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Unsinkable Ship: Why ‘Bleach’ Should Have Made Ichigo/Rukia Canon [Love & Sex Week] Let's back up: Bleach starts with teenager Ichigo Kurosaki, who can see ghosts, encountering Rukia Kuchiki phasing through his walls one night. With Rukia powerless and unable to return to Soul. Bleach. Relationship: Kurosaki Ichigo/Urahara Kisuke. Characters: Published: ; Updated: ; Words: ; Chapters: 1/? . explained currency and taxes to him, and even took him shopping a couple times at the. Laren80 is a fanfiction author that has written 9 stories for Bleach, and Power Rangers.

With Aizen's master plan in place; Ichigo, his friends, the Gotei 13, and the Royal Guard face their deadliest threat yet. Who will prevail in the final war? Zaraki Different Circumstances by Orionshadow reviews Despite all warnings, Matsumoto interrupts Zaraki in the bath house. The consequences have far reaching effects. In which Yami is a single father, determined to never let another woman rip his heart to shreds again. Rating is subject to change.

So, Severus survived the first year as a parent, the rest should be a walk in the park M - English - Family - Chapters: Will this adventure be a success or will Byakuya find himself even more stressed out then before? When Wishes and Dreams Come True by DiNozzo and Gibbs addict reviews This story is just a drabble about dreams and them possibly coming true, just told within a couple of chapters and totally AU!

The End of Bleach…for now

Just based around Gibbs and Tony. Rated M due to some of the content included! Can they be what they should have been? There they meet the Cullen's. T - English - Chapters: While they wait for him to arrive several of his friends and fellow captains discover they harbor feelings for him. Byakuya realizes just how much Ichigo means to him. He won't be able to bury his feelings anymore.

Love is Unstoppable by Akrximay reviews After Ichi lost his powers he's tired of being helpless and takes matters into his own hands, while Byakuya holds onto his secret love. And when Shiro and Zangetsu decide it's time for change, many obstacles, and people, stand in their way.

But one important detail Byakuya fails to mention leaves everyone, especially Soul Society, between a rock and a hard place. A year has passed and in that time Harry has embraced his position as the Dark Lord's future Consort.

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Graduation from Hogwarts, an impending marriage and the distant yet undeniable threat of the Order loom on the horizon. Harry champions the rights of muggleborns and half-bloods alike, even as he navigates the complex world of pureblood society.

Neko versions of Misaki, Hiroki and Shinobu get adopted by their romantic, seme-counterparts. Misaki unexpectedly becomes pregnant. Will Misaki and the baby make it?


Will they overcome all the dangers and difficulties to bring their baby healthy into the world? She knows she can't love him because he's her uncle or so she thinks. ByakuyaxOC Bleach - Rated: Dawn of the Moonfang by Tango Dancer reviews 7 years into the Winter War, the Kurosakis are forced to leave Japan for the twins' safety.

They go to England, and finally acknowledge their mother's legacy. But Aizen plans, Death Eaters still lurk, and both worlds collide in the end. Neither was Naruto Uzumaki's. But as soon as Sasuke made that proposition, things started going to hell.

NaruSasuNaru with side pairings. In the shadows people look on with judgemental eyes and one set looks on with murderous intent. Mostly Wrestling - Rated: M - English - Chapters: Continuing from where the events in "Final Embrace" ended, what is the fallout from the tragedy that has rocked Jax's world.

Who is Jax without his guiding light? Will the guilty party or parties be found and brought to justice? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel for Jax and his family? Sons of Anarchy - Rated: M - English - Drama - Chapters: Love reviews Just when Dr. Oliver thought his 'ranger' days were over; he's forced right back into them, along with a blast from the past that will offer even more challenges than a new team.

Power Rangers - Rated: Byakuya cant stop think about that kiss and he finally decides to show how he feels about it Bleach - Rated: But, maybe Yami needs more than the adrenaline that he gets from his job. Written with the help of a friend, xfallenangel13x: Thanks so much, and I hope everyone enjoys this story! Rated T for language. Boyxboy pairings don't like, don't read. Not for kids Bleach - Rated: Rated T for language and violence later on in the story: And then he saves Kuchiki Byakuya's life and nothing is ever going to be the same again.

For the both of them. Well, he learns a little more than what college classes can offer him: Rated T for language and then some '-': Suddenly, it is Byakuya's duty to find him. But once he finds Ichigo, he needs to realize what his true feelings are, or he won't be able to really save Ichigo. Especially when things are much more complicated.

Canon, after the war. Renji is missing but got Rukia pregnant, Ichi is trying to protect Rukia, Byakuya thinks Ichigo got Rukia pregnant, just as he's coming to grips with his own attraction towards Ichigo. Some stories are individual, others are connected.

A grand ball of Shihoin-Urahara is a starting point of Byakuya's new lifestyle. There is a new fire that burns in him. That's what concerns me about being able to resolve any lingering conflict with the other two girls.

I'm not yet seeing Ichigo or Rukia caring enough to call a truce and have that solidarity. As upsetting as some of the past behavior has been, I don't want to see the door closed between them. Tatsuki and Orihime are very loyal, very caring friends, and they are good friends to have. Five if you count Uryu. I don't imagine Orhime being ready to move on into that world until things have been righted with Ichigo and Rukia.

Again, not that I really want to focus too much on them, but having that small lingering blot on an otherwise perfect future landscape not counting the whole upcoming Aizen thing removed would bring a wholeness to it all. I'm hoping it gets there eventually, but sooner rather than later. I am happy to see the families are solidifying together.

Although, the image of Rukia playing with Byakins' hair or jumping on him was a little odd in my brain. Move over Soi Fon! Hearing the two of them talk like they had to do all the grunt work to make it happen is quite amusing. Hikari Oji Jemuzu to Kaichi chapter I actually had to catch myself from falling on the floor when Byakuya was making fun of Yourichi's age because of how out of character it was.

But, because it was out of character, that is what makes it appealing. I was honestly scarred by the fluff Ichigo and Rukia's constant flirting and texting would put any lemon to shame. I'm positive Kubo-Sama reads your story and likes it very much. Just call it a hunch. Nice way to start the New Year. Hikari Purinsu Jemuzu Ayakashi chapter I have a few questions. Is the next story going to include recent manga events?

Another thing, a few chapters back, during Ichigo's 'spar' with Hisagi, you referred to his Ichigo body as a human gigai I believe. Does this mean he won't age? I don't remember if it was mentioned, but what style is Ichigo's hair? Dangai or original, I mean? I'm dying of fluffiness!

Ichigo and Rukia are so cute! By the way, I found it hilarious that Bya-kun got really physically sick when the words "Rukia" and "sex" were mentioned in the same sentence. How will he react when she's pregnant, then, having physical proof that his sister has actually had sex?

And Isshin is as crazy as ever, and more awesome than ever too! So, will next chapter be about the shopping, or will we get a glimpse of Tatsuki and Orihime? I'm really curious as to how Tatsuki will break the news to her best friend.