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Conrad Yuuri Wolfram relationships (hopefully it will become a discussion) I can't believe wolfram was created only to fall in love with the Maou and never be . In a plaza somewhere in the capital, a nice little market is taking place. Yuuri, Wolfram, Conrad and Greta are in disguise. Apparently, if you put on slightly. Summary: With Yuuri's upcoming birthday, Wolfram makes his decision. It's more about restoring your relationship making things comfortable .. the quarry already worked at full capacity to satisfy the market demand.

Naturally, Yuuri thinks Elizabeth is going too far and saves Wolf from her before saying they have to make up. And then when Yuuri thinks that he and Wolfram aren't engaged anymore, at first he seems happy but when Elizabeth says she broke off the engagement and expect him to take care of Wolfram, at first he seems fine with it until he lets the information sink in and having him scream that he didn't ask for this.

Then there's the whole reason why the Accidental Marriage happened. Yuri smacked Wolfram across the face, despite the latter insulting his mother, because he was "too pretty" to have been punched in the face. In episode 17, Gunter tricks Wolfram into jumping into the Sand Bear's hole by saying that it's to prove his love for Yuuri, which he falls for.

Despite not being used to Yuuri yet, Wolfram allows him to rest on his lap multiple times and Yuuri doesn't mind at first The episode with the bearbees focused on the pairing a lot. Everyone thinks when the two disappear due to being stuck in a mansion with no way out, they think they eloped and Gunter even suggests that they are making a pact of suicide.

The entire episode was of the two trying to settle their difference and they succeeded to a certain extent. The bearbees mistook the pair as their parents, because Wolfram painted with bearbee dung paint earlier in the day and the scent clung to Yuuri and Wolfram. When the babies hatched, they assumed, by scent, that the pair were their parents. Wolfram gives Yuuri a Declaration of Protection and asks him "Can't you understand my love?

When Wolfram is affected by a love spell, he declares his love to Yuuri. Naturally, Yuuri is not amused but when it wears off, Yuuri teases Wolfram on how forward he was AKA he was the same as he always been.

When Wolfram got kidnapped by the Originators, instead of panicking like he would normally do at the beginning of the series, Yuuri gets on his own horse and chases after them. Of course, he gets kidnapped too but it's the thought that counted in that moment because all Yuuri thought was saving Wolfram.

This is more evident in one episode where Wolfram goes to save a child from being burned alive and almost gets burned in the process.

This instantly causes Yuuri to go Maou on the entire forest to assure that Wolfram was safe. Yuuri gets to carry Wolfram in a Bridal Carry one time during that one episode in the snowstorm.

To add to this, Yuuri was worrying for Wolfram the entire time, so he finally mans up in order to actually pull this off. Yuuri is devastated when he thinks that Wolfram is dead after his heart is ripped out. Yuri had a sneaking suspicion that Wolfram had run off before he arrived.

The fact that none of Wolfram's men were around put weight behind Yuri's theory. Since it was a party a carriage had followed Yuri and co. Greta and Cecile had sat in the carriage as well. These boxes had been taken by servants to their rooms and the clothes hung up to stop them from becoming creased.

Yuri was standing in front of his mirror adjusting his black uniform. This uniform was just a smarter version of his usual outfit complete with a purple sash around his shoulders held in place by a large red jewel on his right shoulder. Yuri made a few minor adjustments before he heard a loud knock on his bedroom door. Yuri smiled at the mirror at Conrad's reflection. Conrad was wearing the smart version of his brown military uniform.

Yuri guessed that Gunter and Gwendal would be wearing their own smart military uniforms. He came back a few hours ago though. It has been at least 40 or so years since I last saw him though. Wolfram was in his 80s but he only looked about 19 years old if that.

They were not bad people," Conrad added seeing Yuri's look, "They just had a good way of making money. As soon as Cecile had seen her baby boy she had rushed over to hug him until Wolfram's face began to turn blue. Cecile had greeted Merrick as well but with a little more dignity than when she greeted her youngest son. Wolfram smiled as his mother told him how Gwendal and Gunter were still sneaking kisses when they thought no one was looking. It seemed they hadn't realised that everyone in the castle knew about their relationship and that no one was bothered by it.

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Wolfram couldn't help but feel a little jealous that his brothers had found love and he hadn't. Conrad and Josak had been lovers for months and Gwendal and Gunter were taking their time building up their relationship.

He had run off this morning when he heard that Yuri had been delayed in Shinmakoku and wouldn't be arriving until early this morning. Wolfram knew it was cowardly but he couldn't help himself. He and Merrick had taken his men and gone out to the clearing and spent almost the whole day there.

Wolfram had been tempted to stay there all night too but Merrick had convinced him to come back. No one won an argument with his mother.

Greta rushed towards Wolfram as fast as her pink ball dress would allow. Wolfram knelt down and opened his arms for Greta to run into. Wolfram hugged Greta tightly and she hugged him back.

Greta pulled back and grinned hugely at Wolfram. Papa Yuri has missed you as well. Wolfram groaned and turned to look up at his mother who gazed innocently back at him. Wolfram sighed and shook his head.

He wanted it to be true, he really did, but he just couldn't believe that Yuri would miss him at all. He would be having too much fun flirting with girls. Wolfram scowled and stood up. Wolfram shook his head and forced a grin on to his face. For Wolfram it was as if his heart stopped in his chest. Yuri turned down all those girls? Wolfram may not have any interest in women in general but he could recognise female beauty when he saw it, some of the wealthy daughters of the mazoku kingdom where very beautiful.

Wolfram couldn't believe that Yuri would turn them all down.

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Wolfram gazed at his mother for a moment before looking away. Her son was so stubborn, he got that from his mother, and he refused to believe that Yuri would turn down all those women for him. Cecile had seen the way Yuri acted after Wolfram left and she was now convinced that Yuri had feelings for Wolfram but was unsure of how to express them.

Cecile glanced at Merrick who was gazing at Wolfram in concern; she just hoped everything was going to turn out alright in the end. He was no where to be seen and Yuri frowned in annoyance. It seemed that Wolfram was avoiding him. Conrad headed in his direction with Yuri following put out that he hadn't seen Wolfram yet. Yuri forced a smile onto his face. Lord Wincott frowned in confusion and turned to Conrad. He knew that Yuri had been seeing several women who wished to be his bride but he also knew that Yuri had turned them all down.

Wolfram was still thinking about what his mother and Greta had said. Could Yuri really have feelings for me? He made it pretty clear that night that he wanted nothing to do with me. Merrick stepped up close to Wolfram and placed his hand on Wolfram's left hip. Wolfram stiffened but he didn't pull away so Merrick took that as a good sign. It hadn't been difficult to spot Cecile in her bright red dress. As usual she was surrounded by young single men who had fallen for her good looks.

Cecile made a quick excuse and hurried after Yuri. She wanted to see what would happen when Yuri and Wolfram finally met up again. Merrick was so close Wolfram could see the flecks of green in his eyes.

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Merrick leaned forward and brushed his lips against Wolfram's ear making the blond shiver again. I don't expect you to forget him, just think about me a little more ok? Wolfram turned so he was facing Merrick. They were nose to nose. Their breath mingled when they breathed out.

Then he frowned and slowed down. Wolfram was standing very close to a handsome boy who looked about the same age as Wolfram. The boy had dark brown hair and blue eyes and was whispering something in Wolfram's ear.

yuri and wolfram-you found me

The blond was blushing and shivering. Yuri felt something stir inside him that felt a lot like jealousy. Yuri noticed the hand that the other boy had on Wolfram's hip and the feeling inside him grew stronger.

Yuri walked forward and opened his mouth to announce his presence when Wolfram turned towards the other boy and looked into his eyes. Yuri stopped again as he saw Wolfram's lips move saying a word that Yuri couldn't hear. Then Wolfram tilted his head up and kissed the other boy on the lips.

Yuri couldn't watch anymore. He turned and hurried away the image of Wolfram kissing someone else burned into his memory. Yuri had thought that Wolfram would come back to him if he only asked him. He had believed that Wolfram would always be there for him. Yuri never considered that Wolfram would leave him for someone else.

Yuri left the hall and stepped outside. It was coming close to winter so the sun had already slipped over the hills. Yuri looked up at the stars above him. I am such an idiot, Yuri thought to himself. Yuri closed his eyes and buried his face in his hands. He just wished it had been him. She saw Wolfram kiss Merrick and she saw Yuri watch the whole thing before turning and leaving.

She saw the look of hurt and jealousy on Yuri's face. This is either going to be really good, or really bad. Cecile thought as Wolfram stepped back from Merrick's embrace and smiled shyly at the older mazoku. Cecile wanted Wolfram to be happy, and if Merrick made him happy then so be it. Cecile was sure however that Wolfram couldn't be happy with anyone but Yuri and she was now sure that Yuri could only be happy with Wolfram. Its time for some motherly intervention, Cecile thought with a grin.

Wolfram jumped startled and then blushed wondering how much his mother had seen. Did she see us kissing? If his mother had seen the kiss she would never let him forget that she saw it. Wolfram stood still staring after his mother looking shocked and very confused. When he had confessed his concern to Merrick the mazoku had laughed at him. Wolfram had been annoyed about that but he realised that Merrick didn't know his mother like he did.

Wolfram knew that Cecile was up to something he just didn't know what. As Wolfram headed towards the library he suddenly realised that he hadn't seen Yuri yet. He had spotted his brothers chatting to some of the nobles when he left for the library but he hadn't seen Yuri with them.

Wolfram pushed open the library door and looked around. The library was cool and silent. All the lamps were lit and the flickering flames made the shadows dance on the walls. Waltorana's library wasn't very big for a library. The room was rectangle in shape with a large desk in the middle of the room with gold candle sticks resting on top of the worn old wood.

Shelves of books lined the walls and a ladder leaned against one of the walls so people could reach the books on the top shelf. Wolfram walked over to the table and sat down. It was obvious that his mother wasn't here yet. Wolfram hoped that she hadn't played a trick on him.

The door opened and Wolfram looked up expecting to see his mother. Instead he saw Yuri poke his head around the door. Wolfram froze in shock. What is Yuri doing here? Yuri walked into the room not spotting Wolfram sitting motionless at the table. Yuri jumped and whirled around his heat thumping loudly in his chest. Why are you sneaking up on me in the dark?

Yuri was about to argue that Wolfram did sneak up on him when he remembered what he had seen happen a few minutes ago. Yuri's face darkened and he looked away from Wolfram. Yuri glanced at Wolfram in surprise. But she asked me to meet her here as well, she said she had something important to tell me that the others couldn't overhear.

Cecile had made it so they would meet up, alone. Wolfram froze his hand hovering over the door handle. Wolfram turned around his cheeks burning with anger and embarrassment. Are you just playing with his feelings then? He could feel the tears building.

Wolfram recoiled as if he had been slapped. His eyes went wide and his face turned pale. Wolfram would have found the sight amusing had his heart not been beating so hard in his chest. And what about us being total opposites and not right for each other?

His chest hurt and he was finding it difficult to breathe. I didn't, no I couldn't, marry someone who just saw it as their duty. I wanted to protect myself so I pushed you away. Wolfram stared at Yuri in shock his hands releasing Yuri's jacket.

You yourself said that it would bring shame on your family name in you broke off the engagement. At first I did it because it was my duty but then I fell in love with you and everything changed!

Yuri stared at Wolfram for a few seconds before his face creased in a wide smile. Yuri grabbed Wolfram and pulled him forward. Yuri crushed their lips together in their first real kiss. It was sloppy and Wolfram hadn't been expecting it so their teeth clacked together. Yuri pulled back and smiled at Wolfram's shocked face. Wolfram couldn't believe that this was happening.

Part of Wolfram was giddy with joy but the other part was frozen with shock. Is this a dream? Yuri grinned back and wrapped his arms around Wolfram's narrow waist. Wolfram closed his eyes and leaned in the touch with a content sigh.

Yuri's kiss was gentle, sweet and full of his love. It was enough to make Wolfram melt as he pressed his lips against Yuri's trying to transmit his feelings in that simple touch. Yuri threaded his fingers through Wolfram's thick blond locks. Yuri pulled back for air and opened his eyes unaware that he had closed them. Wolfram's cheeks were flushed and his hair messed up.

Yuri had never seen anything so beautiful. Aren't you going out with him? Merrick offered me a distraction from the pain and I was too weak to resist even though I knew he was just an attempt to replace you. I felt terrible whenever he kissed me and I wished it was you kissing me instead of him. What Yuri was asking suddenly clicked in Wolfram's mind. Yuri sighed in relief and pulled Wolfram close to hug him. Don't say what you're about to say, Look back before you leave my life, Don't leave my life Be sure before close that door, Before you roll those dice, Baby think twice.

Yuri could do most things by himself now but these papers were related to laws of the land and Gwendal wanted to make sure Yuri got everything correct. Yuri would be lying if he said he wasn't grateful for the help and advice. Gwendal was now engaged to Gunter and they were planning their wedding to be next year during the summer. Gwendal seemed a lot more relaxed now he was engaged and he smiled a lot more too.

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Yuri was happy for his friend and advisor and now brother-in-law. Yuri glanced at a picture on his desk top and smiled. Six months ago he and Wolfram had finally gotten married. Yuri had brought his family to Shinmakoku for the wedding and his mother had proceeded to take pictures of everything and everyone.

The one on Yuri's desk was his favourite. It showed him in his light grey tux standing with his arm around Wolfram's waist grinning at the camera. Wolfram was wearing a pure white tux but his jacket reached down to the ground and was open at the front. Wolfram had refused to wear a dress and Yuri was very grateful for that. He had a feeling if Wolfram had appeared in a white wedding dress he wouldn't have been able to keep his hands off him.

In the picture Wolfram was also grinning at the camera with an arm around his waist. Yuri had never seen him look so happy. In fact everyone had looked happier than Yuri had ever seen them that day. Conrad had been his best man and Gwendal had walked Wolfram down the aisle while Cecile and Miko Jennifer had cried. Conrad, Gunter and Gwendal had been wearing their smart military uniforms and even Gwendal had been smiling. Conrad hadn't stopped smiling from when he woke Yuri up the morning of his wedding till the end of the party late that night.

Greta had looked beautiful in her pink flower girl dress with her hair pined up on her head with white and pink flowers. Josak had been grinning as well and Yuri was eternally grateful that Conrad had managed to force his husband Conrad and Josak had married three months prior to wear a black tux instead of a dress like he wanted to.

The wedding had been huge since every member state of the mazoku-human alliance had sent representatives to the wedding with gifts of all shapes and sizes. A huge party had been thrown in Wolfram and Yuri's honour after the wedding which had gone on till the early hours of the next morning.

Back then Yuri had considered that day the best day of his life. Then just 3 months after the wedding Yuri received the best news in the world. At first Yuri had been shocked that male mazoku could even get pregnant but after Wolfram calling him an 'idiot wimp' and Gunter calmly explaining that he had in fact told Yuri that before, Yuri accepted it. Now Wolfram was six months along and a right terror.

If people didn't think that Wolfram had a temper before they certainly did now. Wolfram had almost burned down the whole castle on several occasions when he had a violent mood swing but he was always forgiven. Apart from being violent Wolfram would also become very gentle and caring.

Yuri's heart would always skip a beat when he saw Wolfram gently caressing his stomach with a gentle loving smile on his face. Everyone agreed that Wolfram was going to make a great mum. Yuri just hoped he would make a great dad. He only had 3 months to prepare. They didn't even know what gender their baby was yet. Oh yes go ahead Gwendal.