When will arnav and khushi meet the spartans

Smitar's Stories: Loving Khushi Part 4: Day Section 3

when will arnav and khushi meet the spartans

May 27, first day of khushi and arnav khushi looks Arnav looks khushi is going to market to the shop keeper to complaint about giving her bad. 5 months had passed since Arnav and Khushi's contract marriage. Although their marriage had progressed since February, Arnav did not look at Khushi with . Arnav tried to reach for her but thought it's best to let her be. Dec 25, Daily phone calls by her and Anjali to Khushi, Arnav, and the Guptas had not revealed the true state He will be coming tomorrow to meet all of you as he couldn't come today for the sagai. .. It was spartan to say the least.

Suddenly, it began to rain.

when will arnav and khushi meet the spartans

Fat rain drops fell on a dry earth, wetting it in seconds, sending a seductive musk to waft on the wind. Leaves danced in the wind, branches bent to the fury of the rain and the wind… Arnav lay curled around his wife, his hand in hers.

when will arnav and khushi meet the spartans

Darkness fell around them like a cloak, and the rain sung a lullaby to the pair. This was all he wanted to be happy in life, Arnav thought. Her hand in his, moments of togetherness in their own choti si duniya… that was all he longed for. Lightning streaked across the dark sky, soon followed by thunder.

Arnav smiled tenderly as he gathered her into his arms. He spent most of the night savouring her warmth in his arms and dropping kisses on her hair. Section 1 The doctor visited Anjali four times during the day and found her greatly improved. Arnav paid the nurse three times her fees and sent her on her way.

He did not need any outsiders to listen in on to his family airing its dirty linen in the privacy of their house. You are so much better now. You don't need her. Till the nurse came here to look after me. The poor girl had come to look after Anjali, and was now being blamed for something she had absolutely no knowledge of. No one can hide their sins from her. He answered on the second ring as though he had been anticipating this call. So his briliant plan had worked.

Khushi makes Arnav laugh 😀😀

Rani Sahiba had played her part well by starving religiously for him. Saale sahab and his Di. The distant money bag and his own tool for reaching the distant money bag and pulling it close….

Shyam smiled, scenting victory. Three years of putting up with Arnav's limping Di were going to pay him rich dividends. He looked around at the spartan lines of the room he had rented in a lower class locality in Delhi. He cut the call, and turned to Khushi. Expect him at seven. He willl enjoy making us wait. We need to go over the plan. He strode to her and cupped her face. Whatever happens, Shyam is not going to return to this house. I will get him out of her life. Are you scared of a worm like Shyam Manohar Jha?

Khushi had to smile. Arnav smiled, and swooped down to kiss her rosy cheek. Meri Saanson Ko Rashmi's interpretation: Smita, Here is the interpretation to Section 3 of Part 4.

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This update is about an attack or incursion to obtain something; a raid, go to the place into which one is forbidden. Hearing Arnav's query, what happened Khushi? Got scared, is it? When Arnav extended his arm to help her get up, Khushi gazed at his hand and then at his eyes that were twinkling with mirth and naughty thoughts. Deciding to give it a royal ignore, she got up under her own steam, giving her hip bone a good rub. Arnav withdrew his hand but she saw the smile was lingering on his lips like an unwanted guest.

Khushi flipped her head sending her bangs that were stroking her cheeks flying off in a wave and asked Scared?

That too of him? Her peeved up face, her uneven breathing like a deer that was driven hard to bay and her flippant words made Arnav smile. He was enjoying the incursion he was making into her fortress of denial. Arnav tried to confirm whether she stood by what she said of not being afraid of him. When she affirmed, he asked her to prove it by coming to bed. His husky voice that was making her heart flip, was coursing through her like running rivers on their course alone, making her want to moan while her mind wanted to be left alone.

He was on a systematic pillage spree. Khushi knew that the dare was a lure, just like spider inviting the fly to its parlour. Once that thought came to her, she moved away from the bed in a quick movement and reposed on the chaise longue declaring that is where she would spend the night. Arnav in a tone as resolute as an iron told her that she won't.

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Khushi without heeding his words, turned away from him settling comfortably over there. Arnav in a move, as swiftly as birds that skim the air, strode to her and scooped her up in one sweep. Her demand to leave her alone and all the squirming and flailing legs helplessly in the air came to a naught. Before she knew, Arnav had gently deposited her on his side of the bed with her head resting on his pillow. As she tried to get up, Arnav sat by her blocking her move by placing his hands on either side.

Khushi with wary eyes looked at him as her head fell back against the pillow. Looking at her face, beauteous as the silver moon and taking the utmost pleasure from it, he kissed her forehead whispering against her skin, Khushi, I love you. His words that conveyed his thoughts, his voice that conveyed his feelings, hit her, marauding her senses in a trice, surged through her like neap tides making her pulse quiver and feel the tremble.

Calling out her name, he tried to entice her to respond to his words, what he knew was true, but she remained stubbornly mute. She knew this assault was ransacking her and with great determination she had to keep a grip on her oscillating mind. While she remained so, Arnav told her she can remain silent as much as she wants to but her eyes, those lovely lamps, windows of her soul do speak to him.

His claim had her horrified and she watched his serious eyes. Unnerved by the feeling, that he was penetrating deep into her soul, her eyes quickly skittered away from his and half veiled it with her long lashes. Arnav murmured throatily that she could hide her eyes from him, but she cannot hide her breathing. Her breathlessness was a giveaway. He was stripping her off all her shields and revealing her true self.

A bewildered Khushi stared at him, trying to hold her breath. Not being very successful, she tried to breathe slowly, drawing deep breaths in to her lungs. Confounding her, with words laced with laughter, he said that she could control her breathing, but what about her heartbeats? Why was it racing? Why was her heart fluttering like a fan when he was near? Khushi, in a wink, clutched her heart with her soft and delicate hand, furious with herself.

What could she do even when her heart was favouring him? He was all set to plunder and his raid was weakening her defense. She turned away on her sides, to hide her eyes, her breathing, and her heart from him. Arnav with a smile, like the sun in his glory on the bud, crawled in to the bed and curled himself around her.

Winding his arms around her, clasped her hands in his and gently splayed her hands entwining his long fingers with her dainty ones, like vines.

A hitched up Khushi, lay still. Suddenly the dark clouds, like hooded monks, chanted with drops of rains. Speeding its pace, quelled the parched earth of its thirst, sending out the refreshing scent of the Mother Earth to waft on the wind.

Leaves were twisting and twirling while the branches were swinging to the lashings of the rain and the wind. The sky was making an attempt to meet the earth. While the nature was quenching the thirst of the earth, Arnav lay on his bed curled around his wife, his hand in hers.

Darkness encompassed them like a cloak with the pitter patter of the raindrops singing them a lullaby and rocking them. For Arnav, it was the pleasantest thing and a blissful situation. Arnav's thoughts lingered on thinking that this was all he wanted, to be happy in life, with her hand in his, moments of togetherness in their own small and secluded world. This was what he needed. As soon as Shyam was kicked out and Di's life was settled, he could hope for some khushi in his.

As a streak of lightning blazed across the dark sky, followed by a clap of earth shattering thunder, Khushi, who always clung to her Jiji at such times, pulled her hand out of Arnavji's, turned and threw herself in to his arms, hiding her face in the crook of his neck, trembling like a flame blown by the wind. With a beaming smile, he tenderly gathered her into the warmth of his arms. His night was spent mostly savouring the sweet warmth of the lovely bundle in his arms, cuddling her close to his heart and dropping kisses on her hair, while she trembled like dew on the leaves.

The thunderstorm had succeeded to send the fly into spider's parlour. This was one foray that had yielded results beyond his expectation so soon. Together they made their foray into their own world, their choti si duniya. Darcy That's it from me. Hope you enjoy it. Smita, Here is the interpretation to Section 1 of Part 5. This update is about support, strengthening, propping up. As decided, the doctors visited four times the next day and drastic improvement in Anjali's health was found.

Everyone was happy with the progress. Arnav relieved the services of the nurse and paid her triple the decided amount. He cleared the house of all the outsiders as he did not want to air their dirty laundry in public. Khushi had been to her Devi Maiyya's temple and prayed for Anjaliji, Arnavji and the fruition of their plan and returned home to cook lunch.

Nani, Payal and Mami spent the day with Anjali. When she asked Nani the whereabouts of the nurse, as she could not see her around, Nani giving Mami and Payal a telling glance told her, that Chotey had relieved off nurse's services as Bitiyaa was much better now and there was no need for her presence.

Anjali with a frown said that she had not found her cell phone yet. Nani, trying to smile at her asked her not to worry, as she must have misplaced it. Anjali was insistent on that matter saying that she had never misplaced or lost anything in the house till then, until the nurse came over to look after her.

Frowning at the thought, Anjali asked does she think the nurse was in any way connected with the missing phone? The rest could only glance at each other. The girl had come over just to help them out and now was being doubted for her integrity, for something that she had no clue about.

Nani, not wanting to blame the girl without any reason told Anjali ambiguously, who knows. Only Devi Maiyya would be able to sift the truth from falsehood and no one will be able to hide their sins from her all knowing eyes. Nani was talking about the bubble that was surrounding Anjali. She was shoring up both her grandson Arnav, in his quest to expose the crook as well as her granddaughter Anjali, seeking solace.

Anjali was living in a dream world where every lie looked like a truth and everything her husband did looked like a loving gesture. In her insecurity that had been dwelling in her due to her past and her physical challenges, she had cocooned herself against her one folly, the folly of falling into the charms exuded by Shyam Manohar Jha. Now, it was left to her brother, Arnav Singh Raizada, to open her eyes by reinforcing his argument that Shyam had taken them for a ride and he was not Parameshwar as envisioned by her but a crook with an evil bent of mind abetted by his legal brains.

Arnav, while exposing Shyam was cushioning his Di with the support of his family from the effects of his deeds that would affect her very being right now.

In this, his family was aiding them both. That was what that would strengthen them. This was one tempering that Anjali had to go through for her folly of letting Shyam inveigle into the family. When Arnav called Shyam in the evening after the doctor had visited for the fourth time that day, it was answered at the second ring as though he had been expecting the call like a fiery steed that anticipates the course, and pants to hear the sprightly signal to start him for the goal.

It reinforced Shyam's belief that things were in place as planned, even though he had not received any calls from his treasury house a. Saale Sahab, what had made him to be thought of now, came the odious voice over the phone. His hollow words and lip devotion boosted Arnav all the more in his endeavour to expose the evil Shyam in front of his Di. Arnav, all turkey-red, managed to gulp down his choler sufficiently to utter some syllables and said, Di'Di is very sick.

She wants to see him. His words made Shyam smug, give out an exultant smile, and think that his brilliant plan had been extremely effective and his Rani Sahiba had played her part perfectly by starving herself for him.

He was buoyed by those words.

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When Arnav stated that she had not had a morsel in two days, Shyam's mind went to the fabled pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Saale Sahab and his Di were the bridge to procure his pot of gold. Shyam beamed scenting victory in the vicinity. Arnav using a tone that showed his reluctance, he asked Shyam haltingly, to come over and be with his Di.

A triumphant Shyam with an evil smirk and with self satisfaction thought that the three years of his life invested in Arnav's limping Di were going to pay him rich dividends. This was what had sustained him. By this time, Khushi has met Arnav's family at the Raizada house when she goes to there as a door to door salesman in order to sell her handmade saris,Arnav's sister Anjali Daljeet Kaur Bhannot and his grandmother Nani likes her a lot.

When they hear that Khushi has quit her job they hire her to tame Lavanya into a traditional Indian girl, whom Nani Jayshree. T cannot accept unless she changes. The family is not very happy with Lavanya as they find out that she and Arnav are in a live-in relationship. While working at Raizada Mansion, Khushi and Arnav become much closer and learn to understand each other but they mutually don't declare their feelings.

When Arnav comes to know about the engagement of Khushi he starts humiliating her by showing off some arrongant untruthful love towards Lavanya and always questions her about her not being happy on the declaration of her marriage.

Arnav who never believed in marriage now accepts to get engaged to Lavanya and handovers the responsibilities of his engagement to Khushi. However, Lavanya and Arnav break up after she realizes that he's fallen in love with Khushi. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Shyam Abhaas Mehtathe Gupta family's paying guest, is actually Anjali's husband.

Nevertheless, he slowly falls in love with Khushi after he starts living in her house and also lying to Anjali at the same time saying he is on a business trip. And when he realises that he is already married, he turns into a shrewd, cunning person who will do anything to get Khushi at any cost. He even went to the extent of trying to kill Shashi, when he finds out that Shyam is already married and is cheating on Khushi by trying to get engaged to her.

Unfortunately, Shashi could not reveal anything to the family as he is left disabled after Shyam's attempt to kill him. Shyam impresses Madhumati, Garima and Payal with his tactics, and thus managed to get engaged to Khushi. Khushi is forced to accept the proposal because of her family. As time pass, she eventually finds out about Shyam and Anjali, and she breaks all ties with him but does not tell the Raizada family because by then Arnav's cousin Akash Akshay Dogra had madly fallen in love with Payal.

The wedding brings Nand Kishore a. Much to Arnav's anger Khushi also seems to like NK and they become best friends. During Akash and Payal's wedding preparations, Arnav realizes his feelings for Khushi and decides to propose Her. Nevertheless, Shyam continues to pursue Khushi and on Akash and Payal's wedding day, he forces her into a hug and reveals that he still loves her. Arnav accidentally sees them and thinks that they are having an affair.

Here Arnav goes through a real emotional turmoil, because he thinks the girl he loves is a home-wrecker and he cannot tell the truth to his sister because she is now pregnant with Shyam's child.

To prevent any problems and to save his sister's marriage, Arnav forces Khushi to marry him, by threatening her to end Payal-Akash's alliance. They get married in a temple and come home to reveal this, much to the shock and horror of both their families.

Khushi, unaware of the reason of their marriage, has to go through a lot of problems-Arnav's ill-treatments, abandonment from the both families. Even though they declare that they hate each other, still Arnav and Khushi has feelings for each other, which comes out in various occasions, and Arnav starts to wonder whether Khushi really loves him.

Many months after the marriage, during a fight, Arnav reveals Khushi the real reason for marrying her and insults her by saying that she does not have a character. Khushi tells him the truth but he doesn't believe her. While Khushi desperately tries to prove her innocence to Arnav, he leaves for a business trip to London. However, he is kidnapped on the way and held captive for weeks. A worried Khushi finds out that Arnav did not reach London and realizes that he is kidnapped.

Bravely she goes to rescue Arnav with Manorama's help.

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They find a lot of evidence and this leads Khushi to finally finding Arnav. The couple flee and they reach a forest and spend the night in a hut, where they spend some romantic moments. Unfortunately the kidnappers trace them and Arnav surrenders himself in order to save Khushi.

Meanwhile NK returns and notices Khushi upset. When he questions Khushi she tells him the truth and that she still does not know who the evil mastermind is. NK vows to help her and with his help they find out that Arnav's kidnapper is Shyam and that shyam is doing all this for Arnav's property. Khushi goes to rescue Arnav once again but ends up in Shyam's hands this time.

Meanwhile, without anyone's help, Arnav manages to escape as well. Shyam leaves Khushi on the road, letting her get run over by vehicles. Arnav sees this and rescues Khushi immediately. He has a fight with the kidnappers when one grabs hold of Khushi and threatens him to stop or that he will shoot Khushi.