Kenpachi and unohana relationship trust

Bleach characters! Unohana is dead! How do you

kenpachi and unohana relationship trust

In the most unromantic example possible, Unohana and Zaraki were soul-mates. her final moments revealed this token of their past and connection. .. It could be argued that this means Unohana trusted Isane enough to. Let's say that Unohana's death is now common knowledge! Bleach Kenpachi: Don't feel very lucky about that, though. . Soi Fon: You are the reason Byakuya has trust issues, you know. 7. Yoruichi: . Ichigo: And if sending someone to kill someone else is a way of starting a relationship with all parties. a bunch of stories of kenpachi zaraki and his woman, unohana retsu. i may Kenpachi woke up as his usually did to the sound of his fukutaicho (His and Retsu's relationship), Ikkaku was sneaking around with Nemu, . 'Cept for my third and fifth seat", he nodded toward his two most trusted officers.

And along with the unfurled hair, her soft-hearted and compassionate face turned into that of a dark and terrifying menace. Her physical design is quite "plain" but most definitely not in a bad way as to say "bland" or so. Her design is simple yet elegant, her modest and humble appearance mirroring the exact traits of her personality. Whether those eyes of hers are warm and caring or sullen and malevolent, she is a beautiful woman. Nothing less than lovely, even when looking and acting all scary.

I love that her sealed form is like an in-between of a katana and nodachi in style, and I love how she wears it over her shoulder with a rope.

The Shikai, "Flesh-Drops' Gorge", is an exceptionally interesting form that can provide transport while "eating" people to heal them. In a reference to Unohana having violence in her characterization, it's interesting that her Shikai has this method for healing that would initially seem violent. The manta ray form that it takes is subtly suitable for her character, considering some symbolism that is acknowledged of the creature.

I'll leave the research up to you on this one. The Bankai, "All Things' End", is the subject of much debate. What is the special ability?

There is much ambiguity to how it was shown, and I've read many great theories based on the study of this fight and the depth of its artistic details.

In fact, I wish to share this theory with those of you who are willing dedicate some extra time for reading. Credit goes to the author, of course; I think it's a fantastic analysis.

I would love some discussion on here of what everyone thinks concerning the ambiguous revelation of her ultimate power.

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As for this main post, I'll say this: Her nonchalant utterance of "Bankai. To be honest, I think her theatric is terrifying. Her gracious generosity and genuine gentleness is highly admirable considering her past self, and she doesn't hide herself as a true nature but rather had suppressed her dark side and replaced it with kindness.

And even then, the term "kill them with kindness" has a whole unique meaning with this particular lady. Her final fight and backstory were magnificent, and added a huge amount of depth to her already fascinating and respectable character design. She is by no means a "black and white" character; however, her contrasting natures and resulting abilities are perfectly described as a contrast and balance of the colors black and white.

I like to think that the fundamental properties are based on the adage, "The dose makes the poison. This might not fit her methods, but I think it's still a cool way to look at her character. Her influence upon him was the ultimate of any other character. There is a theme of "rebirth" that encompassed their respective characterization. She had changed into a completely different person as one form of rebirth, and then came the rebirth of her old self, in order to nurture the rebirth of the one man in this world who brought her joy.

The tip of the sword will always be pointed either toward killing the next strongest, or toward nurturing them. Menace to Soul Society.

Retsu Unohana - former Captain of the 4th Division. The most gentle and caring soul. Kenpachi took the small box from her hands and opened it. Then he looked down at Yachiru with a rather confused look on his face. And see, these are all different colors, so you can use them to go with certain outfits, eh Ken-chan? That was very thoughtful of you", he rubbed her head and she beamed brightly back at her adoptive father.

When she came back out, she was holding a giant box, wrapped in a big pink ribbon. So Kenpachi did as she said and opened the gift.

And you made this? A few members from the squad snickered but immediately stopped when Kenpachi turned his head and glared at them. Kenpachi opened the bag and inside were two medium sized bottles. It's the only thing I could think to get you that you might actually like. And, it's cherry flavored", Ikkaku stated. This just may be the best gift you've ever given me Ikkaku", Kenpachi told him.

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I thought you said you liked that back scrub I gave you! It was way too scratchy and he really preferred just to wash with a sponge.

Kenpachi opened the box and inside was a black comb and a jar of his favorite hair gel. Actually, he accidently threw it out when cleaning his taicho's living quarters and thus had no choice but to buy him a new one.

And so, for the next half hour, the squad exchanged their gifts with their wonderful captain. Some of them good like a new sponge and soapsome of them bad like candy, which meant Yachiru would be up all night and some.

kenpachi and unohana relationship trust

As soon as Kenpachi finished opening all his gifts, there came a loud crash from outside near his training grounds. You could have just used the door Retsu just shook her head. Outside, the men in mention were awaiting their orders from their boss. Soon, their target stopped in front of them and just stared. You guys punch like a bunch of bitches! Yachiru beamed at the mention of her strength. You should probably punish him later or just use it against him like I do", Yachiru told her.

Taicho to the eleventh division of the thirteen Gotei and nameless swordsman of the district eighty Zaraki of Rukongai", Koiji grinned. Everyone knows that I'm the captain of squad eleven but only those that have actually fought me know that I was the nameless swordsman of Zaraki and all those that I fought are dead now. That is way you will be fighting me", Koiji drew his zanpakuto. You should already be beginning to feel its affects", Koiji said.

kenpachi and unohana relationship trust

When you've in Zaraki, as I have, you find it very hard to fall asleep. Even after you leave and move into a better part of Soul Society, the memories of Zaraki don't just fade away and thus, old habits are hard to quit.

But you wouldn't know that, not have ever even stepped foot into one of the rougher parts of Rukongai", Kenpachi said. Kenpachi just sighed as he spiked his reiatsu and threw them back.

Retsu Unohana vs. Kenpachi Zaraki

I was hoping you could give me a challenge. Hell, my morning routine is more of a challenge than this", he said. I'll give you a challenge. Ready your weapons ninja and hi fire! Kenpachi stood his ground as he slashed at half the grenades and then stuck his zanpakuto in his mouth and grabbed two grenades with his hands, threw one in the direction of the poisonous darts and threw the other in the direction of where the other grenades where coming from.

Causing the poisonous darts to blow back in the direction they came from, hitting their throwers and the grenades knocking out of the remaining ninja. The rest of the squad watched in astonishment as their captain single-handedly fought off an entire ninja squad. Retsu watched in worry because of the dart that got shot in his leg but in awe as well. Half the shikaku were lying on the ground, unconscious from the poison darts, a few were knocked out from the small explosion from the grenades and the rest, fled in fear.

You ready to die? You sure yer boss gonna like that? My services are still required and it is a little too early in the game for me to die. So until next time Kenpachi Zaraki", he bowed then disappeared. Did you see me win?