Waje and mi relationship help

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waje and mi relationship help

The chemistry had so much effect that many people began to insinuate that probably MI and Waje are lovers. But speaking for the first time on the news milling. The four artists Omawumi, M.I, Waje, ElDee volunteered their services It is to help women to identify clearly their expectations in relationships. As our reporter approached her, Waje, as she is popularly called, said in a very comic . I have been on the set of “Heaven's Help” which is a new movie we are shooting at the moment. . Is it true that you are dating M.I? . TWO wrongs never make a right – whether in politics or in private relationships.

I am also driven to make ends meet. For me, it is now a business because the Bible says that anything we lay our hands on shall prosper. I intend to prosper in it. When I say prospering, it is not only about music but also being able to encourage young people.

I want young people to know that if Waje can win a Grammy award, then, they can also do the same. I want them to know that if I can conquer Africa then, they can do the same.

I know how many people that have approached me and said that they are inspired by my music. Are you signed to Chocolate City? No, I am not signed to Chocolate City.

I wonder why everybody is saying that I am signed to ChocolateCity. I am signed to Waje Music Entertainment. Are you telling us that you have a record label?

When did you unveil the label? I have been running the label for a long time now. Artistes have been coming to me to sign them on but I keep telling them that we sign artistes on a partnership level. So, it has always been there. You still liiok stunning without make up.

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The secret of my beauty is God. You can ask my hair stylist, Elijah. He has been making my hair for a very long time now. Sometimes, I wear bogus clothes to Shoprite.

Sometimes, I wear shots and T-shirt to go and buy bolle. I feel that whatever we are doing, we should be able to defend it. What is you favourite fashion item? I am a very free person. How do you feel being a single mother? Whether the father is there or not, a child is a huge blessing from God. Do they expect me to regret being a single mother? This is the picture of my daughter she scrolls through her phone to the point where her daughter is.

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Is she not worthy to be called my daughter? What was your growing up like? My growing up was fun. I am the first child and the first daughter in my family. I was a tom boy as a child. I was born with a plastic spoon, nothing like silver spoon. My parents got divorced when I was young. I had issues of youthful exuberance and my mother working so hard to provide for her kids.

These were some of the challenges I faced as a child. Did you have music in mind while growing up? How did music begin for you? I started early enough. I was singing in my church choir.

I would gate crash and go to sing at shows. Those were the kind of things I did. Why are you still single? Well, I am not God. Who is your kind of man? A God fearing man is my kind of man.

A man that has respect for himself. Because if you love yourself, you would respect yourself, you would work hard to provide the things you need for yourself. Is there any man in your life now?

No, there is nobody. I am not a moral teacher, so, it is not my business. Everybody has their purpose for coming to life and we are entitled to our actions. God would not be judging us the same time, we will be judged separately. Is it true that you are dating M. No, I am not.

waje and mi relationship help

We are just good friends, nothing more than that. How do you handle your male fans? What does love mean to you? We know what we want and we are going to get it. By the grace of God I am striving towards the perfection I have always desired.

Do you still have a very good relationship with your colleague Omawumi? She is not just a colleague; she is my friend and a blood sister from another mother. Our friendship is very strong and even stronger than we can imagine. Aside music, what else do you have passion for? It has always been music and it will only be music. You mean you have no other passion aside music? Fashion has become my new baby. At this point in my life I've finally understood my personality and style and blending both is a fabulous experience for me.

waje and mi relationship help

What were your earliest challenges in rising to the top? I would say it was being given a chance when I started. But I quickly learnt that you don't wait for opportunity, you create it. Did you actually pattern your career after any Nigerian singer when you were setting out? My career was mainly patterned after brand Waje and that's it. Of all your songs, which one do you mostly sing at leisure and why? Coco Baby would be it.

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It's very bubbly and joyful and that beach vibe is unbeatable you know. Will you encourage your child to take after you in music?

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I can only encourage her; I can't force her because nobody forced me. I want her to be independent. Now that your friend Omawumi is married, is marriage now on your card? Don't worry, when I am ready I promise I will invite you.

waje and mi relationship help

Let me also remind you that I am single and very happy. I don't need to be married before I radiate inner joy and happiness. God has deposited unexplainable joy in me and I will forever be happy in his presence. You are not on the train of any politician, why are you not in this political dispensation?

Does it define me? I don't really care about something; we all have our callings in life. What is the craziest thing a fan did to you? A fan bashed my car on the road and Immediately he saw it was me, he, ran to me hugged me quick and started taking 'selfies' with me and ended up calling his friends on the spot.

Before I left the he had already put up a post that he bashed my car on social media with pictures. Why did you partner with Kaymu to celebrate with less-privileged this Valentine? I have passion for these people and I have nursed this feeling from childhood.