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Products - of Buy products such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Hikari Metal Mix Paw Patrol .. Age Range: 4 to 8 years; Part man, part tiger; Most feared assassin in all of Asia Features: Character Deck Case Collection W - Magical Girl .. teens have got any mutant monster they may meet, already beat. Takeshi, aka Tiger Claw, is an ally of the Ninja Turtles. Formerly a Japanese boy named Takeshi that lived in Tokyo, Japan, he is now a mutant Bengal tiger who. Results 1 - 20 of 47 Title: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (My Busy Books Series), Author: . Title: The Rise of Tiger Claw (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Author.

Afterwards, the cultists build a shrine located under New York City somewhere near the sewerswhich was built in honor of The Shredder. Some time after the creation of the " Shredder Cult ", Tiger Claw and the remaining members of The Foot Clan FishfaceBaxter StockmanBebopand Rocksteady discovered this underground shrine and these mutants while they were trying to search for the Ninja Turtles due to their last showdown, in which their master was killed by Leonardo.

Tiger Claw, now as the new leader of The Foot Clan and the "Crimson Leader" of the Shredder Cult, starts to lead the Foot Cultists so that they can help him resurrect his old master by summoning Kavaxas. History The Shredder Cult Rises After the first Foot Cultist mutates other humans into clones of itself, the mutants with various memories of The Shredder start to worship the Super Shredder as some kind of god of their own. After building an underground shrine under New York City in honor of this evil warlord, the Shredder Cult was born.

But one day, when Tiger Claw discovers the shrine and the cultists, he turns himself into the new leader of The Foot Clan and the "Crimson Leader" of the Shredder Cult. With the Super Shredder mutants under his command, they serve Takeshi to help him summon Kavaxasa powerful Demodragon that would be useful for him in the resurrection of The Shredder. During some type that the Foot Cultists were moving around the sewersDonatello started to pick up signals from them, thinking that they were homeless people that were moving into the sewers.

One night, when Raphael and Casey Jones were out patrolling, they meet face-to-face with one of these creatures, which was trying to perform a sacrifice on a homeless person with a turkey baster with Shredder's blood. After the sacrifice was interrupted, Raph and Casey chase the cultist around the sewers, until they are lead into some part of the sewers in which they meet an army of creatures similar to itself. After their first encounter with the Foot Cultists, they go to the lair to report it to the Turtles and April.

Once the team located some new motion sensorsa trio of Foot Cultists were moving around the sewers and they went up into the surface for their heist. With Leonardo and Michelangelo following them, they get to them and find out that they are trying to steal an ancient scroll. As the two brothers try to fight off the three mutants, they find out that they cannot possibly defeat them.

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Once the police pull over to the alley, they all retreat to leave the crime scene. Afterwards, they proceeded in their plans of summoning Kavaxas. As the Turtles discover that the Crimson Leader was Tiger Claw, they find out as well that he is planning on summoning the Demodragon, Kavaxas. Unfortunately without a plan whatsoever, the team was spotted by the mutant and they are taken to Takeshi.

With the Turtles finally meeting face-to-face with their old enemy once again, Takeshi proceeds to summon Kavaxas from the Netherworld to Earth.

After Kavaxas fights the Turtles, April, and Casey for the first time just to test out his loyalty through the aid of the Seal of the Ancientshe is told by Takeshi that he wants the Demodragon to resurrect his old master: Resurrecting The Shredder During some time, The Foot Clan were trying to make their move on resurrecting their old master.

After Rahzar was resurrected by Kavaxas, to demonstrate the demon's ability to resurrect others, he reveals that in order to resurrect Shredder, they will need the Kuro Kabuto and his heart. My skills are so superior that Shredder has made me his second in command, and with good reason-I am nearly invincible!

Except that there's a bowl of skim milk around. Thinking it was a magic door, the two went through it and were subsequently captured. They escaped but because of their new appearance they were rejected and left their village resorting to performing as a circus animals before becoming a part of the criminal underworld becoming the most dreaded assassin and bounty hunter pair, feared throughout Asia.

One day, Alopex turned on him and he lost his tail during the duel, and he has been relentlessly searching for his sister who took it from him, seeking to terminate her and when he finds her, it will probably be in a very gruesome way. When Tiger Claw makes his debut in this episode, he is ready for fight the Turtles and Master Splinter with Karaibut is eaten by a Kraathatrogon.

Tiger Claw

The Wrath of Tiger Claw: Tiger Claw returns from escaping the belly of the Kraathatrogon and traveling through multiple dimensions back to Shredder for vengeance against the Turtles, first going after Casey Jones before being stopped from killing Leonardo by Karai. The Legend of the Kuro Kabuto: Tiger Claw fights Karai when she was rescued by the Turtles before mutated into a snake.

Tiger Claw returns as a spiritual vision fighting Mystic Donatello with the aid of the Foot Soldiers. Return to New York: He attempts to capture the Turtles, Splinter, April, and Casey as they escape in the Party Wagonbut fails when Mikey burns him from behind. Tiger Claw makes a brief appearance in Shredder's lair, where Shredder threatens Rahzar and Fishface that they'll be handed over to him if they don't find Karai.

The Pig and the Rhino: Tiger Claw makes another brief appearance watching Shredder beat up Bebop and Rocksteady. He and Fishface are present during the Shredder's visit to Don Vizioso. Tiger Claw is seen making a deal with the Fulci Twins, trading a case of money for the final ingredient of Shredder's mind control serum.

Everything is going great until Slash and the Mighty Mutanimals show up. He defeats them all and kicks Leatherhead and Pigeon Pete into the river, escaping with Slash and Dr.

He is later seen fighting Mikey and tieing Mikey in his own nunchucks. Attack of the Mega Shredder: Tiger Claw helps Bebop, Rocksteady and Shredder's mutant clones to fight the Turtles whowere sneaking into the lair so they could steal a brain worm to cure Karai from her mind control state. Unfornately for the villains, they manage to escape, Tiger Claw starts blaming the pig and the rhino for this.

Shredder comes and says if the Turtles sneak there one more time, he'll punish all of them. Bebop and Rocksteady mess again and let the Turtles escape with a brain worm.

Tired of their failures, Shredder orders Tiger Claw to teach them a lesson of pain and Tiger Claw agrees as he bounces to them. He helped fight the Triceratons and helped prevent the Heart of Darkness from starting. However he is later killed when the Earth is destroyed. Season 4 Journey to the Center of Mikey's Mind: Tiger Claw made a cameo in Michelangelo 's imagination.

Tiger Claw, along with Fishface and Rahzar, follow Karai and her friend Shinigami to a martial arts store where Shredder keeps a large number of illegal weapons. Tiger Claw uses his feline senses to discover that now the brain worm is gone, Karai has her free will back and she's their enemy once more.

The girls use a surprise trick by turning off the lights, Tiger Claw is hypnotized by Shinigami so he could let his guard go down and then Shinigami starts attacking him and proves to be extremely fast as she dodges all Tiger Claw's attacks but she still gets defeated by him as he uses his jetpack to slam her in the ceilling and Tiger Claw orders Karai to surrender or her friend would perrish.

Karai with no other choice agrees without texting to the Turtles first, Tiger Claw figures out a few minutes later that she called the Turtles and destroys Karai's phone with his claws but Karai frees herself and still gets overpowered by the tiger and prepares to be killed but the Turtles and April arrived in time. Leo, Raph and Karai fight Tiger Claw but he overpoweres them all and Karai lets her mutant self surface and turns her arms into their mutant versions to tie him up but Tiger Claw overpoweres her and before he could shoot Leo and Karai with his blaster uses a dust bomb to blind him and delivers The Dragon's Tail right between his legs causing him to fall to his knees and the Turtles and their allies escape.

Only to figure out they set tons of explosives around the warehouse. The mutants try to escape but they block accidentally the door of exit and get caught in the explosion. Tiger Claw goes to see Shredder who's being hospitalized by Stockman and tells Karai wants to take down his empire piece by piece as she destroyed their weapons cache and he believes she's not going to stop there. Tiger Claw enters in Shredder's room to see what happened with his master and then he sees his master now a mutant.

He starts blaming Stockman for that before Shredder replies this is what he wanted and says its time to bait a trap for Splinter. He invades Shredder's old lair where Karai was now stationed with her own Foot Clan with Rahzar before letting his master in.

He tries to help Shredder but Shredder overpoweres them all and takes Karai as prisioner. A little later, he and Rahzar use a train to separate the Turtles and April from Splinter. Rahzar is thrown off the tran thanks to April and Donnie, Tiger Claw also gets thrown out off the train by Raph but uses his jetpack to move back and almost makes Raph get hit by another train if Leo didn't come to save his brother so Tiger Claw gets hit by the train. Tiger Claw helps Shredder climb the abyss he and Splinter fell, then Shredder's hand falls apart again.

Tiger Claw advices his master to do not take more mutagen as it can be deadly. Tiger Claw follows the trio to a roof and throws Leonardo to an alley but Karai manages to get rid of him using her serpent form to throw him into power lines to eletrocute him and weaken him. He later rescues Shredder and takes him back to the mansion, he begs Shredder to do not take more mutagen as it could destroy him but Shredder doesn't listen to him and forces Stockman to administer a stronger doze of mutagen on him.

Tiger Claw can only watch his master let out a scream. The Power Inside Her: Tiger Claw, Rahzar and Fishface steal tons of canisters of mutagen from a Kraang lab to help Shredder maintain his mutation. Casey hears that and decides to confront them.