Kono and adam relationship

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kono and adam relationship

What will that mean for Chin, Kono, and Adam? going to have “'significant' implications for Adam and Kono's relationship,” while also talking. 'Hawaii Five-0' Spoilers: 'A Big Turn' Concerning Gabriel Is Coming That Impacts Kono And Adam's Relationship. TV. Meredith Jacobs. Gabriel. Prompt by- Hnina- the first time Kono and Adam meet and how there relationship develops. Chapter one. She had met him once or twice in.

Adam Noshimuri

He is also the main love interest and later husband of Kono Kalakaua. He witnesses his father being kidnapped by Joe White and reports the crime and firmly believes that Joe killed his father. When the police have n progress with his father's case, Adam decides to take matters into his own hands and has his men kidnap Joe and beat him in attempts to get Joe to confess to killing his father.

kono and adam relationship

Joe is later rescued by Steve McGarrett. Shortly after the events, Steve later arranges a meeting between him, Joe and Adam, revealing important information in regards to Adam's father and confesses the truth behind his disappearance.

Adam's father, Hiro Noshimuri is alive and Joe helped him to fake his death in order to disappear and go into hiding to avoid being found and killed by Wo Fat. Adam agrees to work together with Steve and Joe to ensure the safety of his father. Since then, Adam doesn't appear much for the remainder of the season until towards the ending. Adam is revealed to be Kono's boyfriend and they have been in a secret romantic relationship. Kono and Adam become tired of having to keep their relationship a secret from everyone, but know they have no choice, but to keep it hidden for the time being as they are unsure as to how everyone will react to their forbidden romance.

Later, Adam becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation and is interrogated by Chin Ho Kellybelieving Adam is responsible. Adam assures his innocence and reveals his father is dead, but he isn't believed. Kono goes to secretly meet with Adam and he assures Kono of his innocence including his earlier claim of his father's fate, revealing Wo Fat found and murdered his father and has been sending his body back to him piece by piece.

kono and adam relationship

Kono quickly realizes Adam intends to capture Wo Fat to avenge the death of his father plans to report him until Adam pulls a gun on her. Despite his love for Kono, Adam wants to avenge the death of his father.

Adam keeps Kono locked up at his safehouse and leaves to capture Wo Fat. Shortly after he leaves, Chin arrives and frees Kono, secretly following her and learns of her and Adam's secret romantic relationship.

Upon freeing Kono, her and Chin go to stop Adam. Adam and his men arrive shortly after Steve lands the helicopter. Steve attempts to talk Adam down, assuring Wo Fat is going to pay for his crimes while DannyChin and Kono arrive to help.

During the standoff, Adam's lawyer is revealed to be the true mastermind and killed Anna Douglas. Kono confronts Adam and manages to convince him to put the gun down and surrender himself. The police shortly arrive and arrest Adam and the rest of the Yakuza enforcers, leaving Adam and Kono's relationship unsure. In the season finale, it's revealed that Kono has forgiven Adam and they are still happily together.

Adam manages to get a boat out to sea and dives into the ocean and saves Kono, bringing her back up to the surface.

Adam begins doing CPR and manages to save Kono's life. However, Chin's wife Malia succumbs to her injuries and dies. Prinsass 1 Prompt from Hnina.

Fiction T - English - Kono K.

kono and adam relationship

Chapter one She had met him once or twice in passing when he or his dad crossed paths with Steve. She had never taken much time to acknowledge him instead choosing to go about her business leaving one of the guys to deal with the Noshimuris. She was aware that Joe White had been talking to Hiro, about what she did not know, but it sometimes became intense especially when Adam became involved. Despite never speaking to the man herself, it was clear he was very protective, she almost admired it but his connections to the yakuza prevented her having any sympathy for his worry with regards to his father.

It had been a while since she had seen the Noshimuri's but she knew something was going on with Hiro and Joe. One side of her had no interest but the other side wanted to delve into their business out of protection for her ohana.

kono and adam relationship

She was yet to decide how far she could trust the Noshimuris. Kono watched discreetly as Adam sat at the bar drinking what she presumed to be whiskey. Her interest in her date had faded when he first opened his mouth not that that surprised her. Her mother Leia had set her up on a date with one of her friend's sons arguing that Kono spent too much time focusing on her work rather than enjoying a social life.

Kono knew however that her mum was just scared she would never get grandchildren. Ergh this guy so doesn't know me.

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The truth was Kono was a far cry from the type of girl who wanted fancy twenty dollar salads. Sure she appreciated good food but she appreciated a home cooked meal or a casual restraunt followed by a movie and a glass of wine or sitting on the beach and just enjoying someone company.

Getting dressed up for dinner was an effort Kono didn't appreciate not unless she initiated the idea. Robert smiled and took a sip of his wine before looking over his shoulder and following Kono's gaze. He frowned as he too took note of Adam.

I've heard he's bad news.

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Kono straightened her posturer at Roberts comment. Who does he think he is telling me who I can hang around with; I'm a grown woman…ergh. Besides you have me now.