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Ugh, some chick on IMDB was posting about how she didn't like the age difference. I think it just adds more to their story. Makes them even cuter:) Rumple is. Rumplestiltskin is a fictional character in ABC's television series Once Upon a Time. . Mr. Gold discovers Belle, with false memories, calling herself Lacey. Mr. Gold believes the relationship won't work since Neal still have feelings for Emma. As Lacey learns more about his inability to age as the Dark One, she, too. Connor wishes he was as awesome as Bass and the relationships are nothing alike. The most age difference between the two is 12 years. Once Upon A Time: Robert Carlyle (Rumple) is Emilie de Ravin (Belle) is

The beloved Disney cartoon, which ABC has unlimited access to borrow from, made a point of giving the Beast an arc that transformed him from cruel bully into protector and friend, and so his relationship with Belle seemed natural and inevitable.

What about Rumpelstiltskin won over the beautiful Emilie de Ravin? Was it the time he threw her in the dungeon, or when he didn't whip her with a riding crop for dropping a teacup? Maybe it was his giant grandmotherly spinning wheel or his promise to get used to daylight or how he said he would tell her about his son and didn't.

I have now mentioned the extent of the romance between Rumps and Belle, because in this episode it was not the romance that was privileged but the break-up. And it's a shame, because Emilie de Ravin is fantastic, and created a real chemistry between herself and Carlyle. Yet after a few moments of conversation and an awkward kiss, we spent twice as much time on Rumpelstiltskin's horrible breakdown, screaming into his mirror, terrifying Belle and forcing me to laugh until my sides ached.

You have to step out of this show and laugh at it, or it becomes too claustrophobic. Don't tell me they didn't have the time to fully develop their romance in an hour-long episode. All this show has is time. The writers could easily have made this a two- or three-episode arc. Rumpelstiltskin is a major character and Disney's Beauty and the Beast is currently in theaters. Don't tell me that new viewers coming in on the second episode of a multiple-episode arc would be alienated, because this whole show is alienating if you haven't seen every episode before.

Sequential viewing reaches its zenith in shows like OUaT and Lostand if the writers are going to cultivate that kind of loyalty in their viewers they might as well reward them by giving them miniseries-like development for important relationships. That's what they're doing with the loathsome David Nolan and Mary Margaret.

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If the Beauty and the Beast story was a slap in St. Valentine's face, David Nolan buying two last minute ninety-nine-cent greeting cards for his wife and mistress was a roundhouse kick to the personal regions. David caught Mary Margaret leaving the saddest girl's night out of all time: David promised he would "find a way" for them to be together: David, you don't have to head to the lab and invent a new element, it's pretty obvious what you have to do: It plays into the Rumple-Belle or Rumbelle, or whatever people call it, relationship.

You have a very unusual situation with this show, getting to explore the new character while still getting to explore the other character in flashbacks in Fairytale Land.

Is it fun to have that duality?

IS Belle and Rumple's relationship toxic?

Who is Lacey compared to who Belle is, and is there anything specific you wanted to bring to Lacey to set her apart from Belle? She has a very loving, maternal side to her. She really cares about the world.

Belle is just more refined. She just read a different encyclopedia than Belle. She probably listened to it on tape. He lied about what happened to Milah- he said "she died" he didn't tell her she killed him because she didn't love him.

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I mean that's not a red flag, thats a siren with flasing lights. Plus, he has already killed a woman because she rejected him; you think he won't do the same to Belle? And she knows he could and would do it. He sees Belle as an object for his happy ending, not a person in her own right eg.

He also only changed her back from Lacey to Belle because he needed her, not because she deserved her free will. He has also called her an object 6x Twice in season 6 he restricted her freedom locking her on the Jolly and using the tracking bracelet He was willing to use magic to speed up her pregnancy and no, he does not get points for changing his mind.

You do not get points for not being more abusive than you already are.