Merlin arthur and gwen relationship memes

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merlin arthur and gwen relationship memes

eight quotes [3/8]. How can I Merlin AU: Arthur and Gwen's son's journey to becoming king. . Merlin Meme| 4/8 Relationships (of all kinds): Arthur and Gwen . Merlin was never about Arthur and Gwen, or Morgana, or the knights. This was a story of Merlin and Arthur's relationship coming full circle. “I put my life in your hands every day, Merlin, as do Arthur and Gwen and all of Although the pair shared an antagonistic relationship at first the two quickly.

By happenstance, Gwen comes across a job opportunity: It would have been great if the child wasn't evil incarnate and if she wasn't falling for her sinfully attractive boss. She stared back, her heart swelling at the sincerity and warmth radiating from his eyes.

merlin arthur and gwen relationship memes

She would never get used to that, not that she wanted to. Teen Wolf - Rated: But, will he succeed it after that kiss? What if he's willing to risk everything to get over her, even seducing Cora Hale? However, banshee or not, he finds himself still running straight for her whenever she screams, with that same familiar fear gripping his heart. The Dark Tower by WalkingWit reviews Morgana captures Merlin, imprisoning him in the Dark Tower, and he comes to find they're not so different after all.

merlin arthur and gwen relationship memes

T - English - Chapters: Abby and Connor share their news, and in the midst of helping to organise the wedding Jess and Becker find themselves growing closer than ever before. Series of related oneshots. Arthur secretly buys Gwen drinks to say thanks. They keep bumping into each other. Gwen doesn't have a clue that Arthur buys her drinks and other little items. A quick fic I whipped up in honor of the photoshoot teaser that was released today. Hilarity ensues during the photoshoot for The Lady.

Doctor Who - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: Set after The God Complex.

merlin arthur and gwen relationship memes

The couple decide to watch 'Tangled' - Becker is incapable of letting the magic of Disney just wash over him Spoilers for 'Tangled' Primeval - Rated: Through the Anomaly by FairyTaleLives reviews Jess steps through an anomaly, although she should have known better. Find out what happens when she finds herself face to face with one of her childhood heros!

A little bit of Jecker at the beginning. Enjoy it and leave us some reviews! Thanks Primeval - Rated: He probably should have wondered why. T - English - Humor - Chapters: A kind of cracky-type fic, in which Becker encounters a future pregnant Jess.

Post season 5, slight spoiler for ep 5x There's only one place in the new ARC that Becker feels really comfortable If you can use the word 'person' to apply to a prehistoric lizard. T for implied situations.

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Jesker plus the whole team, spoilers for all of Series Four. Becker and Jess are trying to deal with the increasing romantic tension between them, and things aren't made any easier when a ferocious creature escapes the ARC with a taste for Jess' blood.

He realizes how absolutely stupid he's been since 2x his arrogance, jealousy, pride- his egotistical way in which he handled the situation. Gwen had been kidnapped for God's sake, and at the time neither Lancelot nor he took her situation into consideration. His own guilt as well as his own realization dawns. Possibly, once the enchantment is broken- and he is assured that Guinevere loves him and only him- he begins to realize how much she means to him. His line, "The world may think she is a servant- dispensable- but she is not dispensable to me," proves that character change in Arthur- ignited by Gwen's love.

And he goes from being this pig-headed prince in his relationship with Guinevere, to being much more understanding and attentive. I just started talking, whoops- but there's a point to this and the screencaps. This particular scene where Arthur places Gwen's hand on his heart- acknowledging, literally that she and only she has the key to his heart, but more so that he has come to understand love and how much she means to him- her feelings, her thoughts, everything.

merlin arthur and gwen relationship memes

Gwen reciprocates this with an enchanting, radiant smile that really speaks to the purity of her character. Guinevere embodies all that is right with the world, and that intimate smile shows how far she has come in accepting their love.

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Always being the one rooted in reality, steadfast in her beliefs, she's never been one to dwindle in impossible fantasies. But here she accepts the impossible as reality; she is willing to fight for their love. I think this exchange is quite simply the development of Arthur and Guinevere thus far.

And that's what makes it so empowering. I am still mesmerized whenever I watch this scene; I grew up with it almost. I was thirteen when I first watched this scene; I am seventeen now- but it still has the same effect on me. I think it always will. One of my favorite comments. Every word was on spot and it made me think. Especially what you said about 2x4. I never saw Arthur as that. And I know I am everything but objective, but I always saw it as an act of a hurt man.

I have some similar chracteristics, jelousy and acting hurt like that not very commendableso I understand why he acted like that. Not saying that he should have, though. It is a perfect description of what the scene is and what their relationship is.

Now I see how much I missed you here!

I've missed being here; I really have. No, I agree, Joppa. I like to think Arthur grows from his flaws, especially after 2x And it's very human as well- I think we've all gone through it. And I really love how you've always understood Arthur in full. I think he's a very special character in that sense. I think it's more Bradley and Angel's way of handling the scenes and less the writing, but nonetheless, it's there. That is why he is my all time favorite.

Good looks is just a bonus: It was just them!

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And it was more than enough. A fan-art of my favourite Arwen scene from series 2. I chose this one. So, this is also my second favorite kiss.

merlin arthur and gwen relationship memes

The first one is in the 3x10 simply because it was longer and proper snogging. But The true love's kiss is so special to their relationship. It was so sweet. Gwen walking in, not knowing if he truly loves her. Actually i believe she knew but was too scared to admit it to herself. And with this kiss she did that. She admitted, and so did he. And that was it. There was no going back, no denying it. Even though she said it could never be, they both knew it has to be.

And the kiss, how it started with his confused look, and then simply accepting it as something right. And how he took control of it and turned it into something so passionate it left them both breathless.

And in this picture, the upper right corner, the look on on their faces. It is full of love. It makes my heart swell.

Merlin Arthur and Gwen The first kiss

They are that good!! I think I just might change this to my no. Just in the passionate, breathless, and starry-eyed expressions they had afterwards. It held a lot of meaning to how their relationship would develop from then on.