Meet julie american girl book

Meet Julie (American Girls : Julie) by Megan McDonald

meet julie american girl book

Published September 1st by American Girl Publishing Inc .. When I was reading Meet Julie I thought the book was ok. it is pretty cool that Julie loves. The American Girls: Julie book series by multiple authors includes books Meet Julie, Julie Tells Her Story, Happy New Year, Julie , and several more. Meet Julie (American Girls: Julie) by Megan McDonald - book cover, description, publication history.

She has to fight to overcome that challenge in the face of everyone looking down on her.

Julie Albright

Playing basketball on the boys' team means going against a coach who doesn't want her to play. It means her father's disapproval. The girls in school call her a tomboy.

She ends up losing her friendship with her best friend. On top of that, she's already got it rough because her parents are divorced.

meet julie american girl book

This has meant moving across town for starters. As if that wasn't enough, the girls in school whisper behind her back and she's completely embarrassed by the business her mother started to support them, even though the other kids unexpectedly find it cool. What I like best about this book is how well you can almost feel the changes going on in the country.

It's right in the middle of women gaining more acceptance.

Meet Julie

As Julie's mom pointed out, it was only 40 years prior that women were finally granted the right to vote. Now women are starting to fight to gain their independence from men to the point where they can be self-sufficient creatures.

Divorce, while still not common and highly looked down on is becoming more prevalent. Women are starting to not only be able to accept the same jobs as men with better pay than their previous jobs afforded, but they're also able to run their own businesses.

meet julie american girl book

It's one of the first periods in history where a woman truly doesn't need a man in her life to be successful. It's obviously not easy on Julie's whole family, but you get to see a role model of a strong, independent, and self-sufficient woman for the first time in possibly the whole American Girl's series, at least the series I've read so far.

The American Girl books aren't just about creating interesting characters from history. They're also about teaching girls not to settle for less than the best. They teach girls that they truly can be anything they want to be, and to fight against the oppression women have faced through the ages.

Meet Julie (American Girls: Julie, #1) by Megan McDonald

All of these girls are strong willed, daring, and have beliefs that they stand for. Julie is interested in artistic things—making things or decorating. She is shown to be very crafty and creative. She helped her mom decorate her own room in Meet Julieand Julie also made a tennis racket cover for Tracy for Christmas. Julie is also very determined, often surprising her friends when she seems to be giving up.

Usually once Julie sets her mind on a project, she wants to follow through on completing it. She is often involved in new projects, whether it is for the community, for school, or the environment. She likes writing in her journal as a pastime. She shows interest in becoming President of the United States, as shown at the end of Changes for Julie. She likes reading her horoscope; her sun sign is Taurus. She has three nicknames in her series: Her favorite food is chocolate fondue.

Her favorite colors are purple and yellow.