Sirius and harry relationship

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sirius and harry relationship

Sirius' second closest relationship was with his godson, Harry. Being imprisoned almost immediately after. The Harry Potter author made a lot of fans happy today. and Sirius Black as the likeliest candidate for a gay relationship in the franchise. Harry and Sirius, The Relationship Between. By: Phoebs. What began as a struggle to keep Azkaban from infiltration became much more when.

Pettigrew eggs them on, while Remus Lupin, then a Gryffindor prefectdoes nothing. Snape returns and discovers Harry viewing his memories; furious and embarrassed, he ejects Harry from his office, ending their Occlumency lessons. Disturbed by what he witnessed, Harry contacts Sirius, who admits that he and James were uncaring, foolish, and reckless youths, but claims Snape was far from innocent.

That James matured into a kind and compassionate man, does little to soothe Harry, who could never behave as his father. Both Sirius and Lupin are alarmed that Harry's Occlumency classes with Snape ended, and urge him to restart. But the students have been lured into an ambush—a dozen Death Eaters, led by Lucius Malfoyare lying in wait.

They need Harry to retrieve a Prophecy concerning Harry and Voldemort. Dumbledore has also arrived and confronts Voldemort. As Sirius duels his cousin, Bellatrix Lestrange, her spell stuns him, sending his rigid body through a veiled stone archway.

Harry rushes after him, but Lupin restrains him, saying it is too late. Dumbledore explains later that when Harry attempted to reach Sirius using the Floo Network, Kreacher lied about his godfather's whereabouts. At Christmas, when Sirius dismissed Kreacher, he manipulated that into permission to leave the house, going to the only Black relative he felt still upheld the family's values: Barred from revealing any Order of the Phoenix secrets, he could tell the Malfoys about Harry and Sirius' relationship.

This allowed Voldemort to fabricate the false dream that led Harry to the Ministry.

sirius and harry relationship

Harry hopes that Sirius has become a ghost, but Nearly Headless Nick dispels that, saying Sirius, not fearing death, would have gone on. Luna Lovegood later tells Harry that the dead are not really gone, just waiting.

She asks if Harry heard their whispering voices on the other side of the veiled archway. Harry surprisingly feels better after this conversation.

Fudge seems to now agree that Sirius was probably innocent. Harry mourns Sirius' death but gradually is coming to terms with it.

sirius and harry relationship

Sirius' will leaves all his property to Harry, including the house at Grimmauld Place and its contents, including Kreacher. Deathly Hallows [ edit ] Sirius' flying motorcycle makes a reappearance in the Escape from Privet Drive.

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Arthur Weasley has attached a side-car for Harry to ride to safety; however, a weapon added to the motorcycle, a dragon -fire thrower that acts like a rocket booster, weakens the link and the sidecar breaks off.

Harry safely climbs aboard the motorcycle behind Hagrid, and the dragon-fire hastens their escape to the safe house. In their final descent, Hagrid leaps off the seat to attack a Death Eater, and despite Harry's best efforts, the motorcycle crashes and is largely destroyed. Arthur Weasley later collects the pieces and hides them in the chicken coop at The Burrowhoping to reassemble them and, if possible, learn how brakes work.

In an after-publication interview, the author states that Mr. Weasley has reassembled the motorcycle. Harry explores Sirius' bedroom at Number 12, Grimmauld Place after the Trio take refuge there following their flight from Death Eaters.

Apparently rebelling against his parents, Sirius had fixed many large Gryffindor House posters and students' photos on the wall with Permanent Sticking Charms. Harry finds the room ransacked, but searches the mess for information about his godfather. He finds a letter written by his mother and a torn-off photo of himself at about one-year-of-age riding a toy broom. He is unable to find either the letter's second page or the missing picture portion, which seems to have contained one of his parent's image.

In Severus Snape's memories, Harry relives bits of Snape's school career. Snape is bullied by James Potter and Sirius Black on the Hogwarts Express while heading to the school for their first year. Snape also sees Sirius being Sorted into Gryffindor, as he had wanted to be.

Harry witnesses Lily trying to rescue Snape from being tormented by James and Sirius, and much later, Snape in Sirius' bedroom taking the letter's second page, and tearing Lily's image from the picture to take with him as well.

Harry, needing moral support as he goes to face Voldemort, uses the Resurrection Stone that is hidden inside the Golden Snitch. Sirius' spirit appears, along with James, Lily, and Remus Lupin, who keep the Dementors at bay, and encourage Harry to be brave in facing his death. Both Lupin and Sirius' spirits appear to be younger and Sirius seems happy. When Harry reaches the clearing where Voldemort is waiting, he releases the Stone, and the spirits vanish.

Strengths[ edit ] Born into a wealthy and influential Wizarding family, Sirius was intelligent, handsome, charming, and witty. He was also a powerful and talented wizard who apparently acquired considerable magical knowledge. While at Hogwarts, when he and James Potter discovered that Remus Lupin was a Werewolf, they did not shun him as others would. Instead, they supported him by secretly learning to become Animagi, an extremely difficult feat, even with proper training.

They had to coach Peter Pettigrew on how to do this. Also while at Hogwarts, Sirius helped create the Marauder's Map, a powerful magical document that shows every person within the school and their specific location.

sirius and harry relationship

Sirius had rejected his family's pure-blood supremacy beliefs, despite being raised under this ethos. As a consequence, he was stricken from the Black family tree and banished. This eventually pitted him against Voldemort and his Death Eaters, which included close relatives, such as his cousins, Bellatrix Black Lestrange and Narcissa Black Malfoy. After escaping Azkaban prison where he was incarcerated for crimes he never committedhis first act is to make sure his orphaned godson, Harry, is safe and well.

He had great affection for Harry and took his role as godfather seriously, becoming a strong father figure to his godson in the short time they were together. Although Sirius' stunted maturity occasionally resulted in poor parental judgment and made him lax regarding discipline, when he suspected Harry was in danger during the Triwizard Tournament, he firmly ordered him to remain safely inside Hogwarts, much to Harry's displeasure and resentment.

Weaknesses[ edit ] At Hogwarts, Sirius was a handsome and popular student, but he, along with James Potter, was rather arrogant and sometimes bullied weaker classmates—Severus Snape in particular. As an innocent fugitive who many still believed served Voldemdort and betrayed James and Lily Potter, Sirius had difficulty coping with confinement in his own house to elude the authorities. His inability to actively help the Order of the Phoenix battle Voldemort deeply frustrated him.

Sirius was barely a grown man when he was sentenced to Azkaban, and it appears that the long years there stunted his emotional development and maturity, resulting in his occasionally acting more like Harry's peer than mentor. Throughout Order of the Phoenix, Sirius increasingly grew mentally unstable, resulting in rash decisions and reckless behavior. His impaired mental condition, that was partially due to his harsh incarceration, was further exacerbated while he was being hunted, and later by his in-house confinement.

And though safe and comfortable inside Grimmauld Place, Sirius, often lonely and isolated, numbed his anguish with alcohol.

His few pleasures were brief visits with Harry and a few other close friends, and in doing what little he could to assist the Order.

Harry James Potter and Sirius Black: The Importance of Their Relationship

It should be noted that insanity and mental instability apparently ran throughout the Black family; Sirius may have been exhibiting symptoms somewhat similar to Bellatrix Lestrange. By the book's conclusion, he had psychologically deteriorated to where his faulty judgment may have contributed to his death. Sirius, an unregistered Animagus, escaped Azkaban prison by transforming into his dog form, slipping past the Dementors that were unable to detect his canine guise.

Though clever, it was twelve years before Sirius utilized this method to escape. Why he was unable to do this earlier is unknown, though his deteriorated physical and mental condition may have been a factor. Relationships with Other Characters[ edit ] Due to his early and long incarceration and premature death a few years after his escape, Sirius never had an opportunity to marry or have children, though his handsome features no doubt attracted many female or male admirers during his youth.

Though he was raised with the Black family's deeply-entrenched, pure-blood superiority beliefs, he rejected these views, so much so that he requested that the Sorting Hat place him in Gryffindor House rather than Slytherin, his family's traditional House. This estranged Sirius from his disapproving relatives, except for his cousin, Andromeda Black Tonks, who the family also banished for marrying Muggle-born wizard, Ted Tonks.

Sirius is also close to their daughter, Nymphadora Tonks. After his mother disowned him, Sirius fled to the Potter home, staying with James and his parents.

Sirius never reconciled with his family, and was forever bitter over their cruel treatment. Sirius learned that his younger brother, Regulus, had become a Death Eater, but once entering the Dark Lord's service, he was unable to leave after realizing just what it entailed. Although Sirius believed Voldemort or his Death Eaters murdered him, Regulus actually died in the secret sea cave after replacing Voldemort's Locket Horcrux with a fake one.

They created the Marauder's Map while in school together. Though James was his best friend becoming godfather to James' son, HarrySirius was also quite close to Remus, though less so with Peter Pettigrew, who had ingratiated himself into the other three's inner circle.

For a moment there, he had dreamt that his godfather, Sirius, would blast through the front door and take him away. He was so caught up in his thoughts of leaving that he didn't notice a tiny owl knocking on his window.

Harry snapped out of his dream and let the tiny owl in. It was Pig, Ron's owl. With much difficulty, Harry managed to get the letter off of the struggling Pig. He opened the letter and began reading it. Hey Harry, How's your summer? Mine was alright, we went to visit Charlie and he looks way darker than the last time we saw him.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you can come to my house tomorrow. Dad and I willpick you up at ten in the morning. Oh, by the way, I'll give you your present when you get to my house. Can't wait to see you pal. Ron While Harry was reading Ron's letter, Hegwid came back with the neatly handwritten letter that was unmistakably Hermione's. Dear Harry, Happy Birthday! I miss you so much!

It's been a long time since I last saw you. I'll be at Ron's the day after your arrival, so I'll see you there. I sent a homemade cake for you. I know the muggles probably didn't give you enough to eat. Hope you enjoy it! See you then - Hermione With that, there was also another package.

JKR never stated either way (but she said he had no girlfriend).

He opened it and found an odd object, the size of a baseball. It has a small hole in the middle of it. Harry read the note attached to the object.

Harry, this is a fodster. It can control the weather for two hours. Well, I hope you like it - Hermione After reading the letter, he found two more owls fluttering inside his room, waiting to drop off the letters attached to their leg. One was from Hogwarts the usual and one from Sirius. He put the Hogwarts letter aside and began to read Sirius' letter. I hope you're alright. I will see you soon at Hogwarts. Don't worry; I'm staying at Remus' house. Maybe you can come sometime.

It's really nice here. Happy Birthday again and I don't mind if you choose to threaten the Dursley with me. At least then, you'll get some decent amount of food. I also sent some candy for you. See you real soon! Sirius Harry found the candy that Sirius sent. Harry wondered how Sirius managed that.

I hope he didn't steal them from Honeydukes. Then something else caught his eyes. Under the pile of sweets was an object that Harry had never seen before. It was the color of bright silver and Harry's name was engraved in gold on it.

It looked just like a muggle lighter and coincidentally, it also has a button on the top.

sirius and harry relationship

He had no idea whether it was a real lighter or not. He thought the idea of Sirius giving him a lighter to be highly unlikely as he wouldn't have any use for it. What the hell do I do with this? Harry who was now aroused with curiosity, slowly pressed the button.

sirius and harry relationship

He waited a minute, but nothing seems to be happening. Then out of nowhere, he heard a low chuckle. The names Cygnus, Arcturus, and Regulus have also occurred at least twice each. Notably, however, only one Sirius the subject's great-grandfather left a line of descent, which ended with the youngest Sirius, as he did not have children.

They refused to consort with Muggles or Muggle-bornsSquibs and blood traitors and even disowned Squib family members, such as Sirius' great-uncle Marius Blackand insisted that their family members only marry within respectable pure-blood classes; because of these beliefs, they were forced to marry their own cousins. They also held the Dark Arts in reverence. Sirius rejected these values, leading to conflict with his family.

He even put permanent-sticking charms on Gryffindor banners, as well as pictures of Muggle girls in bikinis, and motorcycles, and a picture of himself and his Gryffindor friends on the walls of his room to emphasise his differences from the family and annoy his parents. His favourite cousin, Andromedawas disowned by the family as a " blood traitor " when she married Ted Tonksa Muggle-born wizard.