Pope refuses to meet netanyahu

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pope refuses to meet netanyahu

To the disappointment of many, Pope Francis will not host Mass for believers within Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet the pope at. Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Avigdor at what the pope said and did in Jerusalem, you can see how, in reality, he is .. This dictator will kill people who refuse to follow him and who follow God instead. Pope Francis Joins Israeli and Palestinian Leaders in Prayer for Peace something American and Palestinian officials have said Netanyahu has refused to do. Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now.

The Vatican was not invited to attend the San Remo conferencewhich decided the fate of Palestine, and had to rely on France and Italy to represent its interests. According to Minerbi, the Vatican's objectives were ultimately undermined by the Zionist Organization's support for a British Mandate. Britain assumed responsibility for the holy places under article 13 of the Mandate.

However, Britain never created the International Commission on Holy Places to resolve the other claims in accordance with article 14 of the Mandate. At the time of the proposals that culminated in the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine ofthe Vatican, the Italian, and the French governments continued to press their own legal claims on the basis of the former Protectorate of the Holy See and the French Protectorate of Jerusalem.

On 1 Mayjust two weeks before end of the British Mandate, Pope Pius XII issued the encyclical Auspicia quaedamexpressing concern over the survival of the holy places in case of war. The Israeli Declaration of Independence of 14 May committed Israel to "guarantee freedom of religion However, the Vatican's position on the holy places was repeated in encyclical In multiplicibus curis of 24 Octoberwhich called for respect and protection of the holy places and called on the peace-makers to give Jerusalem and its outskirts "an international character" and to assure — "with international guarantees" — freedom of access and worship at the holy places scattered throughout Palestine.

A powerful Vatican diplomatic effort succeeded to integrate the concept of international status for Jerusalem as corpus separatum into the partition plan of 29 November UNGA The Holy See tried to condition Israel's UN membership in upon the demand that it should adhere to those concepts that were agreed in UN Resolutionbut failed.

Following the Six-Day Warthe Vatican modified its position on the holy places. In an address to the College of Cardinals in DecemberPope Paul VI called for a "special statute, internationally guaranteed" for Jerusalem and the holy places, thus changing the previous demand for the internationalization of Jerusalem. For decades, the Vatican resented Israel's claims to effective authority by denying it diplomatic relations.

Even following the formalization of diplomatic relations inthe Vatican continued to contest Israel's sovereignty over Jerusalem. The Holy See traditionally seeks to safeguard also the Catholic presence in Jerusalem. During the war innot only Muslims but also Christians were among the population who abandoned their homes. The size of the Christian community in Jerusalem under Israel jurisdiction before and afterhowever, is not diminishing, but is remarkably stable.

This demographic trauma, real or imagined, is a constant trigger for the Holy See to remind the non-Christian parties who have ruled Jerusalem since i.

Israel and Jordanthat any political solution for the city should consider its special status — actually a catchword for considering also Christian interests in the city. Article 4 of the Fundamental Agreement affirmed Israel's "commitment to maintain and respect the 'Status quo' in the Christian Holy Places" and "guarantee of the freedom of Catholic worship".

Alongside recognition, the Nuncio received an instrument enabling him to gain effective control and legal authority over all Catholic institutions and property in Israel — a very powerful and unparalleled tool he had hitherto never had, neither under Turkish domination nor Jordanian rule. Religious attitudes as a factor in Holy See-Israel relations[ edit ] See also: Christian—Jewish reconciliation While not strictly related to diplomatic relations between Israel and the Holy See, Jewish attitudes towards Christianity are certainly part of that triangle of relations that envelops it, the diplomatic relations, and the formal Jewish-Catholic inter-religious dialogue.

The pope meets Israeli PM Netanyahu, then religious leaders

Religious animosity through the ages[ edit ] A major factor overshadowing Holy See — Israel relations is an existing indifference within Israeli society to Christianity in general. Jews converting to Christianity are often considered traitors, due to historical sensitivities, and most Israeli Jews would refrain from sending their children to Christian schools, which is contrary to the perception amongst Muslim families in Israel who, not only do not object to their children attending Christian schools, but even consider it a mark of excellence.

The loaded relations began with the process of separation of the Early Christian community from the bonds of mainstream Judaism, which were accompanied by a vast corpus of polemical literature, in which Jews had their share as well. This animosity extended into the European Middle Ages, during which Jews lived as a minority under Christian domination. It was even ritualized in some Jewish and Christian prayers. Many Orthodox Jews would still neither enter a church nor like to be confronted with a crucifix.

In fact, most Jews perceive their history during the Diaspora as a traumatic battle of survival against constant Catholic efforts to convert them gently or, in many cases, coercively.

Survival techniques included theological self-sufficiency and exclusivity; and Jewish proselytism became impossible once Christianity became the official religion of the Holy Roman Empire. Notwithstanding, Medieval rabbinical sources show respect to other religions.

Holy See–Israel relations

This verdict, published in Igrot Moshe, Yore Dea 3: Post Conciliar attitudes[ edit ] For now, Haredi attitudes, which even delegitimize other minded Orthodox Jews, seem to persist. Soloveitchik —the leading authority of Orthodoxy in America. Although he denies the possibility of religious dialogue, he suggests a common platform of concerted action in the secular public sphere. Jewish-Christian scope of action for the common good is confined to the secular sphere, as God commanded mankind in Genesis 1: Respectful relations between religions require strict non-interference.

One should refrain from suggesting to other faith changes in ritual or emendations of its texts. As a result, only a few Jewish representatives are today actually engaged in the current dialogue with Catholics. As much as the ongoing dialogue is pursued on the highest possible official level between the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and the Holy See, reluctance of the Orthodox mainstream persists.

Reform and Conservative Judaism are more open to dialogue, primarily from the viewpoint of their American experience, where communal cohabitation among ethnic and religious groups is the lifeline of American society. Forty years of Jewish-Catholic dialogue after Nostrae aetate have been a period of mutual trial and error in which an own dynamism developed.

Emerging modern Orthodoxy has gone beyond the confines that Soloveitchik delineated, becoming the hardcore of modern Orthodox currents, which carry the message of the present dialogue. One of their renowned speakers, Rabbi David Rosenexplains the rationales of dialoguing with Catholics thus: Through dialoguing, barriers of prejudice and stereotypes are removed and mutual respect is promoted.

An ulterior basis for inter-religious relations is the perception of a "common agenda", as no religion is an island. All religions in the West have become minorities in an overwhelmingly secular world. Each religion is equal before God with its own truth. The claim of monopoly on truth amounts to limiting the encounter with the Divine. Christianity's identity is uniquely bound up with Jewish history and revelation, despite our fundamental differences. As Judaism teaches that our obligation is to testify to God's presence and sanctify his name in the world, we have an obligation to work together.

He is noted for his rejection of any plan for the establishment of a State of Israel in the British Palestine territory, on religious and theological grounds. David Ben-Gurion is quoted having said in that, "There is a major religion in the world, which has to settle with us a historical reckoning.

Until the Pope was motivated by the traditional Vatican opposition to Zionism. Vatican opposition to a Jewish homeland stemmed largely from theological doctrines regarding Judaism. The pope's response was: Minerbi writes that when a League of Nations mandate were being proposed for Palestine, the Vatican was disturbed by the prospect of a Protestant British mandate over the Holy Land, but a Jewish state was anathema to it.

His arguments against such plan were: In this question two points must be considered. Catholics rejoice in certain rights regarding these places and in justice their rights must be recognized, and respected. Repeated formal assurances that these rights will be respected are ever necessary and will again be required after the present war, The second point concerns Palestine itself. Catholics the world over are piously devoted to this country, hallowed as it was by the presence of the Redeemer and esteemed as it is as the cradle of Christianity.

If the greater part of Palestine is given to the Jewish people, this would be a severe blow to the religious attachment of Catholics to this land. To have the Jewish people in the majority would be to interfere with the peaceful exercise of these rights in the Holy Land already vested in Catholics. It is true that at one time Palestine was inhabited by the Hebrew Race, but there is no axiom in history to substantiate the necessity of a people returning to a country they left nineteen centuries before.

Zionism had traditionally been associated with atheist Soviet Communism. L'Osservatore Romano commented on the establishment of Israel on 12 June The steady deterioration of Israel's diplomatic relations with Stalinist Russia inon the other hand, went unnoticed in the Vatican. Any rapprochement toward the Jewish state was curtailed because of the conviction that, in order to safeguard the wellbeing of Christians under Muslim-Arab rule, the Vatican would have to pay the political price of supporting Arab claims against Israel.

The Vatican view of the Near East was dominated by a Cold War perception that Arab Muslims are conservative but religious, whereas Israeli Zionists are modernist but atheists. It was the fault of the western states. Its existence is an inherent risk factor for war in the Middle East.

Now, Israel exists, and there is certainly no way to destroy it, but every day we pay the price of this error. Pope Pius XII was the one who introduced, as late as in in his speech to his cardinals, the notion that the Church was the victim of the Nazi regime. Meanwhile, however, Pius had already initiated a trend, which has accelerated since, of describing the Jewish State as the aggressor rather than the victim, in order to solidify the Catholic status as such: On 1 Maytwo weeks before the end of the British Mandate, Pius XII issued the encyclical Auspicia quaedamexpressing concern over the survival of the holy places in case of war.

During that war, the Franciscan Custos of the Holy Land Alberto Gori in his reports to the Vatican was most critical of the Jewish and later Israeli forces, whom he accused of destruction of holy places. On 15 Aprilhe issued the encyclical Redemptoris nostri cruciatusin which he expressed concern over the future of freedom of access to the holy places and called for a "settlement of the dispute on principles of justice, which would fully safeguard the freedom of Catholics and at the same time provide guarantees for the safety of those most Holy Places".

For We are still receiving complaints from those who have every right to deplore the profanation of sacred buildings, images, charitable institutions, as well as the destruction of peaceful homes of religious communities.

Piteous appeals still reach us from numerous refugees, of every age and condition, who have been forced by the disastrous war to emigrate and even live in exile in concentration camps, the prey to destitution, contagious disease and perils of every sort.

Thus, by initially siding with Palestinian claims for compensations on political, social and financial levels, the Vatican shaped its Middle Eastern policy since upon two pillars. One was based on political and theological reservations against Zionism, which corresponded with attitudes of Catholic Arab communities whose members had taken a leading part in shaping the Palestinian national movement.

But the Holy See has also maintained reservations of its own. The more established the Zionist Yishuv became in Mandatory Palestine, the more political reservations the Vatican added to its initial theological inhibitions. Jerusalem being divided between Israel and Jordan, Gori began a policy of removing Catholic religious houses and institutions that were located in West Jerusalem to East Jerusalem, away from Israel.

During the meeting, Gori attempted to convince the Israeli leader to make an international commitment to uphold the rights of Christians in Israel, but his offer was rejected.

Gori was also active with Catholics of Jewish origin, and on 11 Februarygranted official approval to the Apostolate of Saint James the Apostle, which was aimed at addressing the needs of Hebrew speaking Catholics in Israel. From onward, Hakim favored cooperation between the Israeli Arab Catholics and the Israeli government.

In he even advocated in talks with Israeli officials that Arab Christians in Israel be drafted for military service. However, his suggestions were unpopular with both the Israeli government and Israeli Arab political leaders.

On 1 NovemberPius XII issued the encyclical Laetamur admodumwhich expressed concern over the Suez Crisisbut without endorsing any particular solution. After as Nuncio to France, he played an active role in gaining Catholic Church support for the establishment of the state of Israel. His support for Zionism and the establishment of Israel was the result of his cultural and religious openness toward other faiths and cultures, and especially concern with the fate of Jews after the war.

He one of the Vatican's most sympathetic diplomats toward Jewish illegal immigration to Palestine, which he saw as a humanitarian issue, and not a matter of Biblical theology. He strongly defended inter-religious dialogue in the spirit of Nostra aetate.

He was also the first Pope to mention the Palestinian people by name. He voiced mild criticism of the Israeli policy towards the Palestinians, while refraining from expressing any actual positions on the solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict. In Januaryhe was the first Pope in modern times to visit Jordan and Israel. He had expressed his wish to visit Israel already in Novemberwhen serving as Archbishop of Milan, and in December he announced such an intention as Pope.

It was a clear expression of avoidance vis-a-vis any act that might be misconstrued as recognition of the State of Israel. Nostra aetate had not yet been promulgated. Its aim, beyond the act of pilgrimage, was the meeting with the Greek-Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch Athenagoras in Jerusalem.

He also met the Israeli President near Meggido, but Vatican official statements regarding the visit refrained from mentioning the State of Israel by name, rather referring to "the Holy Land".

At the meeting, the Pope brought up the issues of peace in the Middle East, refugees and the status of the holy places, but no agreement was reached.

pope refuses to meet netanyahu

Your Holiness, do you know what my earliest memory is? A pogrom in Kiev. When we were merciful and when we had no homeland and when we were weak, we were led to the gas chambers. With shame that man made himself into God and sacrificed his brothers. Here we are, Lord, shamed by what man created in your own image and likeness was capable of doing.

The Nazis were responsible for the deaths of 6 million Jews and 60 million people total in World War ii. And there is a mountain of evidence showing thatthe Vatican was complicitin that colossal Holocaust! One Catholic author received access to Vatican records, and he was shocked at what he found and how anti-Semitic and hateful the Vatican was toward the Jews. And he did it with help from the Vatican.

We have an e-book you can download for free, proving this critical point. How could the pope go into Israel and not hang his head in shame for this history? He and the leaders of his church have never repented of what it did! For the pope to kiss the hands of Holocaust survivors can only be viewed as a fraud!

It was a symbol designed to keep people from focusing on the evil that church has been involved in. And during his ceremonial visits to Yad Vashem, the Wailing Wall, and the Terror Victims Memorial, he said similarly appropriate things. This is one of the greatest journalists in the Jewish state today, and perhaps one of the best in the world.

She sees through what the pope did and is not afraid to speak out about it. She concluded by saying: Francis is leading the Catholic Church in a distressingly anti-Jewish direction. But none of the media picked it up. Treatment of Israeli Officials How did this man who carefully designed and stage-managed all of his symbolic moves in the Holy Land treat the prime minister of Israel?

Jesus was, after all, an Israeli Jew. True at the time, educated Jews spoke and wrote in Aramaic, and Jesus was educated, but the language of the people was Hebrew, and Jesus preached to the people in Hebrew. Netanyahu ought to have reacted more strongly. Israelis object to that. I would think so, since Hamas lobs missiles at Israeli cities time and time again.

Both Peres and Abbas were eager to pray with the pope.

The Dark Side of the Pope's Visit to Jerusalem | sport-statistik.info

The peace process has been a disaster for the Jews! Biblical prophecy describes it as a bleeding wound Hosea 5: A prayer meeting with the pope will keep that wound flowing with blood. Francis does not have a normal sense of repentance or even shame for what his state did. He is hostile toward the Jews. Where does that hostility come from? Why is he siding with people who want to put the Jews through another Holocaust?

Why does he call those people his brothers? If people had the perceptiveness of Caroline Glick, for example—or if they just remembered history—there is no way the pope could get away with promoting Palestinian propaganda! Outside of terrorists and others who want to murder Jews, everyone else would scoff and jeer! Look back in history. The fact remains that in the Middle Ages the Catholic Church killed about 50 million people in an Inquisition. That is the extreme to which it will go to increase its power.

And it will do everything it can to blot out that history. The Bible literally gives you a picture of it. God is the greatest and most masterful user of symbols, and He depicts the Holy Roman Empire very appropriately: A political-military beast guided by a political-religious beast. This beast is ridden and guided by a woman. God uses these symbols to describe an entity that has intoxicating power over people around the world because it has had relations with the political leaders of many nations.

In the Bible, God uses a woman to represent a church. This woman is very powerful. And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: The Bible is not silent about such a great and unique political power like the Catholic Church.

This little horn—a great false church—plucked up the Heruli, the Vandals and the Ostrogoths from ruling Rome. Then it proceeded to dominate multiple resurrections of the Roman Empire over a matter of centuries—all the way down to today! God prophesied that this church-state combine would be resurrected seven times: When that verse was revealed to Mr. Armstrong around World War ii, five resurrections had come and gone; the sixth was on the scene.

Now, the last one is upon us! Historically speaking, since a. Not because of its doctrines or its people—but because it had political dictators who were out to control the world! Yet it has never repented of that evil. And according to prophecy, the seventh and final resurrection of that empire will be the very worst!

Even as it talks about peace, that Holy Roman Empire is coming again! Was this trip to Jerusalem about the Catholic people the pope rules over? Was it about the Catholic religion? No, it was about a political dictator who wants to rule the world. Another Church Revelation 6: This dictator will kill people who refuse to follow him and who follow God instead.

This beastly power is at work, and it is going to guide the destruction of the Jewish nation, which gives it such honor today.

And it is going to destroy the rest of the modern descendants of Israel, particularly the United States and Britain. Why would God let this evil empire do this? God says the modern nations of Israel the English-speaking nations, primarilywhich had a history with Him, are committing such abominations that they must be punished!

And He will use this beastly power to do just that. Germany and the Holy Roman Empire Ezekiel 16 uses the symbol of a prostitute to represent our sin-drenched nations. Our nations are so full of sin that God sends this destroying machine of church and state to wreak the worst suffering and destruction ever on the modern nations of Israel. God gives us one more symbol though—one of hope. This is not a world-political-power church. He says His people are clothed with the sun and have the moon as their footstool and a crown of 12 stars.

That means they have all the power of God, the Creator of the universe, behind them.

pope refuses to meet netanyahu

He gives this Church unstoppable power—if it obeys Him and exposes what Satan is doing. It also declares His warning about the Holy Roman Empire that is going to leave us in its bloody trail.

For more information, request our free booklet Germany and the Holy Roman Empire. This is the Church Christ was born into. Satan is the head of every single one of the resurrections of the Holy Roman Empire, which worshiped him.

That is where these epic and catastrophic events are leading! Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! This is terrible news: