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Title: Grease Inc. February , Author: Grease Inc. Magazine, Name: Grease Inc. | FEBRUARY | JULY .. Moultrie Swap Meet and Car Corral Moultrie, GA Time: February 2, to . John Landstrom Motorcycle Enthusiast Blue Moon Cycle, Inc. Direct. As promised, this is the feature on the Garage Moon Power R As a fair warning I do not A few weekends back, I went to the Moultrie Automotive Swap Meet. It is a few hours away February 21, Kobe. Off. Car Talk. Next up for was the Moultrie Swap meet. Garage Moon Power Skyline R32 was my first “feature” on a car that wasn't mine or a family.

2016: Taking a look back

Next in line is again Caffeine and Octane. Yes I try to go to every one of them depending on schedule. This one was one of the coolest because I saw this stellar LS and the debut of the freshly built, but not completed Garage Moon Power Skyline. I would recommend giving this article a read for sure. The Celica That Could is hands down my favorite article of Not only did I find a rare Japanese gem, but I could finally build a car.

I suggest you go give this article a read! Not only was it a good article, but a friendship was formed from the article and I have to say that the guys over at Garage Moon Power are a good group of people to know. Jzilla Track Day was the first track day I ever attended.

I also learned that day that I really needed a tripod to shoot in conditions such as that day. I really like how this event was setup and trust me, I will be back in Oh man, Import Alliance was something else.

It was a seriously fun event that I cannot wait for in Import Alliance was also split into two parts OneTwo with another feature on my favorite Miata to date. Riverside Chattanooga was an extremely good event.

Everything about it was cool and nice. The facility was super cool, the food was good, the cars were great, and provided some great photos. Style Driven event was cool, the venue was cooler though. I mean what better way to use a closed down skate park than to hold a cool car show.

Caffeine and Exotics was every car guys dream. The next article for was an awkward one. Basically just a mini rant about me liking the fact that style was becoming more important now.

I should probably just stand back and watch as a new wave of Rocket Bunny Pandem is emerging. Instead of doing a Caffeine and Octane post, I thought it would be a good idea to do some dedicated spotlights of cars I found interesting at the event. This one happened to be a classy old that I adored.

I was excited because it was the next generation of the R8 and the first gen R8 was one of my favorite cars. Then we have this. Formula Drift Atlanta was one of the most exciting events of Going to Formula Drift events just make me laugh because of how intense they are.

The sights, smells, sounds and even feelings of Formula Drift cannot be matched. To me, Time Attack is right up there with drifting. I would go read this article to get a better explanation of my opinion. While there was time attack and drifting going on, Offset Kings had their show going on in the back paddock of Road Atlanta.

While it is not the greatest coverage by any means, it is still a different story. I would give this a read because not only does it support me, but go show that car some love. It was nice to get out of Atlanta to see some different cars. I was really gearing up and preparing for the Power Tour the next week. Hot Rod Power Tour was intense and hot. I can only come up with those two words to describe it.

Power Tour was intense because it was the first time I intentionally shot the event instead of casual. It was hot because… well it was hot and I mean really hot. The whole tour is broken down into four parts for an easier read OneTwoThreeFour.

The next post I wrote in was a debate whether grass roots drifting or professional drifting was better. Movies begin at 7 and 8 p. Saturday, and 2 p. This pub crawl provides spirits with your spirits, led by your ghost-hunting guide on a spine-tingling crawl not only to enjoy drinks and local lore, but also explore the bizarre tales of the various haunts along the way.

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Augustine office, 4 Granada St. Tours depart at 7 p. Call or go to http: The costumes will be on display in the Flagler Room beginning Sept. Live music and local performances will begin at 7: Doors open at 6: Cash bar available for donations.

See the schedule below … 7: Live reggae music will be on stage from 3 to 7 p. Join host Fre Gordon every Sunday from 5 to 9 p. All musicians and singer-songwriters are invited to participate. Twenty-eight crew members must maneuver more than 9, square feet of sail area in the same fashion as 16th century sailors. Docked at the St. Augustine Art Association, 22 Marine St. The exhibit reflects St.

Gallery hours are noon to 4 p. Tuesday-Saturday; and 2 to 5 p. Hours are 9 a. This bilingual exhibit uses interactive displays and artifacts to explore the daily lives of the Spaniards who established St. The museum is open from 10 a. The exhibit is on view at the Government House, 48 King St. Learn to read tea leaves, master pendulum dowsing with angel cards and talking spirit board.

Afternoon sessions at 2 p. Keyhole After Dark is at 8 p. Augustine with food tasting stops, stops at wine sampling venues and a bottle of wine to enjoy on the ride.

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The tours are presented by The Tasting Tours. National Parks Service personnel demonstrate the weapons and relate the experiences of the Colonial Spanish soldier stationed in St. Demonstration times are Firing times are subject to change depending on weather conditions and staff availability. The Castillo de San Marcos, the oldest masonry fortification in the U. Children 15 and under are admitted free. The Castillo is open 8: