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Nineteen Minutes (Jodi Picoult, ) examines a school shooting in a riveting, His best friend, Josie Cormier, succumbed to peer pressure and now hangs out an even wider chasm in her relationship with her emotionally fragile daughter. Matt took a handful and passed the rest to Drew, who threw a spitball that. Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult has been reviewed by Focus on the . When Peter cornered Josie and Matt in the locker room, a gun fell out of his bag onto the floor. After the shooting, Alex's relationship with Josie is fraught with tension . Josie and Matt's Relationship. In Josie's living room while her mom was sleeping, Matt forced her to have sex and he didn't used a condom. Later on Josie finds.

During the shooting, Josie had fainted and cut her head. Lacy heard Peter's name and found out he was the shooter. Alex found out that the list of the victims was posted at the hockey rink. Diana was suppose to deal with the media and Jordan was going to represent Peter as his lawyer. When the gun slid across the floor and landed by Josie's foot, she picked it up. Josie then shot Matt in the stomach.

When Peter said "Don't tell" to Josie he meant that she would keep it a secret that she shot Matt instead of Peter. Mar 7, Peter's Cell Peter felt alone in his cell. Jordan came in and had a one-sided conversation with Peter. Peter remembered when he killed his fish when he was little. Also, at his own home, police were questioning Lewis to make sure that he could verify that two of his guns were missing.

When Josie had returned home, she got dressed to go to Peter's trial. Alex completely disagreed with Josie and wouldn't let her go to the trial. After that, Josie would just tell her mom that she needed a nap and her mom would leave her alone. Mar 7, Patrick and Alex's Day The next morning when Patrick returned to the school, he commented the school looked liked a spiderweb because of all the string that was mapping out the important details.

As Patrick investigated further, he found out Peter had only used two out of the four guns that he brought to the school. When Josie was brought into the hospital, there were questions as to if Alex should be on this case. Alex thought she shouldn't be removed because a different judge wouldn't justify this case. Mar 7, Peter's Day After Peter had been convicted, his room had been stripped of all his personal belongings. Peter was placed in a maximum security cell which mean't to him that he didn't have a roommate or recreation time.

Peter heard someone talking to him in his cell and the voice said it's name was Carnivore. A little while later Lacy came to visit Peter and gave him a hug. He yelled at her for not really looking at him for the past 17 years. Mar 7, Josie and the Funeral Josie went to Matt's funeral and started sobbing after she had walked up to the podium.

After she had returned home, Patrick wanted to talk to her about Peter. They talked in the kitchen and Josie told him about how Josie had known Peter but they weren't friends. Mar 7, Patrick's Investigation Patrick found a video camera from the lunchroom that showed Peter's progression throughout the school shooting.

Peter stopped and sat down to have a bowl of cereal.

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Also, the geek squad, as Patrick calls them, found games Peter had created on his computer. Peter also hacked the computer's at school which caused the car to blow up. Mar 7, Jordan and Peter's Conversation Peter talks to Jordan about his bullies and how they were the cause of this shooting. He also tells Jordan about everything they would do to him. Lewis went back to work and the chairman came and told him he needed to take some time off. Mar 16, Josie is Lonely Josie snuck out of her room to watch a video from her sweet sixteen party.

She wanted to see Matt and her other friends alive. While she was downstairs, she took off the golden locket Matt had given her and put it in the couch cushion. The following day, Alex took Josie outside for the first time and when a truck backfired, Josie fell on the sidewalk crying because she thought it was gunshots.

Mar 16, The Grief When Lacy went to buy milk from the grocery store, she donated all of her money to the Memorial Fund for the Victims of Sterling High, instead of buying milk. At the town grief session, Mark yelled at Jordan for defending Peter and many parents were wondering where their children would now go to school. Also, Alex relates this time back to her and father who didn't consider himself a father.

He didn't teach his daughter what most fathers do. Mar 18, Secrets Mr. McCabe is gay and his partner is Philip. Also, Joey, Peter's brother, was a senior, an honor student, and an athlete. He died when a drunk driver crashed into him. Joey's secret was that he did drugs like heroin. Mar 20, New School When Jordan left his office, he noticed all four of his tires were slashed probably because he was defending Peter in the case. Sterling high was relocated to the Mount Lebanon grade school and had many new rules for safety and protection.

Mar 23, Regular Day Drew picked Josie up for school and gave her one of Matt's hats that he had left in Drew's car. While Alex was taking a smoke break at work, Patrick came and talked to her about vices and the kids first day back to school since the shooting. Mar 24, Jordan's Plan Jordan learned many things about Peter, even that his own brother bullied him.

Jordan used post-traumatic stress diorder as his legal defense of Peter saying that Peter was suffering from bullied victim syndrome. Mar 24, The Probable Cause Hearing Peter created Hide-N-Shriek which would have the player go around the halls of the school and collect weapons to kill the bully. At the Probable Cause Hearing, Jordan decided to waive the hearing and Peter told Jordan that he had been trying to kill himself. On Patrick's way to the hearing he was called to Smyth's Gun Shop because a victim's mother had shot herself in the mouth right in the store.

In honor of the victims, 10 white crosses were located along Route 10 as a makeshift memorial. When Peter's dad saw him filtering crystals for the bomb, he thought Peter was doing it for extra credit in science class. When the car place had called Louis to remind him of Peter's appointment, he kept it because Peter had scheduled it and Lewis wanted to keep it for him.

When Lacy visited Peter in jail, he told her that if she would walk out on him, she would worry about the outcome of that too. Apr 27, Charges against Peter Jordan and Diana were both shocked that Alex was still on the case.

Peter was charged with 10 counts of first degree murder, possession of firearms on school grounds, possession of explosive devices, unlawful use of an explosive device, and receiving stolen goods. After an outburst had occured in the courtroom, Alex made Peter open his hand and drop a piece of glass he had collected. After the gathering, Alex went and picked Josie up from school.

Jordan lists Josie as a defense witness which forces Alex to step down off the case. When Patrick has a meeting with Alex, she is crying and worried about Josie potentially being a witness. Alex then goes to Jordan's house to question him as to why he is calling Josie as a witness when she has already told them everything she knows.

Aug 3, Patrick and Alex Patrick and Alex had been dating for four months now. As long as Alex was happy, Josie was happy. Throughout this relationship, Josie had been telling Alex that she was tutoring other students at the school all summer. She was really going to the cementary to visit Matt. Aug 6, Preparing Peter for the Trial Lacy went shopping and bought really expensive clothes for Peter for his trial because she said it would be the last time she could ever buy him anything.

When Lewis went to visit Peter he apologized for Peter's whole life and not being there for him. Aug 10, Josie Loses It One night Josie runs from the supper table because she thinks everyone else has moved on from the shooting except for her. Alex went and told Josie she would go with her through the hard times in order to comfort Josie. When Josie wanted to go to the final trial, Alex let her because she knew Josie could make her own decisions.

Jordan gave Peter a new pair of glasses to make him look professional before the trial. Dianan opening statement talked about how Peter knew what he was doing and he could have done many other things in 19 minutes. Jordan talked about how Peter was bullied by his peers since the first day of kindergarten. Aug 16, The Trial Both Zoe and Michael talked about the order of events that took place that day.

While Lacy waited to testify for Peter, she remembered the time when she realized she could hate her own child. When Peter saw Haley he thought he was going to explode and die. When Drew testified, the prosecution made him look good, but for the defense he told how he was a bully and it was a joke. Aug 16, The Trial Continued Dusty explained to the jury that the school's policy for school bullying was the teachers were to report the incident to a supervisor but nothing other than that.

Derek was called to testify against Peter because Diana though Derek would turn on Peter. Aug 16, Right After the Trial Alex told Lacy that she should remember the good times and when their kids were innocent. When Alex told Josie about the email read in court, Josie was shocked and then played it off like it was no big deal. When Peter returned to his cell, he felt left out og the group because no one was friends in jail unless you fit in and Peter didn't.

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Uppergate didn't ever meet with Peter to diagnose him because psychiatry was seeing how that client thought of things. King Wah had Dr. Ghertz take scans of Peter's brain to rule out schizophrenic and bipolar disorder. Post-traumatic stress disorder works in Peter's case because he was bullied continuously since kindergarten. She started crying and a man stood up angry because Peter had killed his daughter. When recess was called, Selena took Lacy to a room by the janitor's closet filled with old mops.

Alex came in and said for Lacy to be strong and just look at her. When they returned to the trial Jordan called Peter Houghton as his next witness. His reply is, "Oh Alex, let's not bother with that. What impact might this have had on Alex's relationship with Josie?

On pagePeter reveals his true feelings about his brother's death. What are your thoughts on this? Does the tormenting and constant living in his brother's shadow justify Peter's feelings toward his brother's death?

On pageJordan asks Peter who he was trying to kill the day of the shooting. He says he wanted to kill himself. Do you think this is true? Why would he kill so many others and create terror if he really just wanted to take his own life? On pagewhen Josie and Peter are both working together, we see a different, long forgotten side of Josie. What does this show us about her? Is there hope for her to be comfortable in her own skin, and be herself again? On pages andMatt disrespects Josie then sweet talks her out of being upset.

Is this being manipulative or caring? On page when Lacy comes to visit Peter in jail, he is extremely hostile to her. Why do you think he acts this way?

Does he have good reason to? Do you think it's right to blame Lacy and Lewis for Peter's actions? Do you think his upbringing factored into his crimes? What do you think about Peter's love note to Josie? What do Courtney's actions show us about what kind of person she is, and what does this show us about the people Josie hangs out with?

Do you think Matt could be considered an abusive and manipulative boyfriend? Throughout the book, it is evident that Josie doesn't want to "do it" without protection.

She tries to stop Matt when he attempts to do it without protection, but he just covers her mouth with his hand and keeps going, not respecting Josie or her body. Were you surprised that Josie didn't get upset after? Why didn't Josie have a different reaction if she were upset?

Do you feel that the dream Josie has when she miscarries the baby is symbolic? If so, what is it symbolic of? When Josie tries to tell Matt about the good news of the miscarriage before one of his hockey games, he is very rude to her, makes degrading jokes about her to look cool in front of his friends. Once Josie manages to tell him the news, his demeanor changes completely. Do you think he loves Josie or does he like the idea of her or the fact that she will do anything for him?

Is there a difference between obsession and love?

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Do you think the Bullied Victims are right in supporting Peter? Does Peter being a bullied victim justify his actions? Even though Drew Girard would never be the jock he had been Even though Haley Weaver wasn't a knockout They were still a part of a group Peter could not, and would never, fit into" What do you think this tells us about Peter?

On pagethe truth about what really happened to Matt came out. What were your reactions? Why did Josie shoot Matt?

What was her immediate reaction once she shot him, and what does this show us about her? Do you think Josie really didn't remember anything at first? Or was she lying the whole time? Why didn't she come clean? What do you think about Alex's words with Lacy, about keeping Peter's memories alive on page ? What do you think about Peter's trial?

Do you think he should have testified? What did you think about his testimony?

Nineteen Minutes

Does this count as an apology? What were your feelings toward Peter's suicide? What do you think the author meant when she said, "He knew, somehow, that he was going exactly where he wanted to go" What are your opinions on the ending? In general, did you enjoy the book? Who was your favorite character?

Who is one character that you didn't like? Did you like Jodi Picoult's writing style? What did you like about the book? What didn't you like?