Stanley and stella kowalski relationship

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stanley and stella kowalski relationship

【 Blanche's and Stanley's social stations and relationship Essay 】 from His lust for Stella is obvious describing her in scene three as “my baby doll” and However misguided both the Kowalski's and the Du Bois are strongly. Stanley Kowalski in "A Streetcar Named Desire" by Tennessee Williams Stella and Blanche is that they are sisters, but this blood relationship suggests other. And through the characterization of Blanche and Stanley's relationship, I will to her sister Stella married to rude and down-to-earth man Stanley Kowalski.

Those traits make him hate Blanche. First of all, he hates her aristocratic past and he is outraged by her attempts to fool him showing that she is better than he and his friends.

This is contradictory to his image of a woman.

Blanche’s and Stanley’s social stations and relationship Essay

Stanley does everything to ruin life of this woman. It seems to be cruel and basely. Stanley is a dark version of the salesman, selling the idealistic Blanche a harsh reality on the specious grounds that it is somehow good for her and willing to use force, if necessary, to make the sale.

stanley and stella kowalski relationship

The result of the confrontation of Stanley and Blanch was the rape. However, it cannot be considered as a cruel violation.

stanley and stella kowalski relationship

Neither the context, nor the scene manifests it. This is the way other men treated her, this is what she expected, this is how a logical flow of things should be like. If other men did it, why he cannot?

Thus, the scene of the rape denies any emotions, it is a conflict that arises between two characters. With this action Stanley returned Blanche to reality. Thus, Blanche and Stanley are two characters put in opposition. Neither of them is perfect.

Blanche lives with her dream and she constantly lies to hide a cruel reality and her real past. Now, it is not just the act of violence, but the conflict that shows who is who in the play.

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A Streetcar Named Desire

Tennessee Williams and Streetcar. A streetcar named Desire. Cambridge University Press, Yet, there are still have some differences between these two couples. Because the interference of Blanche, Stella shares the opinion from Blanche.

She has the same background and views as Blanche. Consequently, she can't endure so much violent behaviors from Stanley. For example, she ran to Eunice's house when Stanley beats her. She hates Stanley joke to her in front of other people. She against Stanley because she want to support her sister. Meanwhile, Stanley also feels threatened because of Blanche.

The relationship between Stella and Stan

So he will give the ticket to Blanche at the end. He tries his best to expel Blanche. Although Stanley is brutish, he really loves and needs Stella. Hence, he tries his best to protect his marriage. The relationship between Blanche and Stanley: In the scene two, we can know that Blanche was flirting to Stanley.

A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE: STELLA! Joshuah Patriarco as Stanley Kowalski

However, I think it's just a way she treats to men. She just wants to make friends with him. Or she wants to be more familiar with him. However, we can see the relationship between Stanley and Blanche are always very tense. Stanley always wants to know the truth of Blanche's past.

stanley and stella kowalski relationship

He even tells Mitch the truth about Blanche. Because he afraid that Blanche will take away Stella, he looks Blanche as a dangerous intruder. In the scene four, Blanche persuade Stella to leave Stanley. She clearly points out the difference between the old Southern values and the ugly world, which Stanley inhabits.

She said, " Stanley Kowalski, survivor of the Stone Age! She is so weak.