The spark is gone in our relationship a nutshell

What to do if you’ve lost interest in sex: – P.S. I Love You

Wondering if it's really gone or if you can get that excitement and passion back again? Below are 12 clear signs your marriage has lost it's spark. He's on his phone, you are on yours and there are few words exchanged. The 'spark' in a relationship is when you first hookup and you're still riding that high of infatuation. This is why a lot of high school relationships fail. They hook up . The old adage that you should marry your best friend is legit--as long as youre also, you know, in love. 13 Signs You Need to Spice Up Your Marriage ASAP with your own passions if these 13 signs sound like your marriage in a nutshell: 1. Those "I'm too pretty to poop" pretenses are long gone. 9.

They might drift apart or feel less inclined to invest in the relationship. After all, you have all the reasons in the world, and all the justifications, to not want to have sex.

But when you look at the likely consequences, would you reconsider?

5 signs your marriage has gone cold—and what to do about it - Considerable

Do you think that sexual activity is unnecessary, irrelevant, hedonistic or highly overrated? If so, please ask yourself this: That by depriving ourselves of pleasure — any pleasure — we are becoming purer. And that the mere wish for pleasure is some sign of weakness of the spirit. However, this could not be further from the truth. Wearing sexy lingerie or having a candle-lit dinner is not going to cut it. In order to have a thriving sex life, we need to look deeper. Our attitude towards sex needs to be examined and healed.

And we need to make it a real priority. Instead, sexuality is just another aspect of their being. They feel completely at ease having erotic sensations anywhere and everywhere. They know there is nothing — nothing! They simply turn themselves on. The reason for your lost libido is real. You do need to address it, whatever the case might be: Find the best modality for healing from trauma. Schedule an appointment with your partner for sex. But the one thing that will help you more than anything at all — is investing in learning how to have sex in a way that is truly, deeply, completely satisfying.

Learning the art of deeply satisfying love-making. And obviously, it can be. But excitement does not equal satisfaction. And understanding that, embodying that, is one of the most amazing things that can happen to your sex life.

If you ever followed the commonplace advice for spicing up your sex life Fantasy play? The latest technique and position for an earth-shaking orgasm? Do these sound familiar? As much as excitement felt great at the beginning of your relationship, and as much as orgasms feel amazing and powerful and awesome, excitement and orgasms are not what makes us satisfied with our sex lives in the long-run.

The thing that gives rise to true, ongoing satisfaction is staying connected. To yourself, and to your partner. Staying connected sounds really vague, and it probably is. Some people are born with it, others need to develop the skill. Now of course, often, is to your own interpretation. And if your husband does try to initiate with you, you are not the most welcoming and excited participant in the beginning.

What to do if you’ve lost interest in sex:

Remember when you would text or call each other a million times? And you still spent most of your day apart and not in much communication with each other. Most of your time is spent co-parenting, not connecting as lovers.

You have very little couple time together. Doing nice things for your husband feels like a chore. And that makes it feel like more work when you are already overwhelmed with other things to do. There are not many hugs, no little passing touches, and your hands have not held each other in who knows how long. When it comes to communicating, you no longer run to your husband with everything on your mind.

You live parallel lives. You go about your time in the house deep in your own mind, planning and thinking about what you need to do, and not really present to his presence or engaged in any meaningful interaction. When your relationship was new, you were likely tripping over yourself to make sure he knew how much you appreciated him. You have let yourself go a little. Let me ask, what is your bed-time attire like these days? Do you throw on any combination of shirts and leggings and call it a day?