Tsuna and kyoko relationship goals

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tsuna and kyoko relationship goals

Haru Miura is a Midori Middle School student who likes Tsunayoshi Sawada. she develops an admiration towards him, and makes it her goal to become his While Tsuna views Haru as a good friend, his relationship with her is platonic. Tsunayoshi Sawada, commonly known as Tsuna, is the main protagonist of Katekyō Relationships . Both of their personalities are likely to be very similar as it has been shown that they have similar goals and ways of standards; for example, He developed the X-Burner simply from Haru stating how her, Kyoko, and the. Favorite KHR couple | See more ideas about Hitman reborn, Manga anime Little kids Tsuna x Kyoko Reborn Katekyo Hitman, Hitman Reborn, Manhwa, .. School Trip Goal "Meet The Real Tsuna" - Target 4: meet the Real Tsuna - Wattpad.

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  • Haru Miura
  • Tsunayoshi Sawada

She knew being a Mafia Boss would be hard and take almost all of his time… but was it too much to ask for one little date? It didn't even have to be a long one, as long as she got to spend some time with him.

Instead she went to the kitchen where the other girls were.

tsuna and kyoko relationship goals

She was shocked to see Lal Mirch sitting on the counter, a sports drink in hand. Chrome noticed she was hiding her real feelings decided to cut a piece of cake for her and set it in front of her. Kyoko looked up at Chrome confused. The female half Mist Guardian only smiled as she got her a glass of milk. This is the third time this week! He doesn't want to go there that again. Bianchi looked at Gokudera.

Does Tsuna get with Kyoko or Haru? (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)?

Bianchi put her goggles on, he was better in the blink of an eye. Gokudera and Yamamoto looked at each other, they needed to word this wisely or else they would both be in the dog house… the sad thing is. Yamamoto isn't dating any of them while Gokudera is dating Haru. He would be in deep shit if he said the wrong thing to them.

Gokudera slammed his head on the table. I need a smoke. Haru made him sit. Jyuudaime sends you on missions as well! And you also do paper work over the missions! Chrome, Lal, and I-Pin nodded at that.

kyoko x tsuna x haru - nightcore it girl it boy

They were gone in the blink of an eye. Yamamoto to throw a baseball, Gokudera to have a much needed smoke… or two… maybe ten who knows? The girls shook their heads and glared when Colonnello walked in.

He sensed them glaring at him as he got sports drink, standing straight he left the room, hoping to god that none of them Namely Lal would shot him, he's close… just a little more… "Colonnello, stop right there maggot!

He was standing in the door way for crying out loud! I mean we only see you like twice a day. Hibari paused at the door way after he grabbed a bottle of water and looked at her. This was partly true, the voice in his head, who he had named Onsei-chan, was telling him rather loudly to not let Nono touch his fire. His father, who had been silent this whole time, looked at his grandfather uneasily, "Do you think he might have hyper intuition?

He gave a wary glance at his son, and was torn between being rediculously Nono scratched his chin, "Maybe. If so, then we can't seal his flames. Hyper Intuition is always right. A sense that warned you of something.

tsuna and kyoko relationship goals

Tsuna did always know things, things Onsei-chan would tell him It tells me what to do. It tells me not to eat Mamas cookies unless she says so!

Which was also true, Onsei-chan had said something about not wanting to 'Trigger' his mother The two men chuckled, "Alright, Tsuna, go off and play. Tsuna giggled, hopped down and ran to his room.

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Onsei-chan gave off happy feelings. After Papa left again And Onsei-chan told him Papa wouldn't be back for a long timeTsuna decided he needed to up his skills. He had almost failed in his cuteness with Nono, and that just wouldn't do.

Well she was, but Mama was dangerously oblivious to things like that. There were times when she would suddenly become more aware, and those times she wouldn't even let him out of the house, instead just keeping him with her in her room and crying quietly. Mama wouldn't get 'triggered' if he went outside to the library though.

Tsuna could charm his way out of most situations, so it wasn't really a problem. Most people where at work or school, and kids his age didn't really like reading. Tsuna was oddly smart for his age. Not genius level, but he knew how to read fairly well and understand a lot of adult concepts his mother never restricted his TV time or what he watched, so he'd seen a lot of romance and some more After several hours of reading, Tsuna headed home.

Today had been a good day. The next day he went into his dads office, why the man had an office when he was rarely there was a mystery, and started shuffling around.

His Papa had known about the warm fire, so maybe he would find something about it.

tsuna and kyoko relationship goals

He did find a book, thankfully written in Japanese most of the other books were in Italian, which Tsuna didn't know very welllabeled Sky Flames. It was in a secret compartment under the rug and how cheesy was that?

He opened the book, and began to read. Six hours, five potty breaks, two juice breaks, and one lunch break later, Tsuna had finished the book. So apparently his Papa was in something called the Mafia, which was a criminal organization of sorts.

People in the Mafia used flames, like the ones he had. These flames were manifestations of his life force, or 'Will'. Tsuna had Sky flames, apparently. Being a Sky, he would be considered noble and rare in the mafia world, like a princess. He would also get six Guardians, one of each other flame type, who would protect and serve him. What has really caught Tsuna's attention was Sky Attraction, something only a Sky was capable of. Sky Attraction was basically Allure, it drew people to him, and people felt calmed in his presence.

Sky Attraction was created when his flames shifted around inside him.

tsuna and kyoko relationship goals

Which gave him a few ideas. He'd read that it was possible to channel flames into different body parts, so what if he channeled it into his voice when talking, and his eyes to make them look more entrancing. The options were endless.

Another idea, some people had managed to shape their flames into different things, usually weapons or bullets. Could he form a blade? He was bouncing now, maybe he could form wings?

Tsuna had always wanted to fly. Getting out some paper, he made a sloppy list: He'd be starting school soon, he'd turned 6 in October, it was currently January, and School started in April. So that was four months to complete his list.

He'd heard rumors that there was a first grader named Hibari, who was really violent, and even beat the teachers up. On the off chance his charms and Sky Attraction didn't work, he'd need to know how to defend himself. So Tsuna settled himself down for a lot of practice. Two months later, Tsuna had made considerable progress.

He still wasn't very strong physically, and he doubted he ever would be. But he'd gotten some books on acrobatics, and he was much faster and agile.

He liked acrobatics, the flips and splits and tumbles were fun to do, and his mother was so impressed and happy her Tsu-kun was so talented. She offered to let him go into gymnastics classes, but Tsuna had asked to go to dance instead. Dance gave a lot of balance and rhythm, which he needed. He had successfully channeled his flames into his voice, and so far had been testing it out on animals like birds. However, due to all the time he was spending with the wildlife, he'd been adopted as a fellow animal, and Tsuna became a lot more instinctive and animalistic.

His mother had hugged him unexpectedly the other day, and had hissed at her. Luckily Mama thought it was adorable. He'd also managed to make flame-claws, not they weren't as long as he would have liked, only around two inches. But he was working on them, eventually he wanted to be able to change their length with a thought. He hadn't gotten far with his wings, he'd been able to make simple things like a tail or goggles or ears, but wings were big.

He'd probably have to build up his flame reserves before he could make his wings. But hey, he'd managed a tail, and that was useful. As for cuteness, Tsuna had filled a notebook with observations of people, he wanted to be able to see a persons cute-weakness just by interacting with them for a few seconds. Revised through his Hyper Intuition. He developed the X-Burner simply from Haru stating how her, Kyoko, and the others would always support Tsuna, which made Tsuna think of using the Soft Flames to support him with one hand, while he uses the other hand to fire the Hard Flames.

It uses the pressure he faces during a crisis to externally remove Tsuna's body limiters. He then uses his increased strength and renewed confidence to fulfill his dying will, which is the last thought he regretted before being shot.

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Hyper Dying Will Mode: Hyper Dying Will, instead of removing external limiters on the body and using pressure during a crisis, removes internal limiters; therefore, releasing the person's hidden awareness. When the internal limiters are lifted, it awakens his Hyper Intuition. Ultimate Dying Will Mode: Normally, the Dying Will Bullet would cause you to lose your mental state of mind and only concentrate on what your dying will is; however, in this mode, you keep your mental state and become engulfed in flames.

Equipment Sky Vongola Ring: Won after the Ring Battles with the Varia. Tsuna usually wears this Ring around his neck, but he wears it behind his right glove when he is fighting. Tsuna is also able to open any kind of Box Weapon using the Sky Flames produced by the Sky Vongola Ring, though the power is less than those opened with the original Flame attribute.

In addition, it can also not bring out the true potential of the box weapons. During his battle with Byakuran, a manifestation of Vongola Primo appeared and granted Tsuna and his Guardians the true power of the Vongola Rings. As a result, Tsuna's Flames and techniques have dramatically increased in power. After Byakuran was defeated, the Vongola were told that they couldn't take the Vongola Boxes with them. But with Verde's help, the Vongola Boxes were turned into Rings and were brought back to the present with the Vongola.

Ring of the Sky Version X: Created by Reborn's pet, Leon. At first, they appear to be white, wool mittens, but when used with the Dying Will Flame, they change into a pair of black, metal-clad Gloves. X-Gloves, Version Vongola Ring: X-Gloves, Version Vongola Gear: The new gloves now seem to be mostly red, unlike the previous gloves' black. The normal crystal blue Vongola Emblem in the middle now has a red cross on top of it reading "Vongola Famiglia," and Flame type designs cover the bases of the gloves.

Also, as part of the gear, a leg bangle has been added. This bangle is similar to the Ring of the Sky Version X, as it is connected by a chain to a simple belt with an "X" as a buckle. Created by Spanner, these Special Contacts display a targeting system, as well as a system to gauge the strength of the Flames in both X-Gloves.

Using these Contacts, Tsuna is able to maximize the power of the X-Burner without propelling himself. The Contacts are apparently interfaced with his earphones. Tsuna's new Headphones and contacts X-Headphones: Created by Giannini during the Future Arc, as a method of communication during the Merone Base invasion.