Psycho pass akane and shinya relationship quiz

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psycho pass akane and shinya relationship quiz

Browse through and read or take thousands of kougami stories, quizzes, and Akane's probably very one-sided feelings didn't stand under the brightest star of the universe. Even if they were returned, their relationship was fated to become a train Psycho pass - kougami shinya. warning: season 1 spoilers. christmas gift . on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Psycho pass, Manga anime and Anime boys. Psycho-Pass Kogami Shinya, Versão Anime, Anime Art, Hot Anime Guys, . I didn't really watch Psycho\-pass for the romance and I honestly Honestly I'd be fine if Akane didn't get into a relationship with anyone, ever.

psycho pass akane and shinya relationship quiz

He usually wears a black suit and tie, as both an Enforcer and an Inspector. When in the field, Kogami wears a gray coat over his suit.

Shinya Kogami

Inhe wears a khaki green, military-style shirt and pants with a bulletproof vest and brown combat boots. He also carries a traditional gun in a light brown holster. There, he is an Enforcer and subordinate to his childhood best friend, Nobuchika Ginoza who is an Inspector and lead officer. Although the two often seem at odds, they respect one another's judgment regarding police work. Kogami is cool-headed and detached while working a case with sharp instincts and insight into the criminal mind.

Psycho Pass/Kogami❤Akane/Soldier

The way he deals with investigations leaves even the best Enforcers impressed and appalled, as he usually uses risky methods to solve them. However, despite his mostly serious personality, Kogami has a sense of humor and finds it amusing to tease rookie Inspector, Akane Tsunemori, especially about how she once shot him with a Dominator during her first assignment with Division 1.

When Sasayama dies a horrible death while on the job, Kogami's emotional attachment and resulting feelings cause his Crime Coefficient to rise, leading to his demotion to Enforcer rank. An example of this is seen in his deliberate provocation of Yuji Kanehara.

psycho pass akane and shinya relationship quiz

Kogami was created by the Production I. G staff who wanted to have a strong protagonist in order to make stand in the confrontation against Makishima. Critical reception to Kogami's character has often been positive due to his traits and role in the series while his rivalry with Makishima has often been praised, while his return in the movie earned similar praise for his return after an absence during the second Psycho-Pass anime.

He has also been well received by fans earning him the "Mister Noitamina" award in an official poll. He is in charge of hunting down criminals even though Kogami himself is a potential criminal due to his high "Criminal Coefficient. While investigating the case, Mitsuru Sasayamathe Enforcer that worked under him, was on to the mastermind behind the case until he was killed in the same manner as the victims.

psycho pass akane and shinya relationship quiz

Instead of seeking the needed therapy, Shinya became so focused on the case that he was demoted to Enforcer by the Sibyl System, restricting his freedom and limiting his movement to inside the Public Safety Bureau. As a result, Kogami leaves Unit One to hunt down and kill Makishima alone.

Shinya Kogami | Revolvy

The Movieit is revealed Kogami now lives in the Southeast Asia Union, a superstate which has begun to import the Sibyl System technology from Japan. Kogami is the leader of freedom fighters who oppose the exposition to the Sibyl System, having taught his students his fighting skills. During the movie, Akane comes to the Southheast Asia Union to confront Kogami, but both end up cooperating in discovering the identity of the upcoming President of the superstate.

Both Kogami and Akane end up being attacked by mercenaries but are saved by Unit One.

psycho pass akane and shinya relationship quiz

Kogami and Ginoza once again join forces to defeat the mercenary leader mercenary leader Desmond Rutaganda. Following Rutaganda's death, Kogami and Ginoza part different ways with the former staying with his new group now that the President is considering taking place in another election. Kogami is also set to return in the film Psycho-Pass: Makishima is Shogo which means the time between midday and sunset, and Kogami is Shinya the time between midnight and sunrise.

Despite the similarities about the two characters' despite their similarities in themes and motives, both characaters take a different path across the series based on their choices shown in the story.

psycho pass akane and shinya relationship quiz

Character designer Kyoji Asano emphasized a major contrast when illustrating both Kogami and Akane: The non-romantical relationship between these two characters was found appealing by the staff due to trust both have on each other. For the film, Seki felt that Kogami became less brooding than in the first series as he was no longer attached to the idea of revenge. The reunion between Kogami and Akane was one of Seki's favorite scenes due to how the two interact by handing out a cigarrete without talking.