Ron and hermione secret relationship fanfiction

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ron and hermione secret relationship fanfiction

Harry and Ginny had been secretly dating for six months. They both decided it would be better to keep their relationship hidden for the time being. Harry sat down next to Hermione opposite Ron and Ginny. The four worked. Summary: Ever wonder if Ron and Hermione's relationship actually began secretly in Half-Blood Prince? Well, this fan-fiction is about exactly. As Harry and Ginny begin their new relationship and struggle to hide it from the . Ron grimaced at her, and turned to speak to Hermione.

The portrait hole swung open again, and Harry climbed through. He looked around, his brow furrowed, and then spotted Ron in the back. Ron waved a hand weakly and Harry hurried over to him. He could have laughed in relief, but quickly held his face expressionless.

Harry mistook his expression for something else and said, eyes widening, "You don't still have that little thing for her, do you? It's more of a reciprocated, full-out passion than a passing fancy, so Do you have any idea?

ron and hermione secret relationship fanfiction

He could be in this room right now. It could be anyone," Harry said in a mock-detective voice. He looked around the room as if expecting Hermione to appear, kissing the same boy from before. Hermione's got a secret boyfriend? Do you know who it could be? Ron didn't say anything, suddenly realizing that perhaps not telling Harry was worse than telling him. Do you think that's a good idea? She spotted them and paused for a second before walking over slowly.

ron and hermione secret relationship fanfiction

Hermione stared at Harry, then at Ron, then back to Harry. Harry's mouth fell open and he looked at Hermione. You'd know I'd tell you if I had a secret boyfriend! I'm going to bed. There were the sounds of footsteps near the door to Neville's compartment, and the couple broke apart quickly, smoothing their mussed robes.

Ginny grinned slightly at Harry. She reached out to touch his arm, and eased the door open, waving at Neville and Luna as she passed through their compartment. As she slid the door to her own open, she heard Hermione give a muffled gasp, and out of the corner of her downcast eyes she saw Ron and Hermione break away from each other much in the same fashion as she and Harry just had.

She suppressed the growing grin on her face. I'm glad he's all right. Just then, the door slid open, and Harry stepped in, looking cool and collected as he made his way to his seat. Ron frowned as Hermione let out a squeal of embarrassment. Now, how about that chess? No matter who stared and whispered as he passed by, he already felt at home and safe inside the castle walls. He even welcomed the usual sneer from Snape as they passed the staff table; some things were always constant.

He needed things to be constant right now. They settled at their usual seats, and Harry looked across from his seat to see Ginny grinning at him, dark eyes reassuring and insinuating at the same instant. He swallowed, and grinned back. How would he bear this? He felt like he needed to pull her across the table and kiss the breath out of her. Once that thought was visualized, he almost moaned.

This would be a frustrating year. The Sorting Hat began its song, but Harry didn't notice it. He felt a small foot nudging his ankle, and a shot of warmth traveled up his leg straight to his head.

He shot a warning glance at Ginny, and she smirked. The foot edged up under the hems of his robe, rubbing at his skin. A very frustrating year, indeed. Finally, the Sorting Hat finished its song, and Harry joined in the applause weakly, wondering if the song had really been that good. He hadn't heard one word. Professor McGonagall took out her scroll of first-years from the pocket of her robes, and began calling out names.

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Ron groaned under his breath, and leaned over to Harry. I'm so hungry," he groused, earning a poke in the side from Hermione. Harry silently agreed as Ginny's foot nudged a bit higher up his calf.

ron and hermione secret relationship fanfiction

This was absolute murder. After an eternity, the final child, Emma Yeager, was proclaimed a Ravenclaw, and the Sorting Hat was taken away by McGonagall, headed for Dumbledore's office to wait until next year.

In the middle of the impatient chatter, Professor Dumbledore stood from his seat at the staff table, and raised his hand for silence. It was given almost immediately, and he smiled amicably at the students before him. I would like to remind all of you that the Forbidden Forest is, well, forbidden to all students. Filch has added another twenty-five items to the list of unacceptable items, so, if you need to, check the list to make sure you aren't carrying any. Hogsmeade is off-limits to anyone under third year.

His eyes met Harry's, and a soft smile creased his face. Harry's eyes widened as he saw his father's close friend wave at the students cheerfully, smiling tiredly at Harry when he met his gaze. Lupin looked weary, but stronger since the last time Harry had seen him at King's Cross in June.

He wondered why no one had told him Lupin was coming back, but let that thought go as wild applause echoed in the hall from every table except the Slytherins'. Harry let a nasty smirk cross his face when he glimpsed Draco Malfoy looking fairly uncomfortable at his seat.

Dumbledore waited for the applause to die down before resuming his speech.

Harry watched as Dumbledore leaned over to speak to McGonagall, and then turned his gaze away, reaching for the potatoes. Ginny's foot halted its ministrations abruptly, and he looked up at her. She was gazing at him in concern, eyebrow raised.

ron and hermione secret relationship fanfiction

He smiled slightly at her, and after a moment, she smiled back, and started to eat. Beside him, Ron let out a sigh of satisfaction. Hermione frowned in a way that reminded Harry very much of their Head of House. You're a prefect," she admonished her boyfriend. He just shrugged at her, smiling as she huffed. Some things never change. Potter, the headmaster would like to see you in his office after the feast this evening.

Just make you way to his office once the feast is over. He frowned, and turned back to his food, trying to ignore the curious stares coming from Hermione and Ron. He hadn't even been here one night, and Dumbledore already wanted to see him. Given his behavior in his office those dreadful hours after Sirius' death, he would have thought the headmaster would want to keep him at a distance.

His stomach clenched, and he set his fork down abruptly. He didn't want to think of his behavior towards Dumbledore.

He might have been overwhelmed with grief, but that was no excuse for his actions and words. In his solitary hours over the summer, Harry had realized this many times over, and each time made him feel even worse than before. What did McGonagall want?

Nothing important," he replied with forced cheer, and picked up his fork once more. Ron eyed him for a moment, then turned to his sister, who was sitting opposite Harry.

Ginny wrinkled her nose at him.

Angelina and Alicia are both gone. You and Harry are the oldest ones on the team," she said thoughtfully, glancing at Harry. He raised an eyebrow. Dumbledore will lift your suspension by the week's end. I know nothing about strategy. I can't even win a chess game! Hermione rolled her eyes, muttered something about boys being idiots, and went back to her meal. Ginny giggled, and leaned over to speak to Colin, who was sitting one seat down from her.

Harry watched her mouth move for a bit, forgetting the cooling food on his plate, his focus completely on the girl laughing across from him. He felt a knot tighten in his chest. She had no idea the secrets he had. Would she still want him if she knew what he had to do? What he had to be? She knew so little of his connection with Voldemort; she didn't fully understand how close he was at all times. She nodded in response to his question and sighed, "Can we please sit down? I'm tired of walking. Plus, you're really heavy when you lean on me when we're walking.

Hand-in-hand they walked off towards a quiet little shop that served refreshments. Ron ordered a round of butterbeers, having to practically shove Hermione's money back into her purse so that he could buy the drinks himself. He knew that Hermione didn't mean to, in a way, bring up his money, or actually lack there-of, but he hated people offering to buy things that he was able to. Moving into the back of the shop, Hermione took a sip from her bottle and stared up at the ceiling.

Biting her lip again Hermione's eyes had a slight mist glaze over them; she wiped away any tears trying to escape before Ron could notice. So, that means that they don't believe that we should be together. Ron noticed her uneasiness on the subject, reached down under the table, and took Hermione's hand in his.

I wouldn't have gone and run off to America to get away from that! Regaining his composure, Ron brought up the differences of the two siblings, "I mean," He informed her, "Isn't she a muggle, like your parents. Can't you just tell that to your parents? They're almost as hard-headed as you are.

ron and hermione secret relationship fanfiction

When that happened he took his hand from hers and poked her in the side, right under her ribs, causing her to jump up and squeal in surprise and Ron to bust out laughing. Laughing and wrapping his arm around her securely he begged for her forgiveness, which she gave away reluctantly.

You never told me. He was found the next day, dead. It was loss of blood I believe. Anyway, Millie was pregnant when she found out, never even told Nicholas about the child.