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-According to Miley, kissing her boyfriend is her not caring. -Miley wants to have a good year like the previous one where she fell in love with Chad. -Kyle just told Lola that, if her were Chad, he never would let her go. I could see him like Jack and going through too many relationships. I don't want to look at it as Lola making Kyle a better man but rather Lola. LOL Movie. Lola and Kyle Miley Cyrus Nick Jonas, Cute Relationships, Relationship Goals Bucket list, before i die ♥ want to be an actress! Nichole · Lola and.

Can they drill the message into our heads any further? And so it begins. It revolves around this teacher having to avoid his many stalkers.

What will these crazy kids do next? Post-It is going after Chad. You can tone it down a bit. As much as it saddens me to see Jane in this, at least he can salvage my experience. Just go through a fast food drive thru and ask the clerk.

We get to see their conversation via pop-up bubbles.

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Why am I supposed to like these people? Can he make it anymore obvious? Is a football going to be thrown at her face? Apparently, that means he can ride his motorcycle without a helmet. What teenager wants a scooter? Still hard to believe, though. We all know that adults and teenagers think differently. He feel asleep on her. He probably dozed off reading the script. What is this, Elementary school? When Lola made the obviously false remark to Chad that she too slept with someone over the summer, everybody started believing her.

This is why Chad called her a ho. People call others horrible names all the time without justification. No reason to give him an extremely lame one. All is right in the world! The reason this exists is so she can send him a smiley face.

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I know she feels telling him will ruin their friendship, but hiding it will too. How the fuck do you anonymously video chat?!?

Why not just solely text? How did they get so many talented actors to appear in this dreck? So we could have a cheap gag? Are you freaking kidding me?!? Just make out already! Therefore, they just made out. And by coincidence, I mean plot convenience. He actually used the fate line on her. And by found them making out, she found her purse on the ground in front of a stall. Granted, she seen them come out, so I understand her assuming he cheated on her.

Post-It set this up. Emily has the same purse as Ms. Which means that somebody had to tell Lola that Kyle was in the bathroom, for her to mistake the purses and see both Ms. Post-It and Kyle come around the same corner at roughly the same time in order for this misunderstanding to work. The thought of starring in crappy Lifetime movies made her break down. What a selfish bitch! Do I have a sign on my head that says cheat on me? This is the most realistic thing to happen so far.

That witty punishment you thought you made for Kyle was stupid. Way to be stupid, Dad! Lola accuses Kyle of cheating on her with Ms. He breaks up with her because of this lack of trust and… goes out with Ms. Is there no unity with these people? Is he stupid or just an asshole? I hate this complaint. A message to parents. You have to lay down the law and protect them. In order to do this, you have to be looked upon as the bad guy.

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Right after he got off the phone, his father burst into his room after finding potdestroyed his guitar, took his phone and laptop and threatened to ship him off to military school. It looks like our dear friend, plot convenience, is here to stay. Emily is back to stalking him.

During their relationship, James offers Anne advice on how to reconnect with Lola. She takes up the advice. After a presentation at school, Lola looks for Kyle in the bathroom and overhears two people having sex in the stall. Lola assumes it is Kyle and Ashley after seeing a purse similar to Ashley's peeking out from under the stall.

It was really Emily and Wen hooking up in the stall but Emily doesn't tell Lola because her friends think Wen Adam Sevani is weird and shes embarrassed that she hooked up with him. Afterwards, Lola confronts Ashley, who doesn't deny it because she likes Kyle and wants to get in between Lola and Kyle's relationship. A huge argument breaks out between Kyle and Lola, where Lola accuses Kyle of cheating on her, and the two break up.

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Kyle's father learns that Kyle has lied about his grades and smoked pot which leads to him being grounded and his dad destroying his guitar. After the break up, Lola is determined to make Kyle jealous, and tries to do so by making out with her childhood friend Jeremy Jean-Luc Bilodeau. While on the Paris trip, Emily finally admits to Lola it was actually her and Wen in the bathroom, not Ashley and Kyle. After this realization, Lola and Kyle get back together and Lola spends the night with Kyle where he is staying and they have sex for the first time.

When they all return home, Chad and Kyle reconcile and he gives his blessing to Kyle and Lola's relationship. Lola sticks up for Ashley when Chad insults her.