Sazh and vanille relationship questions

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sazh and vanille relationship questions

These questions range from basic knowledge of the Final Fantasy XIII universe to It slows down time within the device; How does Sazh refer to Lightning? . Bike; What does Vanille lovingly call her Eidolon, Hecatoncheir? . What is the relationship between the two runners who placed in the th Eden. FFXIII-3 Should have been Sazh Returns, not Lighting Returns. .. I think his relationship with Vanille really helped his character for me. . dismissive of me, since a lot of people in the thread have voiced very valid problems. To me Sazh's relationship with Vanille is like she's the daughter he never had, and seems like a replacement to the joy Dahj would bring him in.

What did half of the movie consist of? Dancing Imps The most common variety of cactuar is used for cooking. What colour is it? Seasons The New Bodhum urban legend about a man with a knife is based on who?

The popular DJ DK sports thick sideburns and a mohawk. What is the name of this hairstyle? Chocobo Hair The Sabbath is an event where people gather to watch monsters dance and frolic. Which is the best dancer of them all? Succubus The skyscraper's observation deck in Academia was built on a floor based on the incident of AF.

Through the Eyes of Oerba dia Vanille

What floor is it on? The women of Academia are raving about a new powder foundation called Adam. What is the main ingredient of this product? What is the name of the heroine? Coco There is a certain stuffed animal sold only in Nautilus. What is the name of the creature that possessed a gem on its forehead? Those with big appetites go to the restaurant Edenwalker for which dish?

The BBQ sheep challenge. Two sisters work in Serendipity as casino staff. How does the younger sister describes her older sibling? Shy What accessory is considered to grant wishes, but is seldom used because of its smell?

Chocobo Feather What accessory is recommended for those who want to boost their physical attack power? Wanna touch my Shoaling-gui? What advertising media was widely seen in Palumpolum as a result of energy conservation? Blimps What caffeine-filled snack was popular among the Academy scientists of 10 AF?

Bobblicious What coarse substance is known as a fast-acting cold reliever? Bluish What colour are the orbs that appeared in Yaschas Massif AF when a group of Academy staff members disappeared? What company's business has been booming due to the numerous deliveries required between Cocoon and Gran Pulse? What disparity, only noticeable by outsiders transferring in, was revealed in the tell-all book written by a disgruntled former Academy employee?

Treatment of subsidiary organization graduates. What do you call an incompetent person who climbs the corporate ladder? A Cactuar What does Noel do best? What does Noel have equipped to his left hand?

Black Armlet What does one call cooked behemoth meat that's hung out to dry for three days? Cured Meat What does Serah do for a living?

sazh and vanille relationship questions

What does Snow 's Eidolon, Shiva, transform into in gestalt mode? Bike What does Vanille lovingly call her Eidolon, Hecatoncheir? The Ark What Flan is the same colour as a rust pudding? Ferruginous Pudding What happens to a l'Cie once they complete their Focus? The turn to crystal What happens to a l'Cie that's unable to complete their focus? They become a Cie'th. It flies with Fang on its back. What hobby became popular among the feeble elderly who moved from Cocoon to Gran Pulse?

Gardening What incredible new species of cactuar did professor Oga Wan discover during his years of research? What is a baby moogle called? Moogling What is a newly hatched Chocobo called? Estheim What is Hope 's unparalleled attack? What is one way Serah and Noel use Mog to retrieve treasure that's out of reach? They throw Mog at it. What is someone who sits at home all day generally called? ACBS What is the behemoth king incapable of doing?

Shooting a thousand needles from its body.

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What is the bow used by hunters in the Steppe to protect themselves from the wild animals? Wild Chorus What is the common name for the Helix breshantha, a conch shell found only in the Bresha region? Soilentoise What is the creature on the giant roulette reel in Serendipity?

What is the energy drink made from gysahl greens? What is the famous painting by Geraint, the artist representing the new wave style of post-Cocoon? The neon lights shine brightly What is the full name of Professor Garnett, the editor-in-chief of the modern history textbook of AF?

Micah Garnet What is the main ingredient of exquisite maple honey, a sugary sweet condiment said to be developed from crystals? Sunleth tree sap What is the main ingredient of phantom honey, a condiment with a rather pungent smell? Ochu flower honey What is the main reason for the seldomly occurring vehicular accidents in Academia? What is the name of the beverage created using the water from Sunleth Waterscape? Sunleth's Legend What is the name of the book of photographs shot by photographer Mitch Rockfit during his numerous visits to New Bodhum?

What is the name of the grand city built by the Academy? Academia What is the name of the elevator connecting Gran Pulse with Cocoon? Gran Elevator The cost of the most expensive fireworks used at Bodhum's fireworks show is equal to the population on Cocoon at its highest. How much is that? Approximately 20, gil What is the name of the parade that was once held in Nautilus? Pompa Sancta What is the name of the movie about the friendship of a boy and his bot?

Northern lights What is the name of the phenomenon that occurs on Gran Pulse due to the winds carrying away the sand? What is the orobon incapable of doing? Exploding into a pile of dust What is the surname of the Sanctum representative Cid, former commander of the Cavalry?

What liquid used in perfumes can be extracted from noctilucale and crawlers? Fragrant Oil What monster is easy to spot in the dark? Flanitor What monster toy can only be purchased in the Steppe?

Cactuar What move was invented by Cocoon's 13th boxing champion? Adamantoise shell What New Bodhum specialty uses fresh seafood? Sahagin Jerky What new breed of flan look young throughout their entire lives but grow in size as they age? Ginorminiflan What new service is provided by the Chocobo Delivery Service?

Hasta la vista, kupo! What popular game do kids play on the shores of New Bodhum? Hopscoth What project is being criticized by reformist groups for pushing Academia to become a closed city? Elimination of foreign trade What refreshment do chocobo race contestants drink before their race?

Chocobo XS What role is Serah capable of? Commando What silver-colored invaluable ore used to be found in haerii? Platinum What sport is gaining popularity among the adventurous young residents living in the steppe? Ding Dong Ditch What sport requires athletes to wear floats on their legs as they fight over a flag? Water strike What takes place at the annual Gran Pulse festival La Prettina, an event that celebrates the coming of spring?

Speedy Sahagin What topic is most touched upon in the modern history textbook of AF? Paradox What type of flan was discovered in AF and has since been popular among couples? Fetching Flan What vehicle does Hecatoncheir transform into in gestalt mode? Magitek Armour What vehicle is the most popular among year-old boys everywhere? Ciconia Velocycle What was Dajh 's ability as a l'Cie? Count Cactuar What was the name of the device used by Sanctum's elite soldiers that allowed one to control gravity?

Grav-con Unit What was the name of the gambler who won the most number of coins at the slot machines in a single day at the casino Serendipity? Gabbiani What was the name of the military squad led by Cid Raines? Rapid Response Team What was the name of the mission to drive out the inhabitants of Bodhum when a Pulse fal'Cie was discovered? What was the name of the popular game show where eliminated contestants would get pushed off the stage?

To the Underworld What was the name of the scandal involving the provisional government and blank documents? Blank Sheet Incident What was the name of the weapon used to shoot cocoon's garbage into outer space? What was the official name of the stadium sold by Eden's sports team due to financial trouble? Manasvin Warmech What was the reason Volcano Day was established? Protecting Cocoon from Pulse What was the title of the bestselling book of 10 AF about a young girl and her transformation into a cie'th?

The Dark Brand What was the war that broke out between cocoon and gran pulse? War of Transgression What water sport requires athletes to wear floats on their legs as they fight over a flag?

Waterstrike What weapon did the Sanctum army bestow upon their skilled soldiers? When a woman calls someone a 'chocobo feather man,' what does she mean? Someone who won't commit When Cocoon residents relocated to Gran Pulse, what dish became widely popular as a way to diminish the natural smell of Pulse ingredients?

How did he hide it? He wrapped a yellow Bandanna around it. When Snow and Serah got engaged, what did they buy together to show their love for one another?

When Snow became a l'Cie, where did the brand appear? Left Arm When someone with a pure heart rides a chocobo, heavenly music rings in their ears. The sound comes from which part of the chocobo? Chest feathers When Storm Motors was in danger of getting brought out, which corporation swooped in to save the day? When the academy discovered the crystal pillar was in bad condition, what solution did they come up with to try and secure living space?

sazh and vanille relationship questions

Build a New Cocoon Where are eidolons said to come from? Valhalla Where is hoax herb, a plant not readily spotted by hikers, generally found? Yaschas Massif Where is the one place Chocolina doesn't open up shop? Serendipity Where is the ideal place to raise a chocobo chick? By her left ear. Where was Proto fal'Cie Adam created?

sazh and vanille relationship questions

Augusta Tower Which boomerang brand is the most popular among those who hunt for sport? Airwing Which company used the logo "it's moogle o'clock; time to enjoy moogle bread!

Stiltzkin's Bakery Which creature has shaper claws?

sazh and vanille relationship questions

Silver Lobo Which creature has the longest legs? Shaolong gui Which creature has white fangs? Ahriman Which creature moves with such grace and beauty that a dance was created mimicking its motion? Stikini Which Eidolon is used by Vanille? Which event was the most popular at Nautilus Park? The hologram dance parade Before the crystal pillar appeared, in what state was Cocoon? Floating in midair due to the fal'Cie's powers Which invaluable ore is sought after by miners everywhere?

Which is not an arthropod creature that appears from the Void Beyond? Meonekton Which is not one of the Academy guidelines for preserving the nature of Gran Pulse?


Nonviolence against monsters Which is the best university? Eden Central Which legendary flan has a pink tail?

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Flan Princess Which monster dons colourful garb? Which monster wields Centaurion Blade? Which of the following did not occur directly after the publication of Woolrich's novel 'Humans Belong to the Fal'Cie'? Scalebeast's Back Which of the following is not programmed into the sunglasses of the Serendipity card dealers? The party defeats Raines who turns to crystal despite having defied his Focus, inspiring them to do the same.

After Fang tames her Eidolon Bahamuta path to the ark's lower levels is revealed. They party finds a Pulsian airship and a gate leading to Gran Pulse, where they hope to find answers on how to remove their l'Cie brands. Sazh pilots the airship to the world below and it is attacked by a wild wyvern.

After an emergency landing, the party sets up a base camp in the Vallis Media. They search Gran Pulse for days but find no signs of human life, and decide to head for OerbaFang and Vanille's hometown. He accepts her apology and admits his fault in letting Dajh out of his sight. They reach the top of Taejin's Tower and ride a capsule down to Oerba were the party finds Dysley has incited a civil war in Cocoon to bring it down, and decides to return there. Sazh and the chocobo chick riding Brynhildr in Eden.

Dysley uses the Fifth Ark to release Pulsian monsters and weapons into Eden and cause mass panic. At Orphan's Cradle the l'Cie confront Barthandelus, who conjures and shatters Dajh's and Serah's crystals hoping to kill their morale, but Sazh presses on in the knowledge it is but another of the fal'Cie's illusions.

After Barthandelus is defeated, he merges with the fal'Cie Orphan. Fang succumbs to Orphan's demands and decides to become Ragnarok and everyone but Fang and Vanille turn to Cie'th.

sazh and vanille relationship questions

They relive the memories of their journey together and revert in time to save Fang from the exploding Orphan's clutches. Sazh voices his belief that their transformation into Cie'th was "more fal'Cie smoke and mirrors" and that they have witnessed something that resembled a new Focus. Sazh is reunited with Dajh. The party bands together to defeat Orphan's final form with the hope that with the power to destroy Cocoon, they also have the power to save it.

After declaring saving Cocoon their true Focus the party's l'Cie brands burn out. After Orphan is defeated, Orphan's Cradle disappears and the party is left floating above Eden as Cocoon falls. As Sazh, Lightning, Hope, and Snow float away and start to crystallize, Fang and Vanille become Ragnarok to crystallize Cocoon and erect a crystal pillar to support it over Pulse.

Sazh is crystallized on Gran Pulse along with the rest of the party. They shortly awaken and find their l'Cie brands wiped clean. Dajh and Serah approach them from Cocoon as its people evacuate, and father and son are reunited. I'm one of the rare people who liked her in XIII. She brought a sense of lightness and hope. Plus she had Death, which made a lot of fights super easy for me. Like Fang, she was missing from 2, but it looks like she's fallen into darkness in 3. It appears that she wasn't able to keep her cheerfulness in light of the end of the world and it has become to consume her.

At least, that's what I'm guessing based on the glimpses I've seen of her so far. In 3, he's back to being a kid in appearance, but he's still a man mentally. He's taken on the role of in-game adviser.

He's not annoying in anyway so farbut unlike Lightning, I can believe that his emotions have been taken away as he is very mission-focused most of the time. He was amusing in XIII.