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Nodame Cantabile was a thoroughly enjoyable read which I highly Chiaki's relationship with Nodame is everything I want a romance to be in. Nodame Cantabile is about the developing relationship between Shinichi From Nodame Cantabile: The Essential Guide, I counted that the. chiaki and nodame's relationship in the anime is basically the same as but the manga does have a one volume sequel, Nodame Cantabile.


Nodame Cantabile was a thoroughly enjoyable read which I highly recommend. The plot follows Chiaki and Nodame as they move through music university, collecting friends including a rock and roll violinist, a flamboyant timpanist, a gifted concertmistress, and an impoverished contrabassist. The plot is episodic. Chiaki helps found an orchestra; Nodame enters her first competitions. All the characters make plans for their careers after graduation. The supporting cast is strong, especially the rocker friend, who grows alongside the protagonists.

At first, I found the characters to be exaggerated, especially Nodame. I've found myself recommending it left and right lately, so I thought I'd make a [WT!

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I'll be referring to this anime as a whole all 3 seasons in this post, but don't worry, I will avoid spoilers. Our main character, Chiaki Shinichi, is a 3rd year student at a music academy. He's a perfectionist, slightly narcissistic, and insanely talented musically almost reminiscent of Kanyebut ultimately a likable and respectful guy.

He meets our female lead, Noda Megumi, who is the carefree, eccentric, and haphazard type though equally musically gifted. The show follows the pair as Shinichi works toward achieving his dream of being a successful conductor, as Nodame tries to decide what her dream is, and develops a deep, mature, realistic, and very satisfying romance all the while.

The show also focuses on classical music, and often the dramatic arcs culminate in a music scene, featuring orchestras, accompaniments from side characters, and often one or both of the pair playing together. You can always feel the character's emotions through the music, and the direction of these scenes is wonderful.

If you're not versed in classical music, don't worry, I wasn't either, but you can definitely still appreciate how powerful musical expression can be, and possibly even be moved to tears. I'll be honest here - the show isn't what you'd call eye candy these days. It's by no means bad, but it was released in You'll get a good idea of it in the OP linked below.

The art style is simple, and it works for the show. Everything about it is just decent. The only bad parts were some of the poor use of CG, although it was used to good effect in some places.

But overall, it just fits. The character designs are realistic and not flashy, but in the comedic scenes they're still lively. The experience of playing the piece with Nodame changed Chiaki's mind and returned his passion for playing piano while Nodame developed a feeling for Chiaki.

Later on, Nodame met Mine Ryuutaro, a 2nd year violin student with a passion toward rock music. Mine first thought Nodame was cute and asked her to accompany him for his make-up exam. But on the day of the make-up exam, Nodame got sick and Chiaki had to replace her to accompany Mine in his performance.

Nodame then received constant pranks her bentou disappearing, a note stuck on her back, a rubber arrow being fired to her forehead, etc. Working together with Mine, she managed to catch the culprit, who turned out to be A-Orchestra's timpani player, Masumi, who had a crush on Chiaki. After Masumi got humiliated in front of Chiaki, she finally gave up on pranking Nodame and together with Mine, the three played a piece written by Chiaki himself.

Nodame then met Stresemann who tricked her on the street, making her believe that his name was actually 'Milch Holstein' and almost getting her to spend a night out with him if not for Chiaki's interference.

During Franz Von Stresemann's stay in Japan, she was appointed as the Special Orchestra's mascot girl and helped Chiaki, begging Stresemann to accept his transfer.

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Although Stresemann demanded a kiss from her as compensation, Nodame responded with a hard punch instead, knocking Stresemann unconscious and incapable of conducting. Taking the opportunity, Nodame took Chiaki to conduct the Special Orchestra instead. During Chiaki's work with Special Orchestra, she helped him resolve various problems like Sakura Saku's problem and changed his attitude in conducting the orchestra by showing him a Purigorota episode.

There she was tutored by the famous Nina Lutz, who then dismissed her for her lack of practice and enthusiasm in music.