Lily tomlin and john travolta relationship

Lily Tomlin and John Travolta's brilliant Moment By Moment! (Message Board)

lily tomlin and john travolta relationship

Remember that time Lily Tomlin almost had sex with John Travolta in a hot tub?. Help us build our profile of John Travolta and Lily Tomlin! Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your . Lily Tomlin and John Travolta's brilliant Moment By Moment! to capture the " relationship" dynamics of Travolta's one true love, Diana Hyland.

Stigwood had his doubts but let the principals roll with it. According to an August Indianapolis Star articlethe film shoot which had just wrapped was mostly positive, though Wagner expressed some trepidation about the gig, her first—and to date, only—feature directing job.

Writing is so subjective. But directing is so aggressive. But in interviews throughout the s and s, Wagner and Tomlin expressed, in hindsight, more feelings of doom they had felt, even during the production phase. It was amazing to me that you could pick up a magazine three or four years later and still hear about it.

You have to know the mechanics, too. I had to cut 30 pages out of the script. When Lily chose to play the character depressed, I went with her, even though playing depression is not interesting. I felt increasingly helpless. In Novembershe told Erica Abeel my family friend! If I had been Lily, at that point I would have worked with anyone but me. They picked mercilessly on how the actors look, particularly Tomlin.

I think a bigger reason, sadly, is that, as Denby noted, audiences found it hard to swallow Travolta as a wounded little boy dressed up as a pretty gigolo. So she slams a woman who came out -- in the early half of the 70s -- as bi-sexual while she herself hides in a closet. I am sorry to bring that up. It is probably not fair. But it is also not fair that Rita Moreno again was ignored. Monday, December 8, Chaos and violence continue, Iraq's prime minister says there's no agreement to provide US troops with immunity, Barack's non-stop bombing gets called out, we grade outgoing Senate Veterans Affairs Committee Chair Bernie Sanders, and much more.

The Democrats lost control of the Senate in the November mid-term elections.

lily tomlin and john travolta relationship

Mary Landrieu was forced into a run-off which she lost to her Republican opponent over the weekend. When the new Congress is sworn in next month, Republicans will control the Senate and they remain in control of the House of Representatives. He is not a Democrat. He votes with Democrats way too often for someone supposedly opposed to corporate control of the Congress and is often referred to as an "independent" but as Laura Flanders noted the night he was elected to the Senate inshe doesn't want to hear anyone calling him an independent because he is a Socialist.

He will not be Chair in the next session, a Republican will be. Sanders as Chair was a disappointment. If you're a third party, you need to be better than good because there are so few of you. But Sanders wasn't even good. His pet issue was non-traditional medicine. And no one ever forgot it. That's not what you do as Chair. That he would advance, for example, acupuncture was not a surprise.

Lily Tomlin and John Travolta's brilliant "Moment By Moment"!

That he would be unable to set aside his pet issues when a scandal emerged? But that's exactly what happened and exactly why he lost the support of veterans. He refused to allow a hearing that was scheduled as the scandal of the VA keeping 'official' lists and secret lists emerged to acknowledge that scandal and insisted that if this was indeed a real scandal he would be the one to lead on this and the Committee would lead on it and blah, blah, blah.

It was a real scandal. The Committee never dealt with it in a hearing. Over in the House, they did.

Not in the Senate. Then there's VA Secretary Eric Shinseki whose tenure was one scandal after another -- usually one of his own making. And when he had lost the confidence of veterans, there was Sanders prattling on about how it was too soon. I think President Barack Obama realized he had to ask Shinseki to resign before Sanders ever grasped their might be a serious problem here.

What was Sanders' sudden interest, everyone wanted to know? He held very few hearings which became even more noticeable when the scandals kept breaking.

lily tomlin and john travolta relationship

Last Thursday may have been his final hearing as Chair until the next election cycle. If so, he went out looking like a huge disappointment. The hearing was on the nomination of Leigh A. Bradley to be the General Counsel for the VA. Inwhen she was nominated to the same post by then-President Bill Clinton, the post was described this way"The General Counsel serves as the chief legal officer of the Department of Veterans Affairs and is responsible for the interpretation of all laws affecting the department and for the review of all regulations implementing such laws.

Moment by moment

The General Counsel directs the legal, litigative and legislative activities of the department, provides legal advice and assistance to the Secretary of Veterans' Affairs and represents the Secretary in Congressional committee and other hearings and in interdepartmental conferences on legislative matters.

Chair Sanders had Bradley stand and swore her in -- something we support doing for all witnesses who come before Congress. She then began reading from her prepared statement.

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I come from a long, proud line of military Veterans. Both of my grandfathers served in the U. Later, I served as the Principal Deputy General Counsel of the Navy, the second highest ranking civilian attorney in an office of over And in my current position, I advise the senior DoD leadership on ethical compliance and creating and sustaining ethical cultures across the Department.

Yes, there is hard work to be done. But for me, there can be no higher calling than to be part of this historic moment which will have lasting, positive impacts on the care and benefits we deliver to Veterans and the way VA operates going forward. That position was supposed to be a temporary assignment for her and the understanding was she would return to the Defense Dept.

So one question for her at the hearing might be about that. Not in Bernie's world.

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This is a transcript of what followed when Leigh Bradley stopped stop reading her statement. We thank you very much for your statement. You and I chatted yesterday and I am strongly supportive of the nomination and you answered my questions yesterday.

Chairman, and I too met yesterday with Ms. Bradley and we had a wonderful meeting and I want the record to reflect this is one Georgia Bull Dog that's going to pull for an Alabama Roll Tide, Crimson Tide lady in the fall game coming up pretty soon. Good luck this weekend. Chairman, I told Leigh this is probably the most important appointment in the VA other than the Secretary themselves.

And the implementation of the Veterans Choice Act is going to require an awful lot of work from legal counsel to support the Secretary in whatever disciplinary action he takes as well as expedite the review process in cases that are appealed because we're getting more and more disability determinations coming out faster and faster which means we're going to have a higher and higher volume of appeals which means legal counsel is going to be under the gun.

We want to be supportive of you. We want to streamline that process as much as possible. We have a two-year window of opportunity to make the VA the best VA in the world and we want to make that happen. And you're a key part of that. I'm very supportive of your nomination. Appreciate your willingness to accept the job. And I really have no questions for [her], Mr.

Thank you very much, Mr.