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Actor | Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Christopher Randolph is an actor, known for Metal Gear Solid V: The Big Boss / Solidus Snake . born, and Harris was raised by her mother and has no relationship with her father. California, to Carrie (Hunley) and James Glover, postal workers who were. A page for describing Characters: Metal Gear — Big Boss. Go here for the main character index. In , a man named John, an agent of the Black Ops unit FOX . I am not here to defend Solid Snake and vilify Big Boss, or call Big Boss level even in the later games, doesn't help clarify their relationship.

Been There, Shaped History: In MGS3 he, along with Sigint and Major Zero, came up with the American classification for the dreaded Mil Mi the "Hind"and he was also the one who came up with the cardboard box trick that Snake and Raiden made frequent use of. With the help of Kazuhira Miller, he also founded the world's first private military companies. Moreso than Solid Snake, and he knows it too. Everything he did was for the sake of his country and The Boss, but no matter what, life found a way to take everything from him.

When he finds out the whole world wants him dead, he decides he's had enough and created Outer Heaven. At the same time, he ultimately realizes how selfish his goal was, and wants to fulfill The Boss' will correctly. When he sees Snake one last time, he commends him for not falling the path he did.

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There's a reason why his followers have genuine undying loyalty to Big Boss. Of Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake as his bases of operations. One of his primary reasons for creating Outer Heaven, and later, Zanzibar Land, was to give him and his soldiers a place where they can go to war endlessly, due to the fact that he only ever felt truly alive when fighting in a war.

He did originally intend and, more importantly, attempted to live his life peacefully after Operation Snake Eater namely as an instructor or a hunting guidebut he ended up dragged back onto the battlefield.

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How he survived the original game, as revealed in The Phantom Pain. Chronologically, the whole series begins and ends with him smoking a cigar. He was a fairly nice guy who wanted nothing more than to serve his country. Operation Snake Eater changed that, and turned him into a bitter and angry shell of a man. Losing an eye and killing your old mentor who never even betrayed her country will do that to you.

Granted, he kept some of his quirks as well as a strong sense of morality, but for only so long While Big Boss has always been an important character to the series since the very first MSX game, it wasn't until the debut of his younger self Naked Snake that he gradually began taking the role of the series' protagonist away from his clone son Solid Snake.

Broken Pedestal The Boss becomes the former to him after her defection. At the end of Peace Walker, he denounces the Boss as a fraud for laying down her gun and embracing peace, but still tries to enforce his interpretation of her will and honor her memory. He himself becomes this to Solid Snake, who was his prized student as well as his son, as he sent Solid to die in his own renegade organisation. It maybe even rebuilt by now, as Big Boss and Snake have a heart-to-heart conversation, with the former dying soon after,not ignored by Solid.

The man is a total geek over his guns and cardboard boxes. Also, he apparently has a tendency to misunderstand exactly how some items are considered valuable to most people in other ways besides battle. In Portable Ops, in a conversation with Para-Medic, Para-Medic explains about El Dorado and that even though it technically doesn't exist, there is evidence to suggest that there were similar civilizations that used gold even in the present, and mentioned that they used gold knives. Snake expressed interest in the knives, although not in regards to its value as much as using the knife to distract the enemy so he could CQC them into submission, with Para-Medic exasperatedly explaining that she wasn't meaning that.

In Peace Walker, Paz explains to Big Boss about the Stone Spheres in Costa Rica, where it is not known what they were used for, but Big Boss guesses that he could use them for a trap, and that being nearly perfect spheres would make them perfect for rolling down slopes, causing Paz to express shock at what Big Boss is implying.

Though all of that is perfectly in character for Big Boss as in Metal Gear 2, he claims that personal wealth doesn't mean anything to him, war is the only thing that has ever satisfied him. He doesn't look at those things in terms of how valuable they would be because money doesn't have any intrinsic value to him; money is nothing more than a means to an end, namely funding his ability to wage war. At several points, he didn't seem to understand much about sexual orientations. Pretty much the only one where Snake seemed to have any clue about was heterosexuality, going by his reaction to some of EVA's comments.

Particularly in his Protagonist Journey to Villain. In the first game, Big Boss is a generic villain with no personality. Come Metal Gear 2, he becomes far more complex and with more complicated motives and philosophies than most villains in modern games, let alone the 8-bit era.

However, his father-son relationship with Solid Snake is completely absent, since the plot point wasn't even introduced at that point, leaving his appearance in Metal Gear Solid 4 to address that. Big Boss' superior soldier genes apparently have some mutant healing factor thrown in for good measure, since he's able to still move around after breaking his legs twenty times as long as he's put splints on them. Portable Ops implied that Naked Snake had participated in the battlefield while he was still very young.

He was also a member of the Green Berets a special forces group and a veteran of the Korean War as early in his twenties; however, he is canonically born inso the only known way he could join a special forces group and be a veteran of the Korean War assuming the former actually preceded the latter is if he joined the military at a really young age. Being the Boss' apprentice might have helped as he was 15 when The Boss took him.

He later attempts to raise child soldiers in Zanzibar Land. He picked up the habit from The Boss, who was known to smoke them. This habit annoys Ocelot, who protests if Snake shoots the hornet nest or flings grenades during their fight. Notably, he had no problem brandishing an automatic weapon the Patriot, perhaps?

Some of his quotes in the original Metal Gear stand out: What, like a girl's high school uniform? Are you moving house or something? Made of equals parts Che GuevaraJohn J. Conditioned to Accept Horror: Quite aside from the training from hell he received from The Boss, on top of what he went through to become a Green Beret, Big Boss's many painful experiences have made him cynical about his flirtation with horror.

He's come to accept that he's destined to live in the heat of battle as long as he lives. When Paz asks Big Boss about his thoughts on peace he says flat out that he doesn't know what peace looks like, and in an odd way the battlefield itself brings him a type of peace that "real peace" could never satisfy. By the time he fights Snake in Zanzibar, his stance has become progressively worse as he claims that it's his fate to die bitterly like a dog on the battlefield. He goes so far as to say that nothing else matters to him; not money, not power, not even lust — only war.

Cool Old Guy Covered with Scars: Admits to this in Snake Eater, and Volgin acknowledges this in his torture scene if you received enough wounds to max out your life bar.

In Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walkerhe apparently wised up to the two prior captures he endured, and fashioned a fake snake-shaped scar as a means to smuggle in a jigsaw which he can use to cut the lock off in the event that he did end up captured and didn't have an alternate means of escape. Witness the unlimited sway he holds over thousands of troops across the globe, and it's clear how dangerous this man can be if pushed too far.

The parallels between Big Boss and Solid Snake

Yes, we may all be headed straight to hell. He pretty much begs Dr. Strangelove to torture him to death in Peace Walker. He takes the deconstruction of the Action Hero even further than his son. While we initially meet Snake as a seasoned soldier, Big Boss's first mission turns him from being a Wide-Eyed Idealist with Patriotic Fervor into a Shell-Shocked Veteran who felt that he became an Unwitting Pawn to the government when the mission's true nature was revealed to him - a petty political affair carried out to kill an innocent soldier who served as his mentor and ensure that the United States made off with a fortune.

As such, he left the United States to start his own private military company that became involved with increasingly morally-questionable operations, which eventually led to him being branded as a terrorist in spite of the fact that his actions successfully prevented nuclear war.

After his base of operations was destroyed for the first time, he became a shell of a man that decided to embrace his role as a war criminal as long as it meant he could create a Heaven for soldiers like himself - which, of course, would come at the cost of making the rest of the world a living Hell for everyone else.

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An odd case in V. He is the protagonist of the first part Ground Zeroes but The Reveal is that the Phantom Pain section was in fact not him but his body double Venom Snake. So the twist is essentially that he was a Decoy Protagonist when we were lead to believe he was simply protagonist of the whole thing.

Ultimately, a soldier no matter how legendary is just a tool, something to be used and then readily replaced. This was a major impetus for Big Boss founding a Spartan-esque 'nation of soldiers. In Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eaternot counting any injuries the player sustains ingame, he gets a couple of broken bones during the Virtuous Mission and loses an eye during Operation Snake Eater. His injuries rack up further in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake following his encounters with Solid Snake and he winds up as a charred, limbless shell.

And he's still alive. He gets better after some surgery though. He crossed it when he was forced to kill The Boss. In his own words: The day I killed the Boss Of the whole series. He's got the second-most playable appearances 4 after Snake, and still plays a major role behind the scenes in the few games he doesn't appear in. His CQC in 3 is generally held to be extremely complex. That said, it's also generally held to be the most overpowered version of said CQC. Intentionally remained out of the lives of Snake, Liquid, and Solidus, due to not considering them sons.

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