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Troi's relationship with Will Riker is perhaps the unhealthiest .. Guinan actually pushes Riker to come into his own and trust himself, as he has. We find out in the first episode of TNG that Riker and Troi used to be in a relationship. But as the show goes on, it doesn't come up very often. I think Riker got a lot of non-Troi tail on the ENT-D so he didn't really . with Riker and Troi exploring the renewal of their relationship on the.

She soon managed to resume her former sense of calm, however, and returned to the Enterprise as Riker had ordered.

The One With The Counselor And The Commander

Insurrection movie under the influence of rejuvenating metaphasic radiation. InDeanna married Will Riker. The first ceremony was a traditional Earth wedding, where Captain Picard served as Will's best man. After that ceremony, a traditional Betazoid wedding ceremony was to take place on Betazed. However the Enterprise-E's journey to Betazed was interrupted by the discovery of B Meets and begins relationship with Starfleet officer William T.

Breaks off romantic relationship with William Riker. This is not about revenge. This is about justice. The Captain died in a bar fight for nothing.

Somebody has to answer for that. Then I can mourn. It is selfish, and his reaction is proof that she has made her point. She notes that it feels like it belongs to someone else. The only thing even remotely familiar is Riker: Can you remember anything specific about us?

I hope their good feelings. But my soulmate supposition might also explain some of it, as well. She discovers a book in his quarters: Ode to Psyche, John Keats.

Will; All my love, Deanna.

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That may explain some of the familiar feelings we have. The Next Generation, Conundrum My mind runs rampant trying to figure out the backstory regarding her choosing to give him that specific book once upon a time.

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Someone who is becoming very important to me. Nothing will change between us, will it? Of course it will. All relationships are constantly changing. That much will always be true. The Next Generation, The Outcast The fact that Riker felt he needed to tell Troi about his relationship before doing anything drastic speaks volumes as to what Troi means to him. As I noted above, it was this film that cemented my love for Deanna Troi. This blog has convinced my friend and fellow writer, Ashleyto begin watching TNG.

It appears to be a robotic arm. Jean-Luc, how'd you like a trip to Romulus? With or without the rest of the fleet? We've been invited, believe it or not.

The Son'a, the Borg, the Romulans-- you seem to get all the easy assignments. Let's hope that luck holds. Helmsman, lay in a new course. Take us to Romulus, warp eight. Course plotted and laid in. I'm afraid the Opal Sea will have to wait, Number One. B-4, do you know where you are? I am in a room My life is meaningless as long as you're still alive.

What am I while you exist? If your issues are about me, then deal with me! This has nothing to do with my ship - nothing to do with the Federation! Oh, but it does!

We will no longer bow before anyone as slaves - not the Romulans, and not your mighty Federation! We are a race bred for war and conquest! The same noble Picard blood runs through our veins. Had you lived my life, you'd be doing exactly as I am. So look in the mirror. I can think of no greater torment for you. I'm a mirror for you, as well. Not for long, Captain.