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You are here to help Generators to wake up and find themselves so that they can in the Projector-Generator relationship, it is always the Generator that needs to told what to do, and the Manifestor cannot expect energy from the Projector. A Projector from the Designed to Blossom Program recently asked me (and my . (i.e. Manifestors are more likely to compromise relationship in service of. Manifestors can make great partners if you're willing to support them by What is your experience with manifestor projector dealings? Reply I would like some advice about how a Manifestor can achieve having a successful relationship?.

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Stop telling us what to do. Stop trying to get us in a box. It fucking pisses us off and breeds resentment for all the other classes.

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If you ever stop hearing from a manifestor for a while, just assume that they went to go do a bunch of things. Although manifestors cannot sustain long-term energy output like generators can, their minds remain highly active at all times. Their creative energy is released in powerful blasts that can leave the manifestor feeling drained for several hours or days at a time.

Look, I know how this sounds…but we manifestors require lots of rest. It is not uncommon for manifestors to become obsessed with ideas flying around in their heads. Because of this, manifestors can be seen as confusing, or even intimidating. No other class exhibits the initiative and spontaneity of the manifestor.

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It is for this reason that people are constantly trying to control them. The only way for manifestors to eliminate this resistance is by informing those close to them about their intentions.

Before you deliver the impact, ask: In just two words: The last thing the world needs is more rulers. As the world becomes more globally conscious, the need for rulers decreases. Instead, focus on initiating and then moving on. Stick and move, manifestor. It is in this way that you will set the example by going first.

This is not to say that manifestors are not born leaders. You can still be a lone wolf and contribute to the overall harmony of the planet.

If you are a manifestor and you want to have a good life, focus on using your powers to be of service to others, not at odds with them. This level of resistance can really take its toll on manifestors, driving many of them to give up manifesting altogether. Generators love telling manifestors what to do and how to do it. To a generator, the world is an entirely different experience. We do not have the same energy signature that you do.

I invite you to test out these practices to their validity and potential. Most people are either Generators, Manifesting Generators or are relating to Generators every day. The less time you spend thinking about work and the more time you invest into your work the more satisfied you are. When your work is satisfying, everything else falls into place.

This process can last a few minutes or years. When you hit plateaus or derailments ASK the people around you to help you.

You will discover what you like or want through questions or something to respond to. That activity or response may last for a few minutes or a few years. Recognize that the conversation may be satisfying for you but not for them. Do you have the energy for that? Would you like me to help you with that? If you want a deeper and richer relationship with a Generator and for Generator to Generatorask them the same question more than once, either consecutively or subsequently.

They will shower you with appreciate when you help them connect to their inner truth located in their gut. Life is all about response. You love being around and interacting with others because you learn so much about yourself as well as how to make our world a better place.

Any attempts to get recognition by telling, persuading, instructing, without an invitation first, has lower vibratory effects on you and the people around you. When you hit derailments it looks like exhaustion or some version of resentment.

Before you blame others for their lack of appreciation, reassess. This derailment could be an indicator for you to go back to the drawing board and reevaluate your interest, education, research and your motives.

Though it may feel like a lonely place, it is the only place where can refine your service to mankind. When you have more depth in a particular subject or service the recognition will follow.

Allow them the time to talk, and at times, over explain things. It just is how it is. Enhance your relationship with them by communicating your understanding of their need to be invited. When it feels authentic to you, invite them and recognize them. If you do not want their opinion about something, be direct with them. However, if you do want them to tell you what they see that most likely you cannot, ask them.

Then follow up on what they tell you, because they are usually right-on. If you want a deeper and richer relationship with a Projector, encourage them to have more down time. They are much happier people when they are rested.

Most importantly, invite them to participate in your life. They are gifted intellectually and are an amazing resource from observation; utilize their abilities to strengthen your relationship and any work projects. When you express your authentic power you can inspire the masses to advance themselves. If you get yourself tangled up in too many details or volunteering your gift of doing, you are in quicksand my friend. Your voice carries a vibration of action and impact.

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Before you speak or leap to the next activity there are two things to consider first. Are you in alignment with your inner knowing? And second, have you informed your team mates or family what is coming next? Understand their need for autonomy. Do not try to control or maneuver to get them to DO something.

This will backfire and create chaos.