Liesel and rudy relationship goals

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liesel and rudy relationship goals

She met Rudy during a typical street soccer game. Liesel back then blocked Rudy's goal so he threw a snowball in her face. After a while they'll. liesel and rudy are relationship PM - 16 Jan 8 Retweets; 9 Likes; dani green · adamneinstein · Sam Goodman. Rudy and Liesel are like brother and sister in the fact that they spend a lot of time together; any time outside of their homes is spent in each other's company.

Both hate the Fuhrer for separate, but equal reasons. The two also share a love of the written word. Max and Liesel both understand how words can be used to harm and each holds the responsibility of words very dearly. At the most basic level, she is hurting for her family because they now have no means of income. He died in a train. They buried him in the snow. Explain the scene when Liesel is looking for a watschen in the kitchen? What sorts of things are happening at Hitler Youth?

Rudy stood up for Tommy when Deutscher was yelling at him and got them both punished. Compare and contrast Arthur Berg and Viktor Chemmel. He had leadership qualities but was not forceful or overly demanding. Berg would be willing to help his friends if they were left behind and Chemmel believed in every man or woman for themselves. What are some of the underlying motivations for Rudy and Liesel behind their acts of stealing?

With Deutscher — Franz berated Rudy at Hitler Youth meetings on the regular, but being outside of these meetings, Rudy wanted to show Franz that he was not afraid of him…. Also ended in tragedy. We know the end of the floating book incident already. Why is it still interesting to read Part II? Why were we told the end first? He is willing to do anything for the people he cares about. By jumping in the freezing water and risking hypothermia, he looks heroic, which is exactly what he wants.

The soaked bodies of a French coast — beached on the shingle and sand. Death adds a more personalized spin on the events of Stalin had left enough blood shed and dead bodies in his wake. His purpose is to show that history is more than just the body counts. What is the irony of a snowball fight in the basement? The cold ended up nearly killing Max, but Liesel bringing the snow helped Max feel alive and some-what normal, which he needed. Explain the paradox on page It was a paradox.

The colder he became, the more he melted. He was reduced to sweat and puddle. How does Liesel leave max intangible presents? Intangible — not capable of being held or touched. All of the presents, though seemingly junk, bear an intangible meaning. As Liesel gave each gift, the wish she had for Max to live became stronger. Eventually, the Mayor's wife figured she needed new clothes, so they went to a market in town.

Across town, in the orphanage, Rudy sat in a corner, watching boys outside play soccer. A girl stood in the goal, laughing at a boy with orange hair slip and fall in the mud. He remembered when the same thing happened to him and Leisel. The owner of the orphanage sighed as she left for the market At the market, Leisel and the Mayor's wife bought dresses and sweaters, even some pants and blouses.

Leisel knew she had to find something to wear to Himmel's funeral, so she looked at fancy black dresses. I've got a new child, from Himmel, see. He's heart broken" the Mayor's Wife's brow furrowed her brow "but. Liesel is from Himmel Frau Rommel replied "Rudy Steiner. I'd like to take him in as well, as a surprise for them both" Frau Rommel smiled.

There is another kid, a boy, your age who survived a bombing. I'm going to take him in, to keep you company. He's coming 't that be nice? When Frau Rommel got back to the Orphanage, she too concocted a lie.

Someone is adopting you! The mayor and his wife! They have another orphan your age. It'll be nice to have company won't it? He thought of Liesel as he fell asleep crying. The next day, both Rudy and Liesel bathed.

The Book Thief Part II.

Liesel donned her yellow dress. She sat by the window again, looking at the only things she saved from the bombing- her books. She flipped to the page describing Rudy in her life's story.

Whoever this new boys was - how he could replace Rudy? Rudy was ready to leave. He sighed in his crisp shirt and pants. The nicest clothes he'd ever had.

He climbed into the car. He had no possessions. It was a short ride to the Mayor's house. When they arrived, he got out of the car and climbed up the steps. Rudy took a big breath and opened the door. The first thing he saw was a girl sitting at the window. She had a pile of books near her and was surrounded by the library. She was reading a tattered, ripped and burned edition. She was breathing heavily and crying. The girl crumpled in tears.

Liesel didn't once look at the boy in the library. But she heard him "My best friend and I used to come here and steal things" it reminded her of Rudy, and it broke her heart to think that someone else was doing the same thing as them - as if it wasn't as special. She stood in the kitchen, looking at the wooden spoons. Thinking of Mama and Papa, of Himmel.

This boy's home was bombed too. He must have lost his best friend. Liesel wondered if it had been a girl.

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If he had asked her for kisses. Have you made friends; enemies? I hope that everything is well. From your Book Thief, Liesel Meminger She looked up from her writing paper to find Rosa Hubermann standing over her, reading the letter. Life is boring without him. Do you think he's coming home soon? He could come back tomorrow, or he could die there.

I'm sorry for saying it that way. I understand it's painful to be separated from someone you love. The words echoed in Liesel's ears for what seemed like hours. Of course she loved Rudy, but how far did that love go? Was it a friendly love? Was it a best-friendly love? Was it a brotherly love? Or… maybe… was it a something-more love? She was certainly suffering separation anxiety from him, and a severe case of a broken heart.

And yes, she would probably tackle him in a huge hug and start crying when he returned. And she was writing him letters, telling him all about what he was missing and how much she was missing him. And yeah, she might be more prone to accept Rudy's pleas for a kiss if he came back. And she would probably lose it if he were to die, or be hurt in battle. But that didn't mean she loved him… did it?

But are felt in the heart. I think you did, too, once, but I can't tell, and even if, those feelings for me could be gone by now. I don't really care if you don't love me, but please do not ever forget me. I care too much for you to forget me. I wish you would come home so my life can resume; so my heart can be filled.

For this I have discovered: I want to be sure about my feelings for you before I tell you. Late in the evening of October 7th, Liesel was jolted awake by nightmares. Unable to fall back asleep and not wanting to disturb her papa, she slunk down to the basement to write her story.

Concealed behind the paint cans where a young Jew had once been hidden, she felt snug and began to wrap up her story. As the final revisions were completed and she grew satisfied, Liesel practically passes out from exhaustion in the basement, thinking of a boy with lemony hair. The same evening, just around the same time, a certain lemony-haired boy was sleeping peacefully, dreaming of a certain book-stealing girl and wondering what a kiss from this girl would taste like. He was smiling in his sleep at the thought of his glorious next-door neighbor and best friend.

Liesel heard what sounded like the world being ripped apart, and was on her feet in an instant. She rushed towards the basement door but had to change course quickly to evade being hit by flying paint cans. Part of the basement wall collapsed on her, and her leg was now pinned under cement. Pain crawled up her leg, and hot tears stung her eyes, but she didn't make a sound.

Just before she blacked out from the pain, her mind registered one final thought: When they finally dug her out of the basement, Liesel's leg was broken, her arms were covered in bruises, her face was scratched up beyond belief, and she was so disoriented she was barely able to form rational sentences.

Her mind was elsewhere; her voice rambled on. The LSE men pitied the girl. You've been bombed, my dear. Liesel's whole world was gone now, and she sobbed and sobbed and sobbed until she finally slipped into unconsciousness. When she woke, she found herself in a truck of some sort. Her mind told her she was being taken to a concentration camp, and she began screaming for Hans Hubermann. The voice belonged to a man named Luther Johannes. We're taking you to the hospital. Liesel started to cry.

She had been robbed of everyone she loved, and she now wished she were dead.

liesel and rudy relationship goals

She wished the bomb had killed her too. She wished that she'd never been born in the first place. Maybe then all this wouldn't have happened. While in the hospital, she spent her time staring out the tiny window of her room and dying away inside.

This neither excited the girl nor displeased her. She could only register a kind of sadness no one double her age- or triple, or more- her age should feel. The last day of her stay in the hospital, Liesel finally picked up the pen that had been sitting beside her since day one and wrote.

Not a story, but a letter. Dear Rudy, A bomb stuck home. The alarms didn't go off until late, and everyone died. They claim that there's a girl who survived, and that she's so lucky, but the girl is not living, not truly. Her soul was taken by Death along with everyone else's, and now she's just a shell, a hollow version of who she used to be.

This dead girl who still breathes feels no happiness, or anything but death and pain and sorrow. She rejects words which she used to love with a passion.

She now pleads of you to not return, but instead make a new, better life for yourself, far from Germany, and those who killed those you love. The girl who "survived" said that she wished she'd given you that kiss you constantly asked for before all this happened.

She loved you so much, Rudy. She wishes she were still there to be with you, but she's gone. She hopes these letters will be delivered to you. From your Saumensch, 2am; where do I begin, Crying off my face again. The silent sound of loneliness Wants to follow me to bed. I'm a ghost of a girl that I want to be most. I'm the shell of a girl that I used to know well. Dancing slowly in an empty room, Can the lonely take the place of you? I sing myself a quiet lullaby.

Let you go and let the lonely in To take my heart again. Too afraid to go inside For the pain of one more loveless night.

But the loneliness will stay with me And hold me til I fall asleep. Broken pieces of Where there once was love Now there's only me and the lonely. Dancing slowly in an empty room Can the lonely take the place of you? I sing myself a quiet lullaby Let you go and let the lonely in To take my heart again. All he knew was that the Steiner boy was to be on the next train to Munich.

He missed having someone to hate with a passion and scheme revenge against. But he missed Liesel the most. He felt almost guilty for that. He had this feeling like he should miss his family more, and maybe he should, but it was the thought of Liesel that had consumed all his waking and sleeping hours each day at that place.

He said goodbye to Astrid and the others while he packed up what few belongings he owned. Astrid smiled at him genuinely. He would remember her well, but he would never learn that she died in a surprise second-wave bombing while rescuing a young child during her LSE duties, only about a week after he left.

Within the next hour, Rudy found himself staring out the small train window, on the way to a home that didn't exist. At the snow-covered train platform, Rudy hoped to find his mama and his papa and his siblings and his Saumensch. He couldn't see three feet in front of him with all the snow, and after a long search he couldn't find any of his family or friends. What they didn't know, but I did, was that the sky was snowing on that particular day for Rudy and Liesel, in honor of all they'd lost.

Liesel had been released from the hospital the same day. This hospital was further from her new home than she'd originally thought, and had to take a train to get back. A head was bobbing and weaving through the people. This head had hair the color of lemons. He wouldn't return if he knew about what had happened to Himmel. Still, her heart dared to hope just a little, and his name slipped through her lips. Rudy thought he was going crazy when he thought he heard someone whisper his name, "Rudy?

Liesel stood a few feet away, snow covering her clothes. She was taller, and her eyes were darker, but something else seemed to have changed in her; something Rudy couldn't quite yet place. None of it mattered to him, though, and he flew forward and grabbed her by the waist and spun her around and around.

His name became her mantra too, but her voice sounded like she was about to cry. He heard this, and set her down abruptly. Liesel let out a yelp as she landed on her broken ankle.

Were you just being ein Tollpatsch?

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She sobbed for a moment, before finally choking out, "I wasn't being ein Tollpatsch. My basement wall fell on it. Rudy…" She choked on the next words, but knew that they were inevitable.

They had to be spoken.

liesel and rudy relationship goals

The alarms didn't go off. Everyone died but me. I was in the basement. That's where the wall collapsed on me. His mama, his papa, his siblings, his friends, everyone… they couldn't just be… gone.

They had to be waiting for him in his home on Himmel Street. Then the truth of Liesel's words, and what they implied, hit him like a ton of bricks, and Rudy took off running. Running where, he had no idea. He just knew he couldn't stay put. He found himself on Himmel, of course, except Himmel wasn't there. In its place was a pile of nothingness. There was literally just ash and snow and nothing else. This was the final straw.

Losing all your family is enough to drive a normal person into Trauer, but Rudy Steiner was not a normal person.