Squall and rinoa relationship quizzes

Seifer's relationship with Rinoa?

squall and rinoa relationship quizzes

Rinoa finds herself in a difficult situation where her boyfriend, Squall, isn't doing Rinoa was completely jealous of Zell and Selphie's relationship, her own for everything she asked, and he even finished their quiz first. In disc 2, when you fight Seifer in Galbadia garden, and u hav Rinoa in the that suggest Seifer and Rinoa were a couple before Squall met her. Rinoa and a few buddies are part of a "special group". . What is the name of Squall's ring that Rinoa requests a replica of, that just so Reall great quiz with a couple of difficult questions, except one question is very wrong.

At this point in the game he is really torn between the person he will eventually become, and the person he has been for the past 14 ish years. He hasn't "broken any rules" so to speak. When Squall decides to go break Rinoa out he is, for the first time in the game, putting someone ahead of his duty's. This is an often over looked, but very powerful sign in the transformation of Squalls personality.

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When Squall does break her out, he immediately embraces her, which only makes sense by this point in his personality development. Squall is a very complex character and his level of depth in character development is admittedly easily overlooked. However, it IS there, and when you find it you realize just how well written it is.

IX's romance is undoubtedly the most realistically done out of the four games, no question. Zidane actually acting like the average teenager only makes it even better. The story happens in literally a few weeks. I don't know, taking a comatose person and leaving without notice whatsoever seems like he'd be fired of that Commander title. The whole SeeD thing didn't really amount to anything in the story other than giving Squall a background.

The main focus is the relationship between Squall and Laguna, past, present and future. When I've read his first sentence, I thought this Snow guy got it right. Then I've read his second sentence and found out he gets it even least than most people!!!

The main focus of the game, it's the importance of relationships. And I don't just mean love there. It means the importance to be with others, to depend on them at times, and to let them depends on you.

squall and rinoa relationship quizzes

As such, the characters of Zell, Selphie, Irvine and Quistis are also very important. Here's a little list of events in-game, in order: Squall doesn't even want to listen - Zell freaks out because Balamb Garden might get under attack because of him. Yet again, Squall is not very supportive, but at least this time he lets Zell vents out. He wants the mission done.


Squall learn to open to others and to let others open to him. THIS is the whole focus of the game!

squall and rinoa relationship quizzes

So why so much emphasis on the love story? Well, that's very simple, really: In story-telling, on an emotional scale, love trumps friendship. Plus, as Squall slowly learn relate with others, that's the next step: Which is kinda why the lost story need some time to develop, as well!

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But the love story doesn't take back the importance that is given to the 4 other characters! They are there so that Squall can learn to depend on them. He steadily made his way to his PA system, preparing once again, for the third time this hour, to make an announcement.

Squall abruptly jerked his elbow causing Zell to hit his head on the desk, "Hey! What the- - I was sleeping! Irvine had returned to Galbadia Garden and Selphie stayed not only because she and Zell were together but obviously because Trabia Garden is gone. She wanted him to do more but he was too scared, "I um.

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Okay, first step to a good relationship is done. They were silent for the whole trip to Cid's office.

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Rinoa was completely jealous of Zell and Selphie's relationship, her own relationship didn't even consist of communication. She got the guy she was going for all along but now, he's even more up tight than before. I'm sorry to disrupt your class but I'd like to thank you all again. Thank you Headmaster Cid.

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They wanted Cid to get the point that they've accepted his gratitude and that they're pretty much annoyed with this constant "thank you's" every hour. Zell was already punching the air as Selphie was trying to untangle her weapons. Squall finally saw what everyone else was gawking at, Seifer stood at the door with his Gunblade over his shoulder.

His clothes were as good as new, a brand new, stunning outfit, whereas Squall had his same old ugly brown and black fur thing on. Quistis even scolded him for not following rules and wear his seeD uniform to class.

squall and rinoa relationship quizzes

Can I cut in and join class? Seifer had done so many things to her, rejecting her love, sacrificing her to Adel, she was deeply hurt. She shoved Zell out of his seat and sat herself down by Squall, taking hold of his right arm and hugging it tight.

squall and rinoa relationship quizzes

Seifer winked at Rinoa when he saw her and flicked Squall off, Quistis didn't catch it. He seated himself quietly in the front row and smiled at Quistis with his handsome grin, "Continue.

How is that possible?