Meet and greet picture ideas tumblr for back

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meet and greet picture ideas tumblr for back

on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Meet and greet poses, Magcon and Magcon boys. Aww he's so cute. This is goals and I want a meet and greet picture. Justin Bieber has cancelled all future meet-and-greets, and who can blame him? drifts from photo to photo, flitting from perfect smile to sheer grimace and back again. There's even a Tumblr dedicated to her awkward fan photos. Taylor Swift's entire brand is built on the idea that she's everyone's BFF. Back story: It's being reported that Avril Lavigne fans spent $ to take insanely awkward pictures with her in Brazil. Apparently Avril has a "no.

Then I printed it out and made a tiny booklet out of it, and I hand-wrote my fan letter inside. Anyway, this is the doll with the diary attached.

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On the day of the concert, my mom and I got up early and drove to Charlotte. I know that sounds like a long time to wait to get into a concert, but I definitely wanted to be standing near the front when we got inside in case I had to throw the doll on the stage. I heard later that the girls at the very front of the line had gotten there at 5am.

They were small enough for us each to fit one in our purses.

meet and greet picture ideas tumblr for back

For the next few hours, we just waited. Some of them wanted pictures of him or to hold him. The girls sitting directly behind us stared at me. It felt weird sitting there in front of them balanced on my tiny stool thing while they lounged in their giant canvas chairs with cup rests and a big cooler and actual speakers to plug into their iPods and blast Ed Sheeran songs. They even ordered pizza. Also most of the conversation that I heard going on in the line was about the band One Direction.

So there is that. Around 4pm or so, and I am completely guessing at the time because I actually have no idea, people from the local Charlotte radio station Kiss Around this same time, another small group of people began lining up at the door to the venue but with their line curving around the building the other way.

People who had been waiting in the longer line, which by this point was extending into a nearby parking lot, kind of freaked out over this. Everyone was asking everyone else who these other people thought they were. Eventually, word traveled down the line that the radio people were going to take this small group of fans inside the building to meet Ed for some kind of special event before the concert.

The nice girls in line ahead of us suggested that I go and talk to the radio people to see if they could take my doll inside and give it to Ed for me. So I stepped out of the line to go talk to some of the people who worked for the radio station. I spoke to two women and asked them if they were about to go inside and see Ed. As soon as they saw my doll, they started exclaiming over it and talking about how awesome it was. The women said that they were indeed about to meet Ed and that he would love the doll.

One of them acted kind of reluctant to talk to me about what was happening. The other woman interrupted to say that she could most definitely guarantee that she would give it to him if I wanted her to, and did I want her to? Some of the other fans standing around made little sad noises on my behalf.

meet and greet picture ideas tumblr for back

So I thanked the radio women and got back in the line with my mother. And people were collapsing their chairs and condensing the line forward, even though there were probably still three hours to go before the doors opened. By this time, the 40 or so people in front of us in line had somehow become at least 80, and there was still that other small line beginning at the door and going the other way.

She gave me this significant look about that, as though I were supposed to know why it was important. She walked a few feet away and kept giving me these significant looks for the next few minutes, and I know she was trying to help me out, but it was really stressful for me, like we were supposed to rob a bank together on her signal and I had no idea if I was breaking into the safe or driving the getaway car.

Never rob a bank with me because I will definitely get us arrested like I am not even kidding. Meanwhile, the short line of people suddenly disappeared into the venue while everyone else stood around going WTF who ARE you even?

The other woman who worked for the radio station came over and stood near me as well, and I noticed that she kept giving me these weird looks, like she wanted to say something to me but kept losing her nerve. To be honest, I thought she was checking me out at first.

So I smiled at her because she was hot and yolo. After a minute or so, she approached me and asked if I had come to the concert alone. And yeah, that sounds a little creepy, but I immediately got the impression that she was going to let me in on some kind of secret, but only if I was by myself. We went around the side of the building, ducked under some yellow crowd control tape, and entered the venue through a back way.

I had no idea what was going on, but I just figured every step was a little bit closer to Ed. Or possibly being mugged. When we walked into the venue, I could see the people from the other line gathered around something green, and I could hear Ed playing. Just chilling and playing a song, what. I have to admit, I was completely dazed.

When I looked around at the other girls standing there, I realized I was the only one without an iPhone out recording him.

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In fact, it looked like more people were watching him through their little screens than watching him in person! I took twenty pictures right in a row, but my hands were shaking so badly that every single picture I took turned out blurry except two of them. Here are the two decent pics: Luckily I was able to track down some better pictures of this later. This one was taken by the radio station and uploaded to their website. You can kind of see my forehead and shoulder in the background: These are the first three songs of his that I ever heard online, so I find it appropriate that they were the first three I heard live as well.

Everyone else looked so chill! This small group of fans were the ones who had won tickets on the radio to a private performance and meet and greet with Ed. Or it would, if I had money. After he played the songs, someone from the radio announced that it was picture time and asked us to line up.

meet and greet picture ideas tumblr for back

Still out of it, I drifted toward where they were telling us to go, and I ended up about third or fourth in line before I realized they actually meant we were supposed to go up individually to meet Ed and have our photos made with him.

I watched the people in front of me go up and meet Ed and pose for a picture. Anyway, when I started coming forward, Ed looked over at me, saw that I was carrying the doll, and grinned really big.

My face kind of went into his neck. He smelled really good. Almost like a dryer sheet. No one has ever done anything like this for me, ever.

He… I think he asked me something like, did I make the whole thing, or maybe how did I make the whole thing, so I told him I crocheted it all by hand from patterns that I made up myself. He repeated that no one had ever given him something like that. He rubbed his hand up and down my back. And he kept thanking me and saying it was incredible.

Then he noticed the note that I had written hanging off the strap of the guitar. I love the way he talks! There are only a few people in the world who have ever made me feel so important just by listening to me, but he is definitely one of them.

So he put his hand on my back and held the doll up. There are so many reasons why I love our photo. He gives a small, closed-mouth smile and stares at the camera with an almost uncomfortable-looking expression. Especially when you consider all the other photos he took at the same meet and greet: He made his eyes wider and sort of pressed his mouth into a line.

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It makes him look more like the doll! I laughed really hard when I noticed. After the photo, he hugged me again and thanked me again for the doll. I felt sort of rushed because there were still a lot of people waiting in the line to meet him, so I kind of ran off right after our photo was done.

I actually had to run back to the line to get my purse, and a couple of the people from the radio station were like, no, this way! And I had to awkwardly call out that I was getting my stuff. I think they thought I was trying to get in line to meet him again. So I had to cross in front of him again to leave, which was sort of embarrassing because I definitely looked lost, but then people tell me I always look lost anyway.

meet and greet picture ideas tumblr for back

So, he clearly loves me. He kind of laughed at the way I looked so dazed and asked me if I was okay. Then he told me to go line up beside the building instead of getting back in the line my mom was in. Go line up behind her. It actually took me a minute of standing behind that girl in complete shock before I realized I should probably go speak to my mother. I got out of the short line other people from the meet and greet were coming out and lining up right there as well and walked over to where my mom was.

She was grinning so big. I dragged her out of the long line and over to the other, shorter line. I was confused, too. The girls in the long line were confused. Still feel like such an idiot for that. Later, the radio station woman who smuggled me inside to see Ed walked by and I stopped her and asked if I could just give her a hug.

meet and greet poses

I mean, she basically did something amazing for me that made my life. She was like, yes! So we hugged, and then she told me that Ed really loved the doll. Another lady who had her photo made with Ed also asked if she could hold the doll in her photo, which I think is funny. And then she told me she liked my shirt.

meet and greet picture ideas tumblr for back

But then later she ran up to me in the line again and gave me a cool little backpack thingy with the radio station logo on it. For your yarn stuff! I love that people like this woman exist in the world — people who will do something nice for you just because they can tell it means so much to you, and not because they will get anything out of it themselves. I never expect to have another opportunity like this in my life. So the next awesome thing that happened in a day of some pretty awesome things happening is that, when the venue doors opened, the big bald guy who told me where to stand in line started letting people in — and he started with our line.

Which means when we went inside, being only 10 or so people back, my mom and I were on the front row. The girls who had been waiting in the line since 5am were pretty upset about this. But they got seriously bitchy with the big guy as he let us in. We had to show our IDs. We also got the venue logo stamped on our hands. Then we went inside and sort of ran up to the stage where other people were gathering.

There was a little metal barricade about three feet from the front of the stage, leaving enough space for techs and security to walk through, and we latched onto it. It was not quite chest height, so perfect to rest your crossed arms on. I was standing beside this cute 15 year old girl who had never been to a concert before, and we talked a little bit.

Can you imagine your very first concert ever including a meet and greet and front row? I think she wanted to talk about One Direction. A couple of the girls who had been in line all day ended up directly behind me and my mom. They were the worst. Like, on and on. I was really hoping they would leave, but of course they were some of the ones who cheered the loudest when Ed finally came out. I think they enjoyed the concert how could you not?

I hope that is never me. I never want to be the person who ruined a good thing for someone else, you know? I think she was flashing back to a Bruce Springsteen concert that she was deaf for two days after. She said she might just stay there long enough to take a few pictures of Ed and then move back, but the venue ended up being so packed that there was nowhere to move!

It feels like being Bieber or something. Jennifer Lawrence As one of the biggest actresses in Hollywood, Lawrence is bound to have her opinions on fame. In a interview with CNNthe actress opened up about having a microscopic lens trained on her and how it has affected her mental health.

Something that's helped her cope is sometimes saying no to fans who request a selfie. Like, if I'm at dinner and I'm eating and somebody wants me to stand up and take a picture, it's like—that's actually helped with my anxiety, is knowing that I don't have to say yes and I can say no," Lawrence said.

If I went to dinner, I was wrapped up and then I was like, you know what? I don't have to do it. I can just say no, and that's helped a lot. So it is hard because you don't want to feel rude, because they're people, but at the same time, I have to defend my life and my mental wellness. Chris Pratt Since his explosion as a movie star, Pratt has become familiar with the downside of fame. So I just don't take pictures with people.

Because that's not about enjoying the moment; it's about stealing the moment to brag about later," Pratt said. Emma Watson For the Harry Potter star, fan selfies can potentially lead to an unsafe situation. In a February interview with Vanity Fairthe Beauty and the Beast actress opened up about her qualms with with fan hysteria in a social media age. Amy Schumer After a man rushed her last year, demanding a selfie, the comedian swore off pictures with fans. The Inside Amy Schumer creator said that although she asked the man to stop taking pictures of her, the assailant told her, "No.

It's America and we paid for you. But I was asking you to stop and saying no. Justin Bieber As someone who started in Hollywood as a preteen, the singer has become quite jaded with fame.

Along with canceling his meet-and-greets at the time, Bieber also argued that just because people buy his music, it does not give them the right to invade his privacy with ceaseless pictures.