What is a symmetrical relationship and complementary

Complementary and Symmetrical Couples | Dr. Nisha Khanna

what is a symmetrical relationship and complementary

The logical levels of complementary, symmetrical, and parallel interaction into complementary, symmetrical, and parallel classes using the Relationship Styles. I'm still not certain that Symmetrical and Complementary were the terms Trying to make the relationship symmetrical would empty it of its true. The two types of couples are; the complementary and symmetrical couples. Both types of couples are in a relationship due to the attraction.

Symmetrical vs. Complementary

Such areas are often related to having similar backgrounds and life experiences. They include moral values, religious beliefs and affiliation, political ideology, views on family, and others.

what is a symmetrical relationship and complementary

This does not mean that marriages which are not in perfect agreement in all of these areas are necessarily doomed for failure. But, those who enjoy harmony in most or all of these areas are generally at an advantage. Common interests often result in shared activities which can help to develop intimacy and friendship in relationships.

These are a couple of the other benefits of symmetrical unions. The symmetrical style of relationship is not without potential problems, however.

When commonality is viewed as extremely important to one or both spouses and the relationship is based, to a great degree, on this understanding then certain expectations naturally develop.

One may be right oriented and the other left-oriented on the level of the brain functioning. Individually they might want different things or have different habits. One may be a fitness freak and the other a lazy one. They may also have a different set of priorities in their life. Couples with such collateral or parallel needs or goals in life end up with two reflections.

Benefits As a team, the couple can handle a variety of problems because of their different ways of looking at the problem.

They may help each other by teaching the different ways to tackle challenges. This would, in turn, enhance their personal self-growth. Due to their different ideologies, the partners can discuss and discover new things about each other. Hence verbal communication is the primary modality for them.

what is a symmetrical relationship and complementary

These differences may also end up being limitations for these couples. Limitations In complementary couples, the difference of opinions may end up being a bane. If a decision taken by one of them turns out to be a wrong one, the other partner would blame and quarrel with the other.

what is a symmetrical relationship and complementary

When pursuers feel there is too much space between them and a partner, they pursue. If the distancers feel they are being crowded, they distance in order to get some space. If the distancer distances too much, the pursuer again pursues.

The logical levels of complementary, symmetrical, and parallel interaction classes in family dyads.

To describe their new understanding of family dynamics, they adopted the term cybernetics. Symmetrical — where people respond to each other in similar ways and Complementary — where one person yields to or supports the other.

When expressed in healthy ways, either type of feedback loop results in growth and positive change. But, if not checked by cultural norms or positive values, the communication loop can get out of control and become unhealthy and destructive.

what is a symmetrical relationship and complementary

The team went on to more clearly specify healthy as well as unhealthy ways that symmetrical or complementary relationships can work. In healthy symmetrical relationships, the two parties mirror each other.

what is a symmetrical relationship and complementary

An unhealthy example of symmetry would be of two siblings who are brutally competitive with each other. Neither can rest in their anxiety to always be on top. Each spends his life anxiously looking over his shoulder to see whether his brother is besting him and renewing his own efforts to be best and first.

An unhealthy complementarity can be seen in couples where one person dominates disrespects and controls the other and the other person responds by becoming more and more passively the victim.