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By Why Dev would like a few more heroes for competition. Who Koel mallick bonds with the most and how Kushali Nag Which hero looks best. This question was asked at the Tata Steel Inter School Quiz, Ranchi level. Jeet Parekh, I am a start up in myself | Sincere Quoran . Yet there's a connection to all of them. Koel: Known as Nightingale because of its melodious voice. Jeet did not touch the money, it was up to the contestants to move the money Antakshari Intercollegiate Championship · Bol Baby Bol; Asianet Super Voice. Quiz Koel at Ke Hobe Banglar Kotipoti .. His next film was with Hrishita Bhatt, titled Bidhatar Lekha, the film explores two lovers and their relationship in their last.

The judges for the first season were Anu Malik, Sonu Nigam and they retained the same spot for the second season.

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He placed third in Asian Idol, representing India and he also released a successful second album, Junoon, and contributed to the film Ashiq Banaya Apne. He also did commercials for Spraymint.

He started acting with his debut film Lottery, which was released in MarchRahul Saxena, who failed to make it to the top 6, was offered a song by Indian Idol judge and director, Farah Khan, in her own film Om Shanti Om. He contributed to the soundtrack of the film Shaadi No.

He later became the winner of the reality singing show Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar on the same channel, the second season aired on Sony TV from 21 November to 22 April Sandeep died from Jaundice in Bikaner, his town in December The first runner-up was N. C, Karunya from Hyderabad, while the other singer from season 2, Anuj Sharma, Amey Date, and Antara Mitra, placed in the third, fourth, and fifth places respectively.

Karunya was a favourite amongst the judges and was declared the unofficial winner of the second season. Neha Kakkar also participated in the season of Indian Idol.

Menal Jain has since released her solo album Mehram and performed a number of shows with Sonu Nigam 5. The show began on 24 May and ended on 20 March with Davina McCall having presented the shows eleven series, the show used social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to find contestants, and also to promote the show. On 8 MarchChannel 4 announced that they had axed the show, reruns of the old series are currently broadcast on Challenge.

They must then answer eight questions in an effort to keep as much of their money as possible, many questions are heavily focused on current or recent events with the words of this week, today even right now, to push the fact that the show is broadcast live.

At the beginning of round, the contestants have to pick a category of two choices they are given. If the contestants take too long to choose, a coin is flipped to decide, each question is multiple-choice, with the first four questions having four choices, the next three questions having three, and the final question having just two choices.

However, one answer must always be left no money on it. Contestants who leave the money on all of the answers are generally disqualified from the game, after the answers and question have been read out, the contestants have one minute to physically move their money onto trapdoors corresponding to the answer they choose.

If contestants are sure of their answer, they may choose to stop the clock before the limit is up to carry on with the answers. In addition any money not placed by the end of the limit is also lost. If they have any left, they proceed to the next question where the process is repeated. However, if they lose all their money, they are out of the game, episodes usually last between 60 and 90 minutes, although the last episode of the series may end slightly sooner or later depending on the contestants performance.

On 23 Junefor the first time in the shows history, the following weeks episode on 30 June was minutes. For the Christmas specials, any contestants who lost all their money, the contestants would choose which door they wanted and would win what was behind that door.


On 2 Januaryas part of the Channel 4 Mash-up, Davina played the game with Andrew, her father, a second Channel 4 Mash-up happened inthe show this time being hosted by Alan Carr. Significant changes to the format were made in summer for the tenth series, teams of four, rather than just being strictly pairs, can now play the game. At each question, the player can swap positions with their team mates — two backstage watching, the two at the Drop answering the questions 6.

The series premiered on Sony TV on March 10, the season 2 and onward seasons of the series aired on the Indian channel Colors Viacom The Show was hosted by the television actor Mukul Dev, about the shows Indian version, Mukul said, Its only when it comes to food tasks that they lag behind because unlike people in China and South East Asia, we are not used to insects and raw meat.

The most difficult one is to eat the raw organs of goat, every week a number of contestants participated in the show. The winner got Rs. The channel gave up its rights to Colors TV and the series was relaunched as Fear Factor, the first two seasons were hosted by Akshay Kumar.

He was replaced by Priyanka Chopra in the season due to scheduling conflicts. However, Akshay Kumar was roped in again for the fourth season, for season 5, Rohit Shetty replaced Akshay Kumar as he had family problems.

The show first started inin the show, a group of contestants travel to different destinations and participate in various tasks that seemingly challenge their physical and mental strength. During the course of the journey, there are vote outs, vote ins, eliminations, eventually the contestant who manages to survive vote outs and succeed in the final task is chosen as the winner.

The show has enjoyed success among the youth. When asked about the show, the producer said, Roadies has travel, adventure, drama. Raghu Ram and Rajiv Laxman, the creators of Roadies, left the show in and they told the media that they had done enough to popularise the show and wanted to give opportunities to the new generation to carry the show forward.

Raghu Rams brother Rajiv Laxman joined them in the sixth season, the brothers departed in season 7, but returned for season 8, and were joined by Rannvijay Singh.

Sushil Kumar was later replaced by Prince Narula, the winner of Roadies X2, Splitsvilla 8, the four of them returned for Roadies Rising, the fourteenth season and cricketer Harbhajan Singh is to play a crucial part. The applicants are first asked to fill out a form and then attend a Group Discussion, the form consists of basic questions regarding the applicant and includes some questions like Why do you want to be a Roadie. Moderators watch the performance of all the applicants in this GD and this personal interview takes place with some of the above-mentioned people.

These interviews are known to be intense and try to bring out the nature of the participant. These interviews have been known to turn each time the interviewers find an applicant who has seemingly lied on the application form.

He has acted with my father in many films as a child artiste and as a kid I used to be extremely jealous of him because my father would cuddle and love him a lot. But, of course, things were different when I grew up. As a child, though, he was my biggest enemy! Kushali Nag Which hero looks best opposite Koel? Paglu is your twelfth film. How different is your role here from the other 11 films? How the director treats the story is what makes it different.

In Paglu, I play Dev, who is an orphan and lives in a bustee. He goes to college and falls in love with Rimi Koelwho studies in another college. She is a no-nonsense girl from a rich family in America.

Her father is a politician there. Yet Dev is head over heels in love and tries to convince her till one day she leaves for America. Her father Rajatava Dutta tells Dev to stay away from her but he swears that he would marry his daughter some day. Yes, you can say that it has some resemblance with Challenge. But only the father-lover face-off, the rest is different I learnt Nunchaku martial art for the film.

This form needs you to fight with two sticks tied with a chain. I had hired two experts from Dunlop who taught me Nunchaku. There are two fight sequences in the film where I do Nunchaku.

I have tried to do my best. Of your 12 films, which character do you identify with the most? I loved my role in Dui Prithibi — Shibu, the thief. It was different and performance-oriented.

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I am also emotionally attached to my role in my first film I Love You, where I played lover-boy Rahul. I play Jitu, a Casanova. He is wild but he changes for the better in the last minutes of the film. I can identify with the changed Jitu. The way he behaves with his mother and his father is very close to what I am in real life. Do you think things would have better if you had done most of your films with only one heroine and established yourself as a pair?

Being a pair limits you as an actor. After a point you start becoming a bore on screen. Working with various actresses helps you grow and learn more.