Neal caffrey and peter burke relationship

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neal caffrey and peter burke relationship

Neal George Caffrey (born Neal George Bennett) is charming, sophisticated, and is Agent Peter Burke seemingly pulls some strings to get Neal his consulting . Neal's relationship with Peter and Mozzie eventually heals and strengthens. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. Alternative name(s): Elizabeth Burke/Peter Burke/Neal Caffrey Their relationship is different from what you'd expect, they become good.

However, Neal hadn't stolen the box, and claimed that the person who'd ever come closest to it was Alex Hunter. He then enlists Alex's help to find and steal the box, hoping to get Kate back that way. He finds out that the man with the FBI ring is Agent Garrett Fowlerand that Fowler himself had been blackmailed into finding the music box as well. Upon giving the music box to him, Fowler reveals that Kate had made a deal with him—Neal's freedom and new identities for the both of them in exchange for the music box.

This prompted Fowler to begin Operation Mentorwhich is says is "all about [Neal]. Season Two Because of the actions he took to acquire the box for Fowler, Neal is sent back to prison. Agent Peter Burke seemingly pulls some strings to get Neal his consulting sentence back, and Neal agrees to it once more, but with a different agenda—he was going to find and get his revenge on Fowler, who he believes blew up the plane to kill him and Kate.

He finds out that Fowler had gone underground, and in order to lure him out, Neal contacts Alex Hunter once again. Alex, however, does not want to help because someone is after her—the same someone who had been after Neal for the music box. Their plan to steal the music box becomes two-fold: The plan proves successful, but Neal is unable to extract revenge on Fowler because of Peter Burke's intervention.

He is later grateful for Peter's actions when they find out that Fowler hadn't been the one to 'pull the trigger. It is later revealed to Neal that the man who killed Kate and was after the music box was Neal's former employer, Vincent Adler, who turns out to be the son of a Nazi soldier involved in hiding a U-boat full of Nazi treasure.

To a similar effect, Alex Hunter admits that she is the granddaughter of Gerhard Wagnerwho had been the U-boat's radio operator. Wagner created a mathematical equation—called a fractal —that was meant to lead him back to the sunken U-boat. He placed it inside the music box, which was the reason why both Adler and Alex were after it. Neal and Peter eventually find the treasure, after which Adler has them escorted out of the ship and brought to a drydock.

With orders to flood the drydock, Adler's men leave Neal, Peter and Alex there to drown. However, Alex reveals that she has a knife in her bra, and Neal uses it to free himself and his companions. Later, they are able to find Adler, who admits to Neal that he killed Kate just as the warehouse full of the U-boat treasure explodes. Enraged, Adler blames Neal for blowing up the treasure and aims a gun at him, but Peter arrives in time and shoots him first, killing Adler and saving Neal.

Season Three When Neal arrives back at his apartment, he finds a key and an address, in which he discovers that the supposedly blown-up treasure. Mozzie had apparently swapped the treasure for the items in Neal's art studio, allowing Adler and the FBI to believe that the treasure was destroyed. Mozzie is excited and begins to make plans for him and Neal to leave New York, though Neal is reluctant to leave because of his friends and Sara, who he is dating. Eventually, Neal realizes that Peter suspects him of stealing the U-boat treasure, and discovers that a piece of the burned art had been salvaged.

He replaces the burnt piece with a new one that he makes out of the colors from one of the older paintings from the treasure to convince Peter that the piece of burnt art was part of the destroyed treasure.

neal caffrey and peter burke relationship

For a while, this placates Peter, until Neal hears about the manifest Diana has apparently found in the wreckage, meaning that if any of the treasures on the manifest surface, Peter will know for sure that the treasure didn't burn. Mozzie wants proof of the manifest, so Neal breaks into Peter's house while Peter and his wife Elizabeth are out. However, Neal realizes that if he tells Mozzie that the manifest is real, they can sell whatever wasn't included on the list and flee the country, making New York a distant memory.

It would also mean that Neal could no longer return to NYC. Reluctant to leave, Neal lies to Mozzie and tells him that the manifest didn't exist.

Matthew Keller Matthew Kellera long-time rival of Neal's with dubious ethics, later appears, believing that Neal had the treasure. This is the exact amount of a Degas painting Mozzie has been wanting to fence, but is on the manifest.

Neal is then forced to admit to Mozzie that the manifest exists, which makes Mozzie angry at Neal for lying to him. After retrieving the fenced Degas and replacing it with a forgery, Mozzie declares that his partnership with Neal is over.

Soon after, Neal discovers that in order to force him to give Keller the treasure, Keller has kidnapped Elizabeth and revealed to Peter that Neal did have possession of the missing treasure and had willingly hidden it from him.

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Enraged, Peter angrily confronts Neal, who earnestly tells Peter that he would give everything if it meant getting Elizabeth back. Mollified, Peter goes with Neal to the warehouse, but finds that Mozzie—in his anger at Neal—had moved everything.

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Desperately, Neal goes to contact Mozzie and tell him that Elizabeth had been kidnapped. Mozzie returns to help save her, and Keller is then caught and sent to prison. Neal's relationship with Peter and Mozzie eventually heals and strengthens, and when Peter's mentor Agent Kramer comes to sabotage Neal's communal hearing, Peter attempts to thwart it. However, Kramer finds evidence of Neal's theft of a Raphael painting, which turns out to be stored at Ellen Parker's home in Roosevelt Island.

Peter helps cover for him and enlists Sara's help, where she tells Kramer that Neal helped her recover the painting and had been in processing for a few weeks now. Unsatisfied, Kramer later returns with US Marshals to arrest Neal under bogus charges of public endangerment, at which Peter gives Neal the signal to skip town.

Neal then returns to his apartment in June's townhouse, cuts his anklet, and hops on a plane with Mozzie.

neal caffrey and peter burke relationship

There, he meets and dates a cafe owner named Mayaand is later introduced to a resident bigshot named Dobbs. However, he is later contacted by Peter and warned that an agent with dubious morals was coming after him. Peter tracks Neal down, whereupon the agent, Collinsfinds the information and heads to Cape Verde.

Peter follows and helps Neal escape, were they discover that Dobbs is actually an alias. Ellen makes contact with Samwho continued the investigation after Ellen was placed into WitSecand asks him to work with Neal on the case.

Ellen, however, dies before she can mediate a meeting between Sam and Neal, forcing Neal to chase down Sam. Peter calls Neal with the results of the blood test and learns that "Sam" is his father, James Bennett. Neal then takes up the role of a security guard during the heist, in order to allow the Pink Panthers into the airport.

Neil helps to break into the security system in order to send the money through the tubes, with Mozzie taking out about thirty million which the Pink Panthers assumed was a jam. However, while Peter has been pulled away, Keller and Neal escape from the truck which they're being held in and find Mozzie who has already split the thirty million.

However, Keller wants all of it and pulls out a knife; Neal pulls out a gun. After a fight with Keller, Keller shoots Neal in the chest and then Keller runs away. After Peter has a tense, but short, meeting with Keller, he goes to find Neal, who is being taken to hospital. The next scene shows Mozzie and Peter standing over a body bag; the doctor unzips the bag to reveal Neal's dead body with a bullet through his chest.

Mozzie and Peter are both in disbelief. It then skips to months in the future: Peter has a son and Mozzie is back to pulling the same scams he was pulling prior to meeting Neal.

Peter is then sent the bottle of Bordeaux which Neal always kept and he finds a key to a storage containment and begins to piece together Neal's plan, which Mozzie had suspected: Neal had bought the storage container to hold everything, hire a woman as a paramedic, a man as his doctor, and take some medications to slow his heart until there was almost no detectable heartbeat.

Having been classified as dead now, Neal was able to make an escape; Peter finds a newspaper with an article about the Louvre in Paris on the front cover. The final scene of the series is of Neal putting on his hat as he walks through a quiet street in Paris, having left everything from his previous life in New York behind, finally being a free man. Throughout their work together, they have developed a complicated friendship, and in the episode "Vital Signs" Neal confesses to Peter while under the influence of a sedativethat he's the only one Neal can trust.

Mozzie Mozzie is Neal's ally and confidant. At the end of Season 1, Neal and Moz say goodbye and part ways. However, in season 2 of the series, in the episode, "Withdrawl" Mozzie is re-introduced and their relationship is continued on the investigation of Kate's murder.

Their friendship is healed by the time they leave New York. Louis while they were in WitSec. After Neal's mother became despondent and unreliable, Ellen took over raising Neal and treated him like a son.

Their relationship became strained when Ellen finally told Neal the truth about his father, causing him to run away and change his name from WitSec-alias Danny Brooks back to Neal—his birth name. Later, Neal and Ellen heal their relationship, and Neal introduces her to Kate.

Neal also entrusts Ellen with the Raphael painting of St. George and the Dragon that he stole. Upon his return to New York, Neal approaches Ellen about the topic of his father.

Ellen calls in an old friend named Sam and asks that Neal work with him to figure out what happened to Neal's father James' case. She died before she could introduce them to each other, and Neal vows to find out who murdered her. No, she's not made out to be a horrible harpy. We'll get to that. In fic, she's the one who first figures out that Neal and Peter are attracted to each other.

She's the one who encourages Peter to make a move. She's the one who plays translator to sooth conflicts. If she ever gets jealous or insecure, it's only in passing.


She doesn't get turned into an evil harpy. Instead, she's flattened, turned into a smiling paper doll, with the inconvenient bits smoothed away. If you doubt me you really shouldn't, but whateverif you doubt that all fandom considers worthwhile in Elizabeth is what she can do for Peter and Neal but especially Nealrecall how completely they turned on her after "Brass Tacks.

The words "character assassination" were used. But Elizabeth wasn't doing anything in "Brass Tacks that she hadn't done before. The writing for Elizabeth in seasons four and five was on another level. She was given more freedom to express a wide range of emotions. She had her own angles and agendas.

neal caffrey and peter burke relationship

What Elizabeth wanted drove the narrative, never to an enormous degree, but much more so than before. And fandom declared her ruined.

It was was that point we did get fic in which Elizabeth wickedly split up Peter and Neal.