Meet up 2015 rezillos

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meet up 2015 rezillos

martes, 8 de septiembre de The Rezillos - Mission Accomplished But The Beat Goes On (). 01 Top Of Etiquetas: The Rezillos. Find out when. 9th March Edinburgh Punk band The Rezillos playing Live at Liverpool o2 Academy, - EJP63P from Alamy's library of millions of high. Meet The Nominees For Britain's Best Small Venue – Part 1 Los Campesinos, Friday, November 20th; The Rezillos, Saturday, December and they've always come back to play Christmas shows and tour warm-ups.

It was great to catch up with the guys before the set. A chat with Angel about the tour so far which included a snowy covered Spain. So good to catch up with Eugene, chatted about the upcoming gig and set and the possibility of a new online Rezillos store — watch this space!

The guys climbed up on to the stage with a huge set of ladders and fixed The Rezillos backing — I had my mobile on with a fast dial for an ambulance — just in case, but thankfully the backing was up and no one fell off the ladder! I love sitting in on soundchecks, the atmosphere and the sounds created as The Rezillos sound was built up and created by Shona on the mixing deck.

A couple of checks, followed by a couple of songs and then Eugene produced his sax. This was checked until Eugene gave the thumbs up. The Rezillos Blast Off! The was packed that night and as the lights dimmed the crowd moved forward.

The Rezillos in Dundee |

Strangely there was no barrier and the stage was very high so it was a strain to look up and catch the sights and sounds of The Rezillos. A group fist bump. Ignition had happened and the fuse to the Rocket Rezillos had reached the main engines and propelled us towards planet Rezillos!

The Rezillos Jim Brady on guitars, glasses and goggles sparked into action. His unique sound is complimented with a style of gymnastics I had last seen at The Olympic Games.

Leaps, twists, windmill arms, crouches all of these moves fill his repertoire! Around his neck was a red light, which was shone into our eyes regularly or at times placed on his forehead. You could just tell, the minute Jim took to the stage and he was ready for action. Chris hits that perfect Rezillos sweet spot with bass fills and bass thunder.

Liverpool, England UK. 9th March Edinburgh Punk band The Stock Photo: - Alamy

Tonight dressed in an immaculate suit topped with his wrap around shades he looked the business. The Rezillos The man at the back giving us the drum attack is another original member of the band. He sat behind his customised kit, his usual sunglasses reflecting the light and also wearing round his neck what I reckoned to be a piece of rock hacked from the surface of planet Venus and smuggled back to Earth.

Angel knows the original material back to front and the newer material attracts the same level of skill and attention to detail. The Rezillos The Set The set fired at us, with some chat with the crowd and on stage banter, at times hilarious. The Rezillos are always guaranteed to give you a show. You will be dancing, singing, shouting and caught up in the atmosphere these guys generate. Be assured these guys work hard, damn hard, to deliver a performance.

Eugene and Fay bounced around the stage, and Fay almost standing on my shoulders at one stage. This has all the trademarks of a single — great lyrics and a catchy tune many song writers could only dream of creating.

meet up 2015 rezillos

Fay took the vocals for this. Fay was having a great time, smiling, dancing and chatting and putting in the searing vocals for the performance. Fay looked great in her pink designer outfit. A stunning live version of this great song. The video wall showing a clip from Blade Runner.

This is another Rezillos classic and after the previous two new tracks the crowd loved this blast from the past. Jim powering through his guitar solo spot.

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Eugene looked as Eugene looks. The iconic wrap around shades. He told me these were the last ones, the original pair. They had obviously taken a battering over the years — and showed signs of careful repair and a paint job! Over the years his supply of glasses has dwindled. It was fascinating to see and hear about the glasses from the man himself. He was sporting some neck gear. One item looked as if the red stone had been chiseled from the surface of some far off planet!

And again the finely crafted video wall matched the song perfectly. The Rezillos hardly stopping for breath and the audience reacting with appreciation to each of the songs.

meet up 2015 rezillos

A powerfully stunning performance and rendition of this classic. And then they were gone! Some 20 songs, an hour and fifteen minutes of pure Rezillos goodness was over.

meet up 2015 rezillos

The Rezillos deliver in spades on stage and then come out to give their fans even more by coming out to meet and greet. The sound was good considering the size of the venue, and was turned up nice n loud for this event! The sound mix whilst pretty good was not as sharp as say the Brighton gig. This may of course be due to the venue equipment. Fays vocals are always strong but at times seemed very loud, the keyboards were also very quiet. The lighting was pretty good.

Good to see some security staff on site. The staff I met were fabulous, very generous with their time and advice.

meet up 2015 rezillos

They do a great pint and really friendly bar staff. Merchandise Stall This is The Rezillos! Some new designs were on show for this gig. A great selection to choose from and the band appeared for a short while to do a signing session and pose for photos. The stand was well presented, clearly marked and a great selection of sizes.

Well done The Rezillos!