see the flicker of sadness flashing through her eyes when I say we can't go to the movies or walk to the park together.

She thinks I can't see it, but we've been friends for too long for me not to notice it. I told her once that if she wanted to leave me, I would completely understand. I didn't treat her good enough and I wouldn't try to change her mind if she wanted out.

Upon learning of this, Huey says: Maybe there are forces in the universe we don't understand. But I still believe we make our own miracles. Being both disillusioned as well as possessing an extremely pessimistic view of the world, Huey is rarely seen smiling in the episodes.

He is either in a neutral expression or is seen frowning or shrugging. In season one, Huey was seen smiling when he defeats his brother Riley and in " The Passion of Reverend Ruckus " when he asks Jazmine to come with him to prison though the smile is quickly replaced with anger toward Jazmine and twice in " The Block is Hot " when he set up his soap box and when he watched Jazmine speak with Ed Wuncler Sr.

In season two, he is seen smiling three times. The second and third is in episode "Ballin'" when Riley finally insults the opposing team's star player enough to make her cry.

After scoring multiple baskets, Huey is seen smiling at his brother along with Granddad. He is also seen smiling during the timeout that Tom called to congratulate the team on their playing.

Other than four instances, Huey has never been caught smiling. This isn't to say that Huey lacks a softer side, as he will take steps to help and protect those he considers friends or family ex. It is heavily implied that Huey is a vegetarian. He is rarely seen eating, but is never seen eating meat, and is shown to enjoy veggie burgers.

In The Itis, it is revealed that he does not eat pork. His dietary beliefs are shown to be influenced by Elijah Muhammad's How to Eat to Livewhich recommends vegetarianism and forbids pork. Huey is shown to disagree with the popular beliefs of Christmas.

As Christmas has roots in a Pagan holiday, he has suggested Jesus Christ probably hates people for celebrating it. He frequently displays agnostic-atheistic leanings.

huey and jazmine relationship help

Relationships analysis Riley Freeman Riley is Huey's younger brother, and regularly represents everything Huey loathes and generally disapproves of.

Huey is politically minded and critical while Riley remains uninterested, showing great affection for many things including gangsta rap, violence, and "bling," that Huey finds to be culturally poisonous.

Despite their constant fighting and his disagreement with Riley's beliefs, Huey cares very much for his brother as he usually tries to steer him in the right direction, acts which Riley initially ignores, but results in Riley facing the consequences of his actions later on. They also get into furious battles which Huey always wins, as his disciplined use of martial arts beats Riley's unskilled street fighting style.

Robert Jebediah Freeman Robert Freeman is the paternal grandfather and legal guardian of Huey and Riley Freeman, who often disagrees with many of Huey's political ideas. While in the comic strip, Huey and his grandfather have a much more affable relationship, in the seriesthey are almost constantly at odds, in part due to his constant favoritism shown to Riley, who supports his grandfather's various crazy schemes.

Huey seems to offer Granddad advice in certain situations, such as during " Granddad's Fight ", "The S-Word", and " The Story of Thugnificent ," attempts that almost always fall flat. Huey often tries to dissuade Robert from his get rich quick schemes and under handed tendencies without much success. Jazmine DuBois Although Jazmine DuBois and Huey see each other outside sometimes, Huey often treats Jazmine poorly due to his disdain for her trusting personality and apolitical views.

Although Huey initially appears to be derisive of her beliefs, his opinion of her improves, and by the end of season 3, she is likely one of his few friends. In the nationwide pandemic during " The Fried Chicken Flu ," she is the fourth only other person he allows to stay at his home in addition to Granddad and Riley.

In the episode, " The Block Is Hot ," Huey campaigns for her release from her quasi-child-labor contract and gives her his scarf at the end of the episode when she is cold. For her part, Jazmine appears to appreciate Huey's characteristics, claiming that he is "not like everyone else" " Fried Chicken Flu ". She is also one of the second person who appear to actually listen to Huey, and was the second one that read the manual he provided during the fried chicken epidemic.

Tom, being a strait-laced liberal Democratic assistant district attorneyis part of the structure that Huey views as inhibitive and self-destructive. He also dislikes Tom because he encourages his daughter to conform to a more European look rather than emphasizing the beauty of her African features, as shown when Tom mentions that he's tried everything to make Jazmine's hair more straight.

Despite Huey's disagreements with Tom, the two are shown generally to be on good terms as he often acknowledges Huey's intellect and maturity to the extent that he will often turn to Huey for advice on subjects ranging from help with his marriage, politics, and his career as a prosecutor with Huey supporting Tom's prosecution of R. Kelly for statutory rape.

When he is put in holding for false accusations of murder and finds out that he will be sent to real "butt pounding" jail for the weekend, Tom uses his one phone call to beg Huey to catch the real killer before that day's end. In spite of this, Wuncler retains a friendly relationship with the Freeman family, despite Huey seeing through his friendly facade as far as the true person Wuncler is inside.

Interestingly, Huey considers Wuncler's biases to stem from his greed and influence rather than actual racism. Ed Wuncler III and Gin Rummy Huey distrusts Ed and Gin, having seen the two young men perform many criminal and immoral actions and does not hesitate to point out the obvious stupidity behind their careless conduct.

huey and jazmine relationship help

He also does not care for the way that they help contribute to Riley's delinquent attitude, leading him to often warn his brother to stay away from them and to not ever see them Uncle Ruckus Huey is the only recurring character to consistently show anger towards Uncle Ruckusas others are usually confused by his beliefs and non-sequitur statements. This is due to the claim by his mother, stating that he was adopted by herself and Ruckus' father, Mr.

In a later episode of the third season, we meet his mother, father, and two brothers; while his mother continues to strongly insist that he is adopted, his father says otherwise.

Ruckus tells Uncle that he is truly black, and that his mother loves white folks so much, she told Uncle he was adopted so that he could live being happy. In the third season's premiere, neither Huey nor Uncle Ruckus vote for Barack Obama to be elected President, but for different reasons: Ruckus's reason is that Obama is black and he wants McCain to win.

Huey, on the other hand, aside from the fact he is not old enough to vote, does not like either one; though he voices little actual opinion during the episode, but it is apparent that he thinks that Obama being President isn't going to change anything as many people presume. Huey and Ruckus both plan on leaving the country in a plan called "Operation Exodus. Their association is only meant to extend to the Canada—US border, at which point they will go their separate ways.

The plan fails, however, when agents arrest Uncle Ruckus for threatening Obama. Huey, now unable to get a ride since Ruckus is in lockup, is forced to cancel Operation Exodus.