Rinoa and squall relationship quiz

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rinoa and squall relationship quiz

While some of these relationships were a joy to behold, others were a stand the test of time if it was not for Squall and Rinoa's relationship. It seems that their relationship is there to stay. . From the two dancing, Rinoa hugging Squall on the flower field, to them kissing at the end of. In disc 2, when (SPOILER)you fight Seifer in Galbadia garden, and u hav Rinoa in the party, he says, "u too? There are also several hints that suggest Seifer and Rinoa were a couple before Squall met her. It's a pretty well established fact that Seifer and Rinoa were romantically.

rinoa and squall relationship quiz

I guess he miraculously lived or something. Quistis sighed and left, seeing as how Cid resumed his deep thought and pacing again.

He answered every question the assistant aid asked, he volunteered for everything she asked, and he even finished their quiz first. Rinoa was disappointed though, she expected Squall to react with jealousy, in fact, that is exactly what she wants, but he didn't! Okay, calm down, don't act jealous. Rinoa pouted and crossed her arms, she wanted him to be jealous, she wanted him to cling on to her, she wanted him to hold her like Zell was with Selphie! I'll have to go through more drastic measures.

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She was quite uncomfortable and forgot what she was teaching, "We took the quiz and did all the demonstrations Instructor. Class should be over unless you plan to do other things.

He was acting like the perfect angel. Quistis became suspicious but she dismissed the class early. He doesn't really act like he likes me. Rinoa jerked up as she felt someone's hand touch her bare shoulder, "Hey. You're not gonna throw me into another sorceress are you?

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I came to apologize. Although Zell no longer remembers their childhood together the two have never gotten along. Seifer picks on Zell throughout the operation at the Siege of Dolletand Zell is forced to follow Seifer's orders when he has them leave their post to investigate the local radio tower where the Galbadian forces are headed. Seifer abandons his squad and Squall and Zell are joined by Selphie Tilmitt from Squad A delivering a withdrawal order.

The cadets barely make it back in time, but Zell passes the exam along with Squall, Selphie, and another student named Nida.

rinoa and squall relationship quiz

In the SeeD graduation ceremony Zell attempts to congratulate Squall who rebuffs him, and dodges Selphie's advances about joining her Garden Festival Committee. Zell, Squall and Selphie are assigned a mission in Timber to assist a resistance faction known as the Forest Owls.

If they visit the library before heading off, Zell talks with the library girl about a book he wants to read. Zell is elated to discover the train they catch from Balamb has a private cabin for SeeD use, but soon passes out.

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He dreams of the exploits of a G-soldier named Laguna Loire taking place many years in the past, and upon awakening is surprised to find Squall and Selphie shared the same dream. In Timber the Forest Owls task the SeeD with capturing the president of Galbadia, Vinzer Delingby hijacking his private train, but the mission fails due to false intelligence. Their next mission is to intercept the president's TV broadcast. A rogue Seifer takes the president hostage over the air, and Squall's former teacher, Quistis Trepewho had been pursuing Seifer, calls them to the studio where Zell accidentally lets slip them being from Garden.

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The president threatens to attack the Gardens unless he is released. The Sorceress Edea arrives and spirits Seifer away with her, saving the president.

G-forces storm the town and the SeeD are forced into hiding, a Forest Owls member, Rinoa Heartillysecuring them a safe house. Squall coldly replies it depends on the strength of the Galbadian army, leaving Zell discouraged. On their way to Galbadia Garden Squall, Quistis and Selphie pass out, Zell recognizing them having entered a dream world.

In Galbadia Garden the group discovers Seifer's act is being considered independent, and Garden will not be held accountable.

rinoa and squall relationship quiz

Seifer is said to have been executed and though Zell never liked him, he is nonetheless thrown into sadness at the news. The group is assigned a new mission from both Headmaster Cid and Galbadia Garden's Master Martine to assassinate the sorceress who has been declared ambassador of Galbadia.

rinoa and squall relationship quiz

Upon arriving in Deling CityZell is assigned to the "gateway team" along with Selphie and Quistis, while Squall and Irvine Kinneasa Galbadia Garden student, are part of the "sniper team" with Rinoa unexpectedly joining them later. Though the gateway team succeeds in trapping the sorceress inside an archway, the assassination fails and they are captured. Zell reclaims the party's weapons.

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Zell and the others are sent to the D-District Prison where Zell recognizes the place as the location Ward Zabac worked in when he was retired from the Galbadian army, after having entered another mysterious dream world.

Since Zell is the only one of the group apt to fight without weapons, he volunteers to retrieve the group's arsenal from the guards. Using his knowledge of the prison layout, he leads the group through it, saving Squall from the torture chamber and escaping with Irvine and Rinoa's help. The party splits into two groups with one team heading to the Missile Base to stop the launch, and the other warning Balamb Garden of the impending attack.

It is up to Squall to assign Zell in either team.


Balthier and Fran show us that when the going gets tough, putting your trust in someone you are close to will prevail in the end. If Final Fantasy XII were to get the sequel treatment though it is not possible at the momentit would be great to see these two get closer. Forming A Forbidden Feeling via: Being serviced to look over the Jenova Project in Nibelheim, he ended up falling in love with a scientist named Lucrecia Crescent. And then she ended up being involved with the creation of Sephiroth.

Vincent deserved better and he is just too good for Lucrecia. However, one girl managed to get closer to him and her name is Rinoa.

Before Final Fantasy X, this couple left an impact on fans for a long time. Their relationship is believable and strong, and it is no wonder why a lot of fans love Rinoa and Squall.

rinoa and squall relationship quiz

From the two dancing, Rinoa hugging Squall on the flower field, to them kissing at the end of the game, these two helped pave the way for more romance in the Final Fantasy series. Hearts Growing Fonder via: Despite the limited screen time we see of Noctis and Luna together, there is chemistry between the two. Once Noctis makes it to Altissia, seeing him and Luna reunite felt genuine and not sappy at all. Thanks to Ardyn ruining everything, it was satisfying to see Noctis finally defeat him after his ten-year slumber.

The ending to this long-awaited game pulled at our heartstrings and seeing the two kiss made us sigh while tearing up. Torn Apart For So Long via: Some love the game and its characters while others hate it with a burning passion. This game does get some things right, but it also gets stuff very wrong.