Meet the mormons quotes about friends

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meet the mormons quotes about friends

quotes have been tagged as lds: Gordon B. Hinckley: 'Cultivate an attitude of He was not afraid of close friendships; he was not afraid that proximity to him “Each of us is under a divinely spoken obligation to reach out with pardon and. “God is the author of diversity,” says Darius Gray in a new Church-produced film entitled Meet the Mormons. Darius is a friend of Jermaine. lds quotes on friendship | Friends General Conference Quotes, Lds you saying, "That sure was fun! this is true not many friends like this today finding that out!.

The track that leads to marriage passes through the terrain called dating! Dating is the opportunity for lengthy conversations.

meet the mormons quotes about friends

When you date, learn everything you can about each other. Are your goals compatible? Do you share the same feelings about the commandments, the Savior, the priesthood, the temple, parenting, callings in the church and serving others?

meet the mormons quotes about friends

Have you observed one another under stress, responding to success and failure, resisting anger and dealing with setbacks? Does the person you are dating tear others down or build them up? Is his or her attitude and language and conduct what you would like to live with every day? They are the gateway to where you ultimately want to go.

If you want to marry a wholesome, attractive, honest, happy, hardworking, spiritual person, be that kind of person.

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If you are that person and you are not married, be patient. Wait upon the Lord.

meet the mormons quotes about friends

Holland Gerry Avant, Deseret News "There are many qualities you will want to look for in a friend or a serious date — to say nothing of a spouse and eternal companion — but surely among the very first and most basic of those qualities will be those of care and sensitivity toward others, a minimum of self-centeredness that allows compassion and courtesy to be evident. There are lots of limitations in all of us that we hope our sweethearts will overlook.

These cost us nothing, and they can mean everything to the one who receives them. Proper dating is a part of that preparation. In cultures where dating is appropriate, do not date until you are 16 years old.

Strengthening True Friendships by Looking to Christ |

On one occasion, full of worry and frustration about my single situation and my advancing years, I went to a priesthood leader for a blessing to strengthen me. The words spoken in that blessing stay with me to this day and ring truer to me as time passes.

I can still quote them: Those words were a call to action for me to make my life wonderful regardless of any situation or difficulty I faced. If I made a happy single life for myself, it would determine the happiness I would have as a married woman, and I wanted a happy future.

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I realized I had the capacity not only to bear difficult things but to look for the best in every situation. My attitude became much more positive.

Life is a challenge, but it will always be a challenge — single or married — and I wanted to be equal to that challenge. I testify from hard-earned experience that the Lord is always preparing us for greater happiness and blessings. We need only try our best and trust in him with all our hearts. In ways, however, technology may be causing us to have relationships that are less meaningful.

meet the mormons quotes about friends

Merely tweeting, texting, emailing and friending cannot genuinely create a well-rounded relationship. Spending real face-to-face time with other people is necessary to build true friendships. You may have heard the term; this experience was once referred to as a date. Gibson, " What About Dating? It is the only place under the heavens where marriage can be solemnized for eternity. Marry the right person in the right place at the right time. Scott IRI "There is more to a foundation of eternal marriage than a pretty face or an attractive figure.

There is more to consider than popularity or charisma. As you seek an eternal companion, look for someone who is developing the essential attributes that bring happiness: McConkie Courtesy LDS Church "In my judgment there is no more important single act that any Latter-day Saint ever does in this world than to marry the right person in the right place by the right authority.

The right person is someone for whom the natural and wholesome and normal affection that should exist does exist.

Therefore, love of companion is governed, in part, by esteem of self. Be true to yourselves, and your respect for yourself will increase. Know that yours is a divine birthright. Cultivate a good opinion of yourselves. Others may make cutting remarks concerning you. This is only a sign of their ignorance and not of your qualities. Walk with that dignity which is becoming a young woman who is a daughter of God. You were preserved to come to the earth in this time for a special purpose. Not just a few of you, but all of you.

There are things for each of you to do that no one else can do as well as you.

22 quotes from LDS leaders about dating and marriage | Deseret News

If you do not prepare to do them, they will not be done. Your mission is unique and distinctive for you. If you will let Him, I testify that our Father in Heaven will walk with you through the journey of life and inspire you to know your special purpose here.

Her sense of infinite worth comes from her own Christlike yearning to reach out with love, as He does. The gospel assures you that your value is not dependent on your looks or material possessions. Self-contempt is of Satan. There is no such thing in heaven.