Meet the trolldier tf2

Meet The Retarded Heavy в Team Fortress 2

meet the trolldier tf2

Rocket Jumper + Mantreads + Market Gardener = Meet the Trolldier: https://youtu. be/8RHGTSp4 Gardening Mantreads Stomp Returns. For Team Fortress 2 on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Rocket Jumper + Mantreads + Market Gardener = Meet the Trolldier. A page for describing Trivia: Team Fortress 2. The second half of the Meet The Team videos (Sniper, Sandvich, Spy, Medic, and The Rocket Jumper, Mantreads, and Market Gardener loadout has been dubbed the "Trolldier" loadout, and.

But he was not your run of the mill battle engie, nope, he was using a Force-A-Nature, the Scout weapon everyone hates. He also was using a Ambassador, the Spy revolver which is one of the best. Now I know what you're thinking, this guy is hacking.

meet the trolldier tf2

Not really, if he was being controlled then yes it would be hacking, but when he's free to do what he likes, he can hold other weapons, he's a entity. But most players don't do this since he's ridiculed for it and others don't want that to happen. He loved the thrill of using other weapons, he never liked his normal engie weapons, except for weapons like, the stock shotgun, frontier justice, widowmaker, and the wrangler.

He hated using things like the Rescue Ranger, since it basically takes away your primary, and the stock pistol since revolvers hit harder. He normally stuck to rifles, shotguns, and sidearms since they were in his strength range and aren't rocket science to operate. He loves his Force-A-Nature since it helps him be mobile and does a lot of damage.

He likes the Ambassador since it's great at long rage and makes him feel like a cowboy. These are his signature weapons, he normally takes weapons as prizes, they were coded back when his victim was respawned so all was good. He is hated by mostly everyone, he was a battle Engineer and a damn good one too. He normally shut down scouts and other light classes with a balance between close range and long range. His name was Rider, there were many sprays with his name, they said things like wanted and his bounty was like, 50, keys.

meet the trolldier tf2

He was basically a full blown criminal at this point, it's not like he steals, he's just a menace to others and a disgrace to Engineers in their eyes.

He really didn't give a shit, he was just having fun. Rider was on a Hightower, like usual, he was on RED team. Everyone else spawned, he got glares and sighs. He'd usually roll with his Panic Attack out when he was crossing the map, he would spin up his Brass Beast by the enemy spawn, and he'd use his KGB for some crits.

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The team had 60 seconds, and the fact that Meet Your Match made waiting for games to start longer, so they got prepared, the one Medic was building uber, the 2 Scouts and Pyro were dancing, the Trolldier was rocket jumping, the Gibus Sniper was still learning how to use his rifle, the 3 Engineers were building up teleports, and the Demoman was taking swigs of his Scrumpy.

Guns'N'Glory sat next to Rider and the two started to conversate. The two went up to the gate and were itching for a fight. Rider threw a mini turret to the top of the Hightower near a med kit, he ran to a Soldier who was in the middle of a melee fight and knocked him back with the Force-A-Nature.

He then looked at the pissed off Soldier and smiled, he then proceeded to blow his head off. Rider killed Eagle Wing "Aye, didn't need ya help ya block head". Rider looked at him and said, "You're welcome". He met up with Guns to set up his Dispenser. Rider placed down a Dispenser and was about to leave when got charged by a Demoknight.

Rider aimed his gun but the Demoknight used its Tider Turner to get behind him, he kicked him in the back, and tried to finish the Job. Rider dodged the swing of the Eyelander and punched the knight, he then took out his ambassador and headshot him. Rider killed King Arthur Rider charged outside to get into more action, but the sound of gunfire went off and hit him straight in the knee, it was a needle from the Sydney Sleeper.

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Rider killed Chop Chop Rider saw a level 3 sentry and ducked, he was in a rock and hard place at this point. He didn't have the time or the crayons to take down a level 3. Rider kept up against the wall and inched his way to a safe zone. He was nearly there, Rider heard footsteps so he rolled and pulled out his Ambassador, he had a light slash to his gut, he felt a painful burning sensation as he gripped his cut.

The Spy nodded as he had the handle of a crit boosted Diamondback in his trenchcoat.

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Both started at eachother for awhile, it was a one shot kill, which begs the question, who's gonna walk out of their alive. Rider dodged it barely but got hit in the arm by a crit boosted shot, he screamed in pain.

Rider wasn't gonna lose so he pulled out his Force-A-Nature and propelled himself in the air. He shot at the Spy, the Spy's head exploded into bits, similarly like in Meet the Spy. Rider wiped the sweat off his brow, he was still tense, that kill was easy, too easy. He fell to the ground and gripped his knee, as he saw his assassin. The Spy laughed as he closed his deadringer.

Rider reached for his Ambassador but his Gunslingers hand was blown off, it shattered to pieces.

meet the trolldier tf2

Rider glared at him and said, "Ya yellow belly coward", the Spy chuckled and said, "Just doing business partner", he aimed his Diamondback to finish the job. The Spy nearly pissed himself as he heard the sound of a Brass Beasts spin up.

The Spy turned around to see Guns'N'Glory with a pissed off look and a readied minigun. Rider ran into the fray, he took out an enemy Medic, and went to the top of the Hightower, he set up a mini turret and a teleporter. Rider made a mad dash to spawn and set up another teleporter. He then got a notification that a Spy was sapping his sentry. He took the teleporter and went to his building, only to be punched off the ledge.

He saw it was a Heavy and his team Spy went elsewhere. Rider squared up and punched him in the gut, the Heavy laughed and grabbed Rider by his throat, he threw him to a wooden crate, he had splinters and scratches all over. Rider got up and charged, the Heavy swung but Rider dodged it, he punched the Heavy in his gut, since if your boxing a big guy you'd hit below if your shorter.

He threw another punch into his knee cap making the Heavy grunt, and ended it with a final crit uppercut, knocking the Heavy's head clean off.

Rider killed Beef Cake: He took the note and saw it was another wanted poster of himself.

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Rider was about to make a mad dash for spawn when he heard a pump from a shotgun, it was the rest of the BLU team, had sniper rifles, miniguns, shotguns, and even various melees, they wanted to watch Rider suffer. Rider dual wielded his Force-A-Nature and Ambassador to fight back but he knew that he couldn't take on that many at once.

He shot a warning shot, only to be shot in the legs, he his arm cut off, a black eye, and even some 2nd degree burns. Archimedes, the Spycrab, and Balloonicorn exist as real-life merchandise. There's also a foam version of the Engineer's wrench and a plush sticky bomb in both colors, no less.

In the "Blood in the Water" supplemental comic, there was this extended version of the scene with Sniper, Demoman, and Pauling. The game itself took nine years to finish, having gone through multiple concepts and artstyles before settling on the final product's theme.

The second half of the Meet The Team videos Sniper, SandvichSpy, Medic, and Pyro ; the other five classes had been released relatively early on, but then it took a year to finish both Sniper and Sandvich, another year for Spy, another 2 just to do Medic's, and another year for Pyro.

The Jungle Inferno update ended up providing the longest content drought in the game's history.

Meet the Trolldier

It was originally announced to some degree at July before going through more than a year of development, with it eventually being released on October 20th, The sheer length of Jungle Inferno's creation process resulted in the annual Scream Fortress and Smissmass updates being skipped over foras Valve was simply too busy to spend time towards them.

This, in turn, led to fears that Valve had quietly abandoned any further big updates to the game in the wake of the popularity of Overwatch. Doing It for the Art: The amount of detail put into the games' artwork is amazing, down to things you might not even notice, like how every class has a unique set of teeth.

Most notable are Sniper's pointy canines and Scout's buck teeth. It took Valve nine years to make and were close to spending ten on it.

Then they became part of Valve and started working on a Goldsource version, then constantly changed everything around until they released it in None of the characters is of the same nationality and region as their voice actor, except maybe the Pyro. We wanted to make it sound like what Americans in the '60s would have imagined these people sounded like, not what they actually sounded like.

There's enough of them to warrant its own page on the official wiki. The original name for a Demo with the Targe and the Eyelander was called "The Close Combat Kit", but fans called them "Demoknights" since it sounded better.

Then, with the Uber Update, a weapon set gets released for Demoman that focuses on melee only and was named "One Thousand and One Demoknights" One of the Soldier's unlockable launchers, the Black Box, is often referred to as the Crutch Box or Bad Box due to it restoring up to 20 health points every time you deal damage with it.

meet the trolldier tf2

Soldier's first launcher unlock, The Direct Hit, is also known as the Direct Miss and the Direct Shit because it has a nearly non-existent blast radius and requires more careful aim, and most of its users totally forget that and treat it as a hitscan weapon without leading their shots properly.

That these players are usually only able to hit things with it at extremely close range means it has selectively been dubbed "The Best Melee Weapon In The Game" as well. The Rocket Jumper, Mantreads, and Market Gardener loadout has been dubbed the "Trolldier" loadout, and using it is referred to as "trolldiering".

meet the trolldier tf2

While complicated to use, the Market Gardener can kill 7 of the 9 classes at full health with one hit if done correctlyoften leading to rage from those who fall victim to it hence the name. Pyroes who do nothing but swim around in a body of water and hit people with the Neon Annihilator are dubbed Pyrosharks.