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On Harm's Birthday, some questions are answered among the JAG family. . Gunny gave Mac an 'uh-oh' look, and then smiling at the commander, who managed a smile .. And even when our relationship hit rock bottom-". Mac admitting she has a thing about men in uniform. since she and Harm had failed at their attempt at a romantic relationship, the Marine had. Summary: What would happen if Harm and Mac's relationship were just .. forward with her questions, Harriet paused to take a sip of her drink.

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One to open the pickle jar, another to, uh… what else… what else do they do? It's been months since Admiral Chegwidden retired. And you know what they say: Selection board's filed their report. Colonel Cresswell's now the new JAG. But, you're not going to let it go. He knew all about my affair with John Farrow; he even made sure Farrow got his letter of reprimand. If I hadn't already gotten my rotation orders, he probably would've recommended disciplinary action against me, too.

He could transfer me to some other billet Maybe he has, too. Give him a chance. She just left JAG to become a full-time mom, and I thought she was having misgivings about putting off her career. So, I visited her and I asked her about it. She said that being pregnant was a spiritual experience, like collaborating with God. And then, she showed me a picture of her latest ultrasound; I had never seen one before.

Thank god it all ended. No Mic and no Renee. Mic realized that he is Mac's second choice, packs his bags and returns to Australia. Renee left Harm too. Who wouldn't, seeing how commitment-phobe Harm is? But most of all, I like to thank the writers for redeeming Mac Harm has obviously thought that Mac would wait for him Believe me, at this point of time, even the most die-hard shippers would think twice of whether Harm is the right one for Mac.

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I am not a shipper per se, some say a shipper in denial. Viewers are also sick of the dance. I really hope by the time JAG ends the two of them will get together. For the sake of the stomach contents of the fans. We'll see you tonight, Admiral," Trish replied, as they shook his hand, waving as he headed out to lunch. Don't you think so you two? I've told all of you, she's just my partner. You let her get away with teasing you," Frank continued. But she means more to you than that, doesn't she?

I remember the look in your eyes when you spoke of her. I've now seen the way you look at her Harm slumped in his chair.

He was seriously out-numbered here. She's very important to me, but Why haven't you told her? She knew better than to demand from her grandson. He'd back away faster than a startled horse. It was better to ease things out of him. I have my reasons Can we just leave it at that for now?

She knew her son as well. She just really wanted him to be happy, and she just knew Sarah MacKenzie could make him happy Harm didn't answer, as he expertly changed the subject. Mac is with him right now, she'll bring him here in a moment. She knew exactly who he was referring to. Just then, there was a knock. He was worried for both her and Sergei's sake.

This wouldn't be easy for either of them. His gaze left his mother and he grinned at his friend, recognizing her attempt to lighten the situation for him. She opened the door wider, and entered, her hand securely holding the arm of a younger "Rabb" in a show of silent support. The handsome young man, was slightly pale himself, clutching his hands nervously. He looked at Harm trustingly, his gaze flicking to the other three occupants of the room. He instantly knew who Trish Burnett was.

The woman who was as pale and tense as himself. He was suddenly even more grateful for Mac's hand on his arm. Her own show of support was heartening. She was a good friend. Harm was the first to speak as his mother and brother looked at each other. There was show of no hostilities, just nervous uncertainty. Sergei this is my mother, Trish Burnett, our father's-" "-cherished love," Sergei finished, earnestly.

Gathering his courage, he continued. Burnett, before anything more is said, I want you to know how very much your husband loved and cherished you. He spoke of you and my brother often and with great love and heartache. He wanted to return to you. He missed you terribly. He never meant-" "I know," Trish interrupted gently, her eyes filled with tears at the young man's words. In my heart I always knew, but it's good to hear anyway, from someone other than my own overprotective son.

Catching Mac's eye, he settled for sharing a satisfied smile with her. The hardest part, in essence, was over. Recognizing that the family probably wanted some time alone, Mac spoke up quietly. Harm, I guess I'll see you tonight at McMurphy's I've got a trial to attend in ten minutes. And only natural that you should get to know your own grandmother.

Neither had even thought about that. Harm had been so wrapped up in his mother's acceptance of his brother, he'd forgotten the fact that Grandma Sarah was blood. Sergei looked surprised as well, but looking at the older woman in the room, he saw the family resemblance. She had Harm's and their father's blue-green eyes. Trish continued, with a smile at his wide eyed look.

We can go to lunch, you can show us around The two had planned to have lunch together. His brother nodded approval, saying, "go for it, Buddy. Mac and I are gonna be busy the next few hours with work. Her and I will just go to lunch together when we get the chance. Don't worry about us, you just make sure you're all at the admiral's by 9 o'clock, okay?

Don't work too hard, Harm. Frank, Trish, Sarah and Sergei laughed, before heading out the door. Grandma Sarah already had a friendly arm looped through Sergei's and was asking him where the best place for a hearty lunch was in the town.

Harm got up to stand by his partner's side, as they both watched the small group leave the bullpen. She had gone along with it, trusting her partner's reasoning, whatever it may be.

She intended to find out now. I'm just afraid if I'm there, I'll get in the way of them talking right to each other. No middleman to hide behind, ya know? Nothing will come up that they can't handle. The way Harm spoke of his mother, and knowing Sergei like she did, Mac knew it was true.

His eyebrows raised in his own mock surprise. She nodded, with a knowing look and a quirky smile. That's the smart-alec, wise-cracking Harmon Rabb I know. Thanks for helping out. I really appreciate it. But don't think you don't owe me," she replied as she turned to go. He sighed contentedly, as he turned back into his own. What would he ever do without, Sarah MacKenzie?

He hoped he'd never have to find out. Sturgis, Bobbi and Harm sitting around a table, smiled at their friend's happiness. They were such a cute couple.

Harriet had been ecstatic to see her husband after he'd returned. They were all enjoying beers, just chatting, when Mac arrived, dressed in black flared slacks and a shimmery blue-green halter top.

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Harm, dressed in faded blue jeans and a black button up shirt AN: If anyone noticed, they said nothing. Greeting her friends, she took a seat beside Harm just as a waiter came up, offering more beers off his tray. He didn't even glance at Mac, before heading off to the next table. Perplexed, and a little perturbed at his apparent rudeness, Sturgis grabbed the young man's arm before he got two steps.

Harm and Mac shared a look, before she spoke up. The regular waiters here know that, so they don't bother asking. He was still a little puzzled, but he said nothing. The young man hurried off, returning moments later with the coke. The four friends sat talking for a bit, occasionally glancing at Bud and Harriet, or at their other friends and colleagues spread around.

Bobbi and Sturgis noticed Harm unconsciously pushing his beer away, and taking a sip of Mac's coke. Come on man, it's your birthday," Sturgis said, mildly surprised.

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Harm could guzzle beer with the best of them. Hearing this, Mac turned and gave Harm a look that clearly said, 'don't you dare spoil your birthday fun for me'. Sturgis and Bobbi in turn shared a look. Ignoring both looks, Harm answered with a smirk, "It's my party and I'll drink what I want to.

Her friend could be so cute sometimes. As their laughter subsided, Lt. Lauren Singer came up with her newest boyfriend, who's eyes immediately went to Mac. As Lauren introduced her colleagues to "Ty", he continued to stare at Mac in a very degrading way, while greeting the others.

When finished, he turned his full attention to the glowering colonel. Ever broken anyone's arm? She paused for a moment before replying. Ty looked sufficiently chastised, as he swallowed a nervous laugh.